Dear Los Angeles Lakers, Thank You. Signed, Sports Reporters Everywhere

I was determined to not type one more character about that other team in LA this NBA season because I felt the media spent way too much time talking about them and only them during the first two rounds of the Playoffs…most definitely at the expense of (drumroll please) one of your 2010-11 NBA Finalists…the Dallas Mavericks.

However, I am caving like the Oklahoma City Thunder in the last five minutes of their final two games and taking to the blog once more to write about them.  Because I am happy.  Because sports reporters, sports bloggers, sports talk show hosts, soap opera followers (since most of your shows are leaving the airwaves now)…we all have something to be very, very grateful for this day.

That other team in LA hired Mike Brown to be their Head Coach.

After listening and reading a number of comments from folks whose opinions I value, I have come to the conclusion this hire is more about pride than glory…and in Hollyweird, what else would you really expect?

The green light on this new reality show gives all sports fans and media so much script to work with I’m even going to start calling them the Lakers again out of sheer gratitude.

This could save our economy, people.

Seriously, when you think of Mike Brown…IF you think of Mike Brown…the next thing you have to think of is LeBron James…followed closely thereafter by James questioning Brown’s tactics during his time in Cleveland and their subsequent failures in the post-season.

Of course the Cavs were a one-man team, but promoting Brown’s gaudy regular season record is not a tribute to his ability to get the most from a one-man team.  It is more about riding the coat tails of arguably the best player in the game in an Eastern Conference often worse than the NFL’s NFC West was last season.

It’s almost as if Lakers management was so jealous of Phil Jackson’s aura they wanted to show everyone how “smart” they are at the complete expense of the product on the floor.  Hire someone no one expects to do well – tell them what to do – and if they win, take all the credit for the hire.  They HAD to know giving Brown this job was going to start a wind-whipped, SoCal firestorm.  They just had to.

They also just had to know not conferring with Kobe Bryant beforehand and letting everyone know that afterward would fan storm flames further, especially since Bryant and other Lakers openly favored Jackson’s assistant Brian Shaw for the job.  The fact Kobe wasn’t cut in on all this ahead of time…not advisable.  Once again, clearly sending the message of who is in charge now…but why tick off Bryant?  What, you don’t need him anymore?

On top of that, management also pointedly remarked at the time of the hire the offensive philosophy made so successful in the past by Jackson would be at the very least modified.

To be the Head Coach of the Lakers, you admittedly not only must have a solid resume but you must have at least some entertainment value and an ability to work the media. After all, even I acknowledge being the front man for the Lake Show is a pseudo-celebrity gig…right behind being the absolute highest-profile coaching job in the league.

Brown may be the nicest man any of us will ever meet, but entertaining and media friendly does not leap to mind when considering his skill sets.

We can all debate that resume.

Maybe Shaw wasn’t the answer – especially if it was felt the Lakers had gotten too complacent – but management could have done much, much better in finding a solid resume and media handler in one package.  And no matter what, you give Kobe a shout and talk things over.  He has earned that much.

They really will need to create a new Internet now because this one’s bandwidth will expire shortly.

Thank you, Lakers.


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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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3 Responses to Dear Los Angeles Lakers, Thank You. Signed, Sports Reporters Everywhere

  1. Pammy Girl says:

    I don’t think of Mike Brown and I NEVER think of the Lakers. Yuk. Raised on the Celtics and still bleed green. I did run into Phil Jackson in O’Hare once… he’s a giant. As for Kobe… has there ever been a more egotistical ass in the NBA? Rodman was an ass but sort of a weirdo. Bill Lambier was an ass but he was dumb. Isaiah Thomas, Latrell Spreewell, and Charles Barkley… all asses. But at least they had personality and Charles had a sense of humor.

    Kobe is selfish and has an ego the size of Cleveland. Boo hoo they didn’t consult him on the coaching hire. Maybe now Kobe will retire.


  2. Pam, you must have very little blood left after the Celtics tested all their fans’ health in this post-season. I am sure Phil Jackson remembers you. Who wouldn’t? Can we agree athletic greatness sometimes runs parallel to inflated ego size and selfishness…?By-products of greatness many times. I am sure Kobe would also remember you if you met him.


  3. FireDannyAinge says:

    has there ever been a more egotistical ass in the NBA?

    Um yes this name is Paul Pierce. Don’t take this personally Pam but Celtics fans are hypocrites. You never see what you have in your own team is ten times worse then what everyone else has.

    Give Mike a chance. He might surprise.


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