My Dinner With Andre…And Derrick

I posted a comment Sixers HC Doug Collins made about his outlook on chemistry vs. talent.  Felt it was timely to get it out there based on how I believed last evening’s NBA Playoff games would play out.

Talent prevailed. Chemistry be damned.

A lot of discussion before Game 2 from the Sixers’ standpoint was the need for Andre Iguodala to score the ball, not just defend it (he is one of the best…when healthy).  In fairness to Andre he has had a bum knee for some time now.  He sat out the final two regular season games to try to heal.  Turned out to be a fabulous idea because he still – injury and all – has been asked to guard both LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.  This is not a pleasurable assignment for one person with two awesome knees, let alone one bum one.

Elton Brand was quoted by Philly Daily News’ Bob Cooney as saying of Iguodala – after Andre’s Saturday produced all of four points – “I really think he’ll have a breakout game scoring-wise.  We were close in Game 1 without his scoring.  But he could do what he did, passing the ball and rebounding, and I think we could still get the victories.”

Iguodala’s line from Monday’s early evening massacre in Miami…7 boards and 7 assists…to go with 5 points and 5 turnovers.  (I won’t even go there Brand had all of 3 points…oops)  If Philly had a tad more talent, Andre…and Elton…would be better off.  At least, the pressure on Iguodala to match the Big Three of the Heat at both ends would be lessened.

Philadelphia was 27 of 79 from the floor.  TNT should have run an advisory coming out of commercials some content was not suitable for viewing…by anyone.

Lou Williams is admittedly also a “walking wounded” for the Sixers…but once again…if there was more talent available you could absorb the nicks and bruises that all teams face via the NBA regular season marathon.

Chicago’s Derrick Rose also reminded us talent rules as he put the city of big shoulders’ hopes on his shoulders yet again in the nightcap…and willed the Bulls past the Pacers.  It admittedly didn’t help Indiana’s cause Darren Collison left the game late in the first half with a sprained ankle…and did not return.  You have to feel for the Pacers, who have given Chicago all they didn’t want in the first two games.

All teams in the NBA desire to close out series as quickly as possible to recharge the batteries…and hopefully watch their next round opponent get strung out to a full complement of games in their current match-up.  Miami and Chicago have the superior talent to offset any chemistry Philadelphia and Indiana might cook up and will look to close out the opposition asap…though there has to be concern growing amongst Bulls Nation as to how much weight is upon Rose’s shoulders as they approach Round Two.


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