Dwyane Wade Pierces Celtics…Paul Pierced Himself

Game 1 of Celtics-Heat in the books – Miami, 99-90.

All the talk will be of Paul Pierce being asked to leave the proceedings with plenty of time still left for Boston to make a run in the final quarter.  Game recap here.

Dwyane Wade apparently decided before the game if the Heat were going to get no farther this season and their championship guarantees would be mocked for all eternity, he would gladly take that burden.  He should have had a jersey that said “GIVE ME THE DAMN BALL.”  Miami did…and Wade scorched Boston for 38 points.

And kudos to James Jones, who set a Heat playoff record for most points off the bench with 25.  I had mentioned in an earlier post if Miami could get anything from someone other than their Big Three they’d be in good shape.  They did.  They won.

That being said, water coolers will be working overtime from hysterical hoop fans cooling off scratchy throats from incessantly talking about two memorable moments Pierce provided…one where he head “rubbed” Jones and stayed in the game with but a technical foul called…and one shortly afterwards where he collided with Wade on a screen set and got a second technical foul and was tossed for…well, who the heck really knows.

It seemed to be the ultimate make-up call for Pierce not being led to the exit after moment #1.  You simply can’t assert someone using their head to make contact with another player is not an automatic dismissal.  Period.  Pierce should have been tossed then and there.  Yes, it’s playoff basketball.  However, if someone came up to you and their first contact was with their head, how serious do you think their next move might be?  Which brings us to moment #2, where I saw nothing at all to warrant him getting a technical…nor could there be anything ever said in that situation – except maybe to an official of a supremely offensive, ultra-personal nature – which would get you a technical.  Yet, if Pierce turns and walks away he’s still in the game.  He did not.

We’ll find out more about the logic behind keeping Pierce in the game when he should not have been…and then ejecting him when he should have remained.  However, in the interim let us not forgot Wade and Jones…who starred from the tip and the bench respectively.

One more thing…I think I just heard a page in the Boston airport…”Mr. Rajon Rondo…please go to the nearest white courtesy phone…your plane has already left for Miami.”  Maybe that’s overly harsh, but with Rondo fouling his way to the bench early and never finding his Rondo Mojo…let’s just say he needs to “be in attendance” come tip-off of Game 2.


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3 Responses to Dwyane Wade Pierces Celtics…Paul Pierced Himself

  1. berger987 says:

    In the NBA, I’ve learned never to take too much from one game. I’m still taking the Celtics in 6.


    • berger987 says:

      I was really shocked with how they played, though. When Jones can come off the bench and help them like that, they are going to win every single game. Unfortunately for them, I don’t think he can do that.


  2. FireDannyAinge says:

    I hate Paul Pierce. I literally hate him. I am so sick of him getting away with whatever he does and he got away with headbutting the Heat kid. What is wrong with the NBA. They don’t even try to hide their cheating.


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