Carson Palmer Gets Advice From Motivational Expert Cedric Benson

The Cincinnati Bengals have brought nothing but frustration and misery to their fans for years.  Owner Mike Brown, who has “run” the franchise since the early 90’s, has transitioned them from a club with a decent history of solid players and achievement into a punchline for late night talk hosts…and sports bloggers.

He threatened to move the team once.  That would have been best for the Queen City.  Because without that team changing ownership, a punchline they will likely remain.  And with their rabid, loyal-to-a-fault fan base, they would have gotten another team shortly thereafter…with new blood lines.  One place where you can find a great example of fans gone wild in Cincinnati over their beloved team’s decline is here.

There is not enough space here to document all the off-the-field antics of Cincinnati Bengal players over the last few years.  This under the “stewardship” of Head Coach Marvin Lewis, the highest-paid probation officer in the country.  In addition to his legal duties, Cincinnati has under-achieved so much on his watch NFL analysts no longer bother to put Marvin on their “hot seat” of potential head coach firings each season because they are tired of being embarrassed.  He’s not going anywhere.  Neither is the Owner.

However, one Cincinnati employee who might be on the move is QB Carson Palmer, who has indicated he will retire from football rather than continue smashing his head against the brick wall of bungled Bengal management and leadership.  Good for Carson.  This shows he does not need concussion testing.

The folks who do need concussion testing are those who think Cedric Benson is an expert on motivation and potential performance issues.  I love watching Cedric run the football…when he is available and appears motivated to do so.

Benson is entering free agency when the NFL resumes activity.  He has his own issues to work on this off-season getting signed.  While I failed to list the inglorious history of Bengal players in recent years off-the-field it is important to talk about Cedric’s…because he of all people is now saying Cincinnati needs to move Palmer out-of-town.

The disclaimer in his quotes include he “loves” Palmer, which is code for he does not love Carson that much.  I note in my posts to be on the watch for this.  When someone throws out a disclaimer always take what follows with suspicion as to their original intent…meaning…or feeling.

Cedric Benson is one I would decline taking career advice from.  Google “Cedric Benson trouble” and judge for yourself.  We all make at least a couple of big mistakes in the course of a long life.  Benson is a young man and already skewed those stats on the average number of big mistakes.  Ironically, his file was thicker than Cincinnati’s famous Skyline Chili when the Bengals hired him.  I guess they felt he “profiled” well compared to other squad members.

Cedric Benson – Motivational Expert.  He thinks he knows what is best for not only Carson Palmer but the organization.

Bengals fans…time to swim the moat, drop the drawbridge and storm the castle…and take your team back.


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10 Responses to Carson Palmer Gets Advice From Motivational Expert Cedric Benson

  1. Troy Beckman says:

    Cedric Benson career tip #1: Carson, get yourself a speedboat, a couple cases of Bud Light Lime, and head out to the lake over Memorial Day weekend and have yourself a good time.


  2. Troy – PLEASE keep those career tips coming. Cincy needs our help.


  3. It’s weird to comprehend how the Bengals are ran. Being a Steeler fan it’s almost polar opposites. Team needed a cultural change when Lewis was hired. Unfortunately for them the culture got worse. Long are the days when the Bengals were respectable. Like the Raiders and their recent run of futility, it all starts at the top with the owner.


  4. PI – yes it does start at the top. Cincinnati deserves better and your comparison to the Raiders is perfect…unfortunately for all of us who want a better future for the Bengals.


  5. berger987 says:

    Thansk for the link, man.

    If I lived anywhere close to Cincinnati, I would take the team back! lol


  6. Troy says:

    What happened to the Bengals? They looked bright during the 2009 season. In 2010, Palmer looked like…well, I’d rather not say.


    • berger987 says:

      Palmer actually I thought was a little better in 2010, not worse at all. Sure, he had interception problems, but that’s what comes with when you ask him to throw that many passes for the first time in 3 years. The thing that kept them afloat in 09 was the defense and the running game. Benson has proved to be a bust and the defense was a huge letdown.


      • Troy says:

        I must admit: the only Bengals game I watched in full last season was the late season game they played against Pittsburgh. While that’s a bad game to judge any team’s offense against, Palmer’s picks to Polamalu were…well, I’d rather not say (again!). I also admit my laziness to looking up stats!


  7. I will admit to only having seen three Bengals games from start to finish and the rest was all Red Zone, baby. I am a full-blown addict of Red Zone and will likely die on my sofa, remote in hand, watching cutaways from one goal line stand to another. But what a way to go! I’d like to see Palmer play for someone else and make a judgement then – I can never tell from the cast of characters around him how good he really is.


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