Brandon Marshall And Concussion Baseline Testing

There are times a writer sits down to write one post and another idea comes roaring across the front pages of our consciousness…whether we get it from the Internet, TV, Radio, Newspaper, etc.

This is one of those times.

Writing today started out being about how NFL players have allegedly been faking baseline testing for concussions so when they are actually concussed…they will be able to fake their way back onto the gridiron.  There is even talk Ritalin is being used to cheat the process.

That’s where all the Ritalin is, parents.  The NFL took it.

Today’s writing morphed into something slightly different than intended when word came Miami Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall was stabbed.  His wife is in custody as of this writing.  Gratefully, it appears he will recover fully.

Brandon is a remarkable talent…when we can keep him on the field.  Which is not all the time.  To attempt to document his activities when not actively catching passes would be to break the server this site is hosted upon.  Some gory details…as one writer was weighing the pros and cons of bringing him aboard.  I’ll gladly leave it as hiring Brandon has always been a “high risk, high reward” situation.

Which brings me back to concussion evaluation.  If we already believe players are not taking it seriously, why should we?  Playing in the NFL already is reducing one’s ability to function properly post-career so should we be wasting time protecting people who already have signed up for the worst-case scenarios?

Perhaps there should be a form given out in July to each player to complete.  A very simple one.  Check “Yes” if you would like to be tested for concussion symptoms and “No” if not.  (if someone asked for help in completing this form they would be tested immediately whether they liked it or not…)

And as for Brandon, I think at this point…as great a football player as he is…there have just been so many issues that have his name about them he probably should get the testing done… whether he wants to cheat or not.

I am sure of one thing.  Marshall has managed to cheat himself – so far at least – on that test of how successful he can be both on and off the field.


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