Two And A Half Men…Not On This Night – Heat Toast Third Win

At one point in the critical stages of last night’s NBA Playoff Game 4 between Boston and Miami I thought I had accidentally hit the remote and turned on CBS.  There were so many players performing like Charlie Sheen’s chronically drunken character on “Two And A Half Men” it was…staggering. (I don’t know how he’s so good in that role…)

Yet as both teams teetered back and forth trying to help each other win, for those fans heavily invested in these squads it was gut wrenching, nail-biting, nerve ending, beautiful/ugly theatre.  Reminded me of the up-and-down, end-to-end NHL Playoffs…lots of frantic activity with no scoring.  No disrespect to hockey at all…but in basketball there usually are a few more successful possessions.

By the end of the night, even though both teams took yet one more opportunity to give the other a chance to win in regulation the Heat jumped all over the Celtics to begin overtime and eventually toasted a 98-90 win. They now lead the series 3-1 headed back to South Beach.  Game 5 on Wednesday.

There was concern in Boston the back-to-back scheduling would favor the Heat last night over the veteran (i.e. older) Celtics – not to mention Rajon Rondo having to quickly adapt to his “new” elbow.  That certainly seemed to be the case at times as Boston had chances to build on their early success but could not pull away.  The way the Celtics went out last evening further advanced that thinking.  And now – with travel – their chance to fight off elimination comes as soon as tomorrow night.

Boston has to maximize each and every possession because they get no second chances.  We all knew that going in.  Every time they get the ball after a miss is comparable to finding buried treasure at the bottom of the sea.  Last night…three offensive rebounds in regulation and OT combined.  The Celtics are not built for anything less than perfection on offense.  One-and-done.  They must execute flawlessly.

The combination of an aggressive, youthful Heat defense and the “veteran” Celtics need for perfection with the ball intersected with 19.5 seconds left.  Boston possession.  Paul Pierce waits for the called play to unfold in front of him.  A play that never materialized.  (ESPN story and video playlist here.)  Overtime.

Miami had their chance prior to this failure to execute but LeBron James…once more with the ball and the game on the line…failed to execute as well and turned the ball over.

That about concludes all he did wrong last night.

James played spectacularly with 35 points, 14 boards…playing in all but three minutes.  Wade played five fewer minutes than James and still posted 28 points, 9 boards.

The Big Two didn’t blink in the bright lights, on the big stage…but what of their “Half Man” Chris Bosh?  The Chris Bosh who lit up the Internet with his remarks after Game 3 about how emotion got the best of him in those bright lights, on that big stage.

44 minutes, 20 points, 12 boards…and a clutch tip-in with the Heat up 93-90 in the OT.

Yours truly had given up on Bosh completely and yours truly was wrong.  While his first half left you wondering…his second half left you admiring.  Admittedly, Bosh had some assistance with a lack of resistance from Kevin Garnett, who was as horrible in Game 4 as terrific in Game 3.  Garnett spent most of the evening wrapped in some kind of thick, New England fog.  This did not come in handy when Pierce was frantically signaling for KG to execute on the designed play in the last moments of regulation.

On this night for Miami there were Three Men, not Two And A Half.  And as we have seen this season…when the Heat do not have to settle for a fraction…the math usually always adds up to a victory.


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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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13 Responses to Two And A Half Men…Not On This Night – Heat Toast Third Win

  1. Interesting take on last night’s game and I agree somewhat with the hockey analogy however, the Celtics can NOT compete without a healthy Rondo. Delonte West is a good sub for their star point guard he is clearly no true point guard.

    His blunders in the 4th quarter and lack of hitting the big 3 in this game killed any chance the Celtics had of winning.

    As far as Miami goes – LeBum had a great bounce back game but let’s be honest here, Miami is NOTHING without D-Wade carrying the team. He ALWAYS hits the critical shots and comes up with the clutch plays.

    Bosch was lucky no one was blocking him out on the boards. The Celtics really missed Perkins last night (as OKC wins in 3OT).

    You are dead on the money right about one thing – the Celtics are OLD! Get them some wheelchairs – that team is going to be dismantled soon.


  2. Thanks for stopping by, ASM. It was interesting to see Rondo on the bench as the game was winding down. It was sad to see Shaq try to get from one end of the court to the other. Perkins does come to mind, doesn’t he?


  3. FireDannyAinge says:

    I need to learn how to ping back so I can use my blog about what Perkins has NOT been doing in Oklahoma.

    Rondo and Perkins are both product of who they play with and Perkins is being shown as a fraud as we speak. Retire already Garnett.


  4. Perkins would be able to a) get from one end of the court to another and b) occupy space in a threatening manner. Coach Brooks at OKC was quoted as saying Perkins hates everyone he plays against. Even while being less than advertised, I think him standing in the middle is better than Big Baby, Jermaine and…God help us…Shaq.


  5. I’m not saying Perkins is a great missing piece, what I am saying is that Perkins would have been able to at least rebound the ball and foul somebody hard. The fact that Miami can prance around the paint like ballerinas is infuriating.

    Has Green been some kind of factor? He hits the occasional 3 and plays OK defense but he has not been half the factor that Perkins WAS when he was there. Maybe Green will be better in the long run but as far as this series goes…Perkins would have been a big equalizer.


  6. ASM, I agree just Perkins’ scowl would have made the Heat think a bit more about charging full speed ahead in the paint than what Boston offers up now. Then again, if anyone hit Shaq square on they would be dead on arrival.


  7. FireDannyAinge says:

    Sorry I don’t agree. Perkins is a punk and if it came down to Lebron scoring the basket vs Perkins looking like the punk my guess is the NBA would make sure Lebron won.

    That is kind of my whole point above. Having Garnett, Allen and that other other guy (yes I know his name I just refuse to say it) made Perkins look better then he was. Zack Randolph is not scared of Perkins.

    There is no way Perkins was worth the money he wanted or was paid in Oklahoma and defending Danny Ainge is the last thing in the world I would ever want to do but he had merit in this situation. Perkins was not worth the money he wanted.

    Need proof watch him being taken out of the game when it matters as a Thunder. You really wanted to pay a guy 5 million a year to get 2 points, 2 rebounds, 2 turnovers and no blocked shots or steals in 3 OT’s? I doubt it.


  8. I like your take on it and I agree on the 5 million a year. He’s not worth the dough but being the product of who he’s playing with (I like the take on Rondo as well), I’d just say that he’d be better than what was on the floor last night (game #5 final).

    Celtics have a lot of work to do. More teams are getting younger, stronger and more talented and the Green Shamrocks are looking old, tired and worn out.


  9. Is Perkins 100% healthy? Does he deserve some kind of med pass on this season? Is it possible the Celtics knew something medically that OKC didn’t pick up on?


  10. Troy says:

    First off, nice “Two and a Half Men” plug!

    The end of this game put a knot in my stomach, even more so than game five. Game five was a resolution. LeBron hitting the back-to-back 3s before stealing the ball and slamming away the chances of the Celtics coming back was an exclamation mark.

    Game four was a heartbreaker. The series was 2-1 going in and the Celtics just had to execute. On that last play, it wasn’t the fault of Pierce, Allen or Garnett. It was the Heat’s defense fighting to stop and break up any potential play. Poor execution by the Celtics; perfect convolution by the Heat. That was the last gasp of the Celtics before having it taken to ’em in overtime.


  11. Heat have been called less than Big Three all season. Bosh still puzzles me. They will need all three as they attempt to claim the trophy. Defense of Miami certainly gets understated – including by yours truly…but to come out of a timeout and not be able to run a play looked like…March Madness. I thought Doc was going to run out on the court and set the pick himself.


  12. frenchc1955 says:

    Just wanted to let you know I am enjoying reading your older posts.

    Liked by 1 person

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