MLB Expanded Playoffs More…Better…Baseball?

MLB Commissioner Bud Selig, in his annual meeting with the Associated Press Sports Editors yesterday, all but committed to expanding the post-season by at least two teams as early as next year.

I’ve offered already in regard to other sports why less is more.  Other folks have weighed in with similar thoughts.

We are a people with short memories, or at the very least selective memories.  Seems like every other season fans – baseball fans – are complaining about a division winner who doesn’t belong with the other playoff qualifiers.

The “punch line” part of this revenue-generated thinking is while letting more teams have access to a potential World Champion title, talk is teams at the “back-end” of the qualifying field will play a best of…one.

That’s right, let’s play 162 games…adorn two more teams playoff worthy…and then eliminate a couple right off the ‘ol baseball bat and be back where we were to begin with.  Even a best of three…not solving the potential of having a division champion from a dismal division…last season’s NFL NFC West – Exhibit A.

It’s all about money so it will happen.  Baseball will have more teams competing for its title.  Again, is more better?


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5 Responses to MLB Expanded Playoffs More…Better…Baseball?

  1. berger987 says:

    I tend to respectfully disagree with you. I think while they may be the most interested in revenue, that’s not all to the story. MLB attendance is down, giving more teams a chance to reach the playoffs would excite fanbases, bringing up said attendance. Granted, these teams are not going to win a championship, but like I said, it boosts excitement across the MLB. I laid out my thoughts here:

    Great blog by the way. Love your stuff.


  2. Thanks for stopping by, Berger987…and I agree with your thoughts about keeping more teams in the hunt. No doubt that will have more markets more inclined to keep their attention on baseball once football ramps up. Please stop by again and I shall frequent your site as well.


  3. berger987 says:

    Thanks, will do!


  4. Hey. Did you see Buster Olney’s post today about moving one of the NL teams to the AL so it will be 15 teams a league and possibly disbanding all divisions and just have 15 AL teams and 15 NL teams and the top 5 from each make the playoffs. I hate this idea and I was curious about your thoughts.


  5. FTLOTV, I could not believe my eyes when my Twitter feed started to fill up regarding this idea of no divisions. It is so radical and unexpected I’m fairly speechless and at a loss to make a detailed comment. On one hand, as I was growing up there were no divisions so it’s “where I’m from.” That being said, my initial thought is just because it is how it used to be doesn’t make it right or appropriate in today’s world. First pass…I think bad idea also.


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