LeBron James And Dan Gilbert…Miami Taking It To The Bank

Shortly after LeBron James announced his “Decision” to play for the Miami Heat in the summer of last year…Cleveland Cavaliers Majority Owner Dan Gilbert…part of his open letter/reaction to Cleveland fans…



Fortunately, the good folks of Cleveland are smarter than Dan and long ago figured out not to stake out the ATM’s any time soon.  As for the self-titled former King, he’s a tad closer this morning than maybe Dan banked on.

In the Heat’s 102-91 Game 2 win last evening James’ report card was 44 minutes played, 14 of 25 from the floor, 7 boards…35 points.  Heat are now up 2-0 headed to Boston for prime-time Saturday night.

Dwyane Wade…39 minutes, 28 points, 8 boards.  Chris Bosh…38 minutes, 17 points, 11 boards.

Rest of the Heat…let’s just say they fielded five players at all times.

Even though the game was well within Boston’s reach late…having already seen James hitting jumpers at will, Wade turning around Kevin Garnett like a spinning top and leaving Ray Allen sprawling on the floor as they both tried to defend in vain…and Bosh doing exactly what he was supposed to be doing in his supporting role…you had a feeling Miami was going to turn up the Heat down the stretch and they did just that.  Did I mention the Heat Big Three was playing solid defense as well?

Post-game talk of the walking wounded Celtics.  Paul Pierce a strained left foot.  Ray Allen a bruised chest.  Rajon Rondo a bad back.  But everyone is limping about this time of year.  The question is how old do the Celtics feel mentally, not physically.

ESPN analyst Tim Legler said this morning while a lot of folks are putting this series to bed and Boston may “have their jammies” on, this is far from over.  I agree.  Two wins is only half way to four.

Yet, both your math and mine finds the equation is the Celtics now have to win four of five to advance.  Boston plays at a deliberate pace and doesn’t get second opportunities, which means if Rondo doesn’t get run outs in transition and the defense doesn’t turn the Heat over…it puts so, so much pressure on every possession.

If the Miami’s Big Three plays like they did last night…maybe they don’t need as much help from the rest of the Heat after all.  Heck, Rondo wouldn’t even participate in one time-out huddle while Pierce seemed to be trying to steer him back into the fold mentally, if not the huddle physically.

The really scary part is Rajon was essentially the best player on the floor for Boston last night.

Dan Gilbert, your personal guarantee looks a little less likely this morning.  The only bad “Decision” right now looks to be you taking things too personally.


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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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5 Responses to LeBron James And Dan Gilbert…Miami Taking It To The Bank

  1. FireDannyAinge says:

    The Evil Celtics need to be swept. I deserve them being swept. I know the world does not revolve around me but if they get swept by the Miami Heat it just opens up a whole rant I have been waiting to release for 8 YEARS! I need the Heat to sweep. I think I’ll write Miami a letter on my blog:)

    Paul Pierce is a BIG FAT Faker. He isn’t injured. Just like Shaq wasn’t injured half the season he spent on the bench. Then when he went to play he actually got injured and karma finally worked in my favor.

    Yes I know I sound like a nut case but take the one thing in this world you are most passionate about on this earth. Well that is my hatred for Danny Ainge, Paul Pierce and the evil green team. Oh I’ll save the rant for my own blog:)


  2. FDA…you rant as much as you like. We’re all here for you. We understand. Shaq is dressing well though…albeit not dressing for the games themselves.


  3. Lowdogg says:

    As a Heat fan, I wasn’t thrilled by the arrival of Lebron. Call me crazy, but I think Wade is the more important player on the team.
    Still through the season and especially in the playoffs, I’ve gained an appreciation for LBJ’s gift, and most importantly, have enjoyed seeing the way that he and Wade play together. Some of those passes seem telepathic.
    I agree that the series isn’t over, but if Miami can take on in Boston, it will be.


  4. FireDannyAinge says:

    I do like to rant:)

    I don’t like the way Lebron went to Miami but his going to Miami was his choice. I just hope he realizes that until he is retired 20 years, going to Miami to win with the “enemy” is going to take a lot of credit away from anything he accomplished.

    Shaq faked an injury all season to rest for the playoffs and then went and got hurt the first 5 minutes of his first game back. Karma is a sweep. I want my damn sweep:)

    If the Celtics lose I hope someone finally calls him and the Celtics out for the money he made to sit on his ass. No one will. They love him here in Boston (gag me)


  5. The only issue I ever had with LBJ was “The Decision.” Take away that hour from hell and I am good with James. Period. Well, perhaps the rock star intro in Miami could have been left out also…take out that hour also and LeBron and I are square. I have loved Wade since college. Looks like Shaq is gonna take the designer threads off for a uni in Game 3! Amazing how healthy one gets when one’s season is halfway done…


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