The Rush To Elect Urban Meyer

There I was casually going through my Twitter feed seeing who was celebrating where and who was honoring our fallen troops on Memorial Day, determined not to set up shop at the keyboard until tomorrow…

…and here come the Tweets Jim Tressel resigned as Ohio State’s Head Football Coach…

…which was certainly not surprising.  Yet, here I am…

I did advocate he stay on in an earlier post. I also posted earlier we start to focus on the games and not worry about nonsense regarding eligibility, rules violations, etc.  No one is in charge, so why would you logically expect anything but chaos?  Root for your teams and enjoy the athletic competition.  Don’t worry about the rest of it.  To borrow an old NASCAR expression, if you ain’t cheatin’ you ain’t tryin’.

Jim’s resignation did not bring me to write today…what did was instant media speculation regarding ESPN analyst Urban Meyer filling the position.

So far, the conversation has been about the logical ties Urban would have to Ohio State from earlier in his life…born in Ohio…a Master’s Degree from OSU…first Assistant Coaching position.  That’s fine.  So is talking about an on-the-field record as a major college football Head Coach – especially at Florida – which is superlative.  Tremendous.

What I am concerned about is how his newly acquired buds at ESPN, as well as selected other media pals, might be tempted to low-key the other aspects of his career at Florida and paint him only as a genius football mind who tearfully, finally was forced to step away from the game he loves for he and his family’s well-being.

Because for starters, if Ohio State is looking for a stable individual who also has a record of keeping a big-time college football program under control off-the-field…they might want to start off by taking a look at this.  Or this.

Meyer always talked a good game about keeping his program clean and still does so on television now…a lot…which begs another question since he’s constantly on ESPN…did I miss something in his reasoning to quit not once, but twice, because of family and health issues?  It seems to me since he finally did walk away from Florida, he’s been working non-stop for his new employer.

Oh wait…he actually tried to stay at Florida AND work for ESPN.  That doesn’t sound like stabilizing family and health issues.

No, none of that sounds stable at all.

Things never seem to reconcile for me when it comes to Urban.  Here’s a snapshot of how some of the family feels on the home front since he decided to slow down and spend more time with them.

Meyer’s program at the University of Florida had much success on the gridiron.  I just hope as speculation intensifies as to if he will be the next Ohio State Head Coach we keep hearing the whole story.  His program at Florida had its share of very, very serious issues off-the-field…and it did not seem he could stabilize it.

Tattoos and autos are one type of issue.  Violence is quite another.

His “retirement” hasn’t been very stable either.

Regardless of whether it’s Ohio State or some other college down the road…if you are looking for stability when it comes to the individual…and/or their ability to keep players not just from getting financial compensation but needing legal representation…you might not want to be in too much of a rush…to elect…Urban Meyer.


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5 Responses to The Rush To Elect Urban Meyer

  1. Lowdogg says:

    Great post. If he takes that job they will picket his house here in Gainesville.

    I wouldn’t want that job either. Not until 3-4 years of scholarship reductions and probation is complete.


  2. Thanks, Lowdogg. That’s one thing I left out…the reaction of the U of F fans if he takes the job. The mind reels at those possibilities…


  3. berger987 says:

    Urban Meyer has been one cookie I’ve been failing to figure out. Just like you said, walks away from UF to stabilize his life and his family, then starts hammering away at ESPN. I’m guessing it’s just less stressful at ESPN? Idk.

    I would just like to see Urban Meyer out of the news. Dude needs to make up his mind. If I was him, I’d just go play golf for the rest of my life.


  4. Urban actually went cross country to file reports during spring football. It’s not just the Bristol CT gig…he’s been flying all over the nation. Nice and easy pace…concentrating on the family…maybe he knows Florida is next on the NCAA hit list – but how can that be if not already being investigated?…maybe he knew with no Tebow he already hit the glass ceiling there and wanted to cut out just in time. I totally agree I figured golf would be his outlet after all the agony at the press conference(s)…


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