NFL Draft From An Entertaining Prospective

The first round of the 2011 NFL Draft was held last night at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.  Radio City, one of the finest entertainment venues we have.

For me it was one of the hotter reality shows in recent memory…as my remote was literally burning my hand.  Switching back and forth between the Draft, the NBA Playoffs, television shows (including the departure of “Office” boss Michael Scott, whose airplane send-off made me think he might go over to England for the Royal Wedding instead of Colorado)…quite the night.  A late one.

Then this AM…up at 5 o’clock to watch the Royal Wedding thing.  I was asked by my significant other to make sure she was up in time (I serve as the alarm clock on these special requests as full-time ones don’t get the job done for either of us when set to sound out of the norm).  Predictably, I wound up watching the Wedding as well.  And to all you men driving out on the road later than usual this morning…I know you were watching also so don’t act like you weren’t.

Anyway, the whole “TMZ” and “Entertainment Tonight” feel of the Royal Wedding coverage has me thinking the opening round from a different prospective…sports IS entertainment after all.

1. Who IS ESPN analyst Jon Gruden’s hair stylist?  Actually, that’s an oxymoron.  Never mind.

2. My wife and I made the observation after seeing a draftee with a bow tie on…if a team considering taking a player finds said player showing up on Draft Night with a bow tie on…they should not select them.   Fashion does make a statement, good and bad.

3. Taking clothing a step further, while I felt most of the draftees were dressed very well none of them look good in a suit and a team cap on their heads.  That’s just wrong.

4. There was significant reaction from the crowd as the evening went along, primarily because some teams acted as if they were in a booze-infused fantasy draft instead and a couple of owners had selected quarterbacks earlier than expected.  Let’s just say I felt most of the QB’s selected were picked way, way earlier than they should have.  Hard to say – hiring for that position is a roll of the dice.  However, the crowd noise should have been boosted to take in those who were voicing their “opinions.”  Would have made for much better TV hearing the “WTF’s” being bleeped out.

5. With regards to #4, the most outrageous, X-rated act of the night was the Falcons trading the entire City of Atlanta and a few of its suburbs to the Cleveland Browns…all for the chance to select Alabama WR Julio Jones.  Somewhere, Drew Carey must have been smiling and they should have had an immediate reaction from him even if the “Price Is Right” was filming at the time.  Cleveland rocks!

In conclusion, here in Philadelphia our beloved Eagles selected an offensive lineman who never played a lick of football until he was 22.  He’ll be 27 in November.  Turns out he was a pro firefighter in his native Canada at one time.  Needless to say, if you know anything about Philly fans this selection has not gone over well.  His advanced age, lack of overall football experience and greater experience in first-responder skills have spawned a cottage industry of comedy here.  Entertainment value of their pick is off the charts.

I hope your favorite team got what you wished for…and you were entertained.


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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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7 Responses to NFL Draft From An Entertaining Prospective

  1. I don’t know what to think about Danny Watkins. He seems like a great guy, a hard worker and someone, personailty wise, that will fit in with the city. But can he play? And if he can, for how long? Like you said he’s already 26 and will be 27 in November.

    Andy Reid has always struck me as someone who thinks he is so much smarter than everyone else. He always like to pick these “projects” that everyone else is scared of but he thrives on. He said last night in his interview that this was his guy all along and that if he was still there, he was picking him. Of course he would still be there…no one else wanted him!!! While I think OL was an area of need, I think defense is more pressing. But what do I know? Ha!

    What did you think of the pick? Who knows? Maybe this kid will be a stud. I hope he is!


    • After getting much backlash from firefighters across the globe and the country of Canada (actually none of our fine, unsung heroes OR anyone from our neighboring nation has contacted me…I made that up)…I would just like to say I have always felt the Eagles front office, Andy included, love to play like the Patriots and act like they know more than the fans, or the scouts, or the analysts…they just LOVE to take someone on their own and pray their picks don’t go wrong. Our Eagles love to “out think” us all. We’d settle for a Super Bowl whether they’re smarter than us or not. As for the pick itself, I know Baylor’s QB played a scrambling style last season so I am guessing – just guessing – he’ll be mobile…but not be able to move a pile. We shall see. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. berger987 says:

    I like this post a thousand times.

    The Falcons trade up baffled me a little bit, considering they gave up an arm and a leg for the pick, like you said, but what really got me is the Vikings pick for Christian Ponder. I’m no Vikings fan, but I was immediately angry for them. And living in a Vikings infested area, it hasn’t gone over very well. Many Viking fans now hate the Jags…..


  3. A thousand thank yous. I too have something I would like to volunteer about Christian Ponder. I enjoyed watching him play…when he was actually playing. Word association…Christian Ponder = The Board Game “Operation.” I mean, every time I heard his name most of his career he was competing with at least two other guys for playing time or he was hurt. Someone tweeted “The Metrodome Just Collapsed Again.” I thought that was hilarious. Thanks for stopping by…and the Viking fans have a lot to be angry about so keep your head down!


  4. sitting pugs says:

    The first round of the 2011 NFL Draft was held last night at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Radio City, one of the finest entertainment venues we have.

    For me it was one of the hotter reality shows in recent memory…as my remote was literally burning my hand. Switching back and forth between the Draft, the NBA Playoffs, television shows (including the departure of “Office” boss Michael Scott, whose airplane send-off made me think he might go over to England for the Royal Wedding instead of Colorado)…quite the night. A late one

    And the fingers on which hand were working overtime making sure you were adequately glimpsing enough imagery of NFL, NBA, and sitcoms?

    If multiple computer monitors can be connected to a single hard drive (desktop tower or laptop) to make it easier to look at various documents opened in different applications, and one cable box can service up to x number of TVs in x number of different rooms, why aren’t more people putting multiple TV monitors in one room so that one needn’t switch channels or do picture-in-picture? One could have one screen tuned to the Draft, one to NBA, and one to MLB if applicable. People are already using computer/TV setups, why not take the plunge and go all the way?

    I imagine it could be a bit distracting, though. There could also be geometric, spatial issues of the living room or den not being wide enough to fit two large flatscreens…or three medium-sized ones.


    • Exactly, SP! The footprint of the domicile doesn’t allow for the multiple monitor/screen option unless they go on the walls. I have a friend who spins such a horrific tale about getting his screens put on his home’s walls I am not eager to find out how similar my proposed experience would be to his actual one. As well, with the wife doing multi-tasking and viewing we’d be asking each other questions about things the other person looked away from…to watch the other screen! Thanks for the comment!


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