NFL 2011 – Season Opener 100 Days And Counting

ESPN’s Adam Schefter gave me the idea for this morning’s post…not that the subject has been far from any football fan’s mind.

100 days until the scheduled opener for the 2011 NFL regular season. September 8th.  Saints-Packers.  A nice round number to look forward to, except in the last few days…

Saints QB Drew Brees commenting “the owners saw blood in the water” when the former head of the players union (Gene Upshaw) passed away.

Dolphins Owner Steve Ross commenting “there should be no sympathy in the labor movement in America for these ballplayers.” 

NFL Coaches filing a brief expressing support for the players and saying the lockout is putting their jobs in jeopardy.

I have had a difficult time finding a sign this standoff is going to subside anytime soon.  If anyone else is reading current events differently, please comment.

Like many in this country, I am an addict for the NFL.  I already was a huge, all-consumed user…fantasy football coming on the scene years back upped the dosage required…and the NFL Network’s Red Zone Channel has now secured rehab as my only recourse if this season doesn’t get played as planned.  Don’t judge.

That being said, every once in a while I still see commentary where people mention 9/11/11 as some kind of rallying cry to get all the dollars discussed divided up by.  Some folks are saying it would be downright unpatriotic to not have the NFL on that weekend.

I had posted earlier my thoughts on 9/11 relative to the NFL season.  As much of an addict of the game I am, I do not understand why anyone feels the need to connect these two dots.  I think a lot of us can make the case it might be inappropriate to start the season that weekend.  I have been somewhat taken back at the thought we must have pro football relative to 9/11.

Count me in as one of the very first people to say life needed to go on after this tragedy occurred.  Not to be forgotten…but not to consume us.  Push forward.  Do not let the terrorists “win.”

That being said, football is a game.  The playing of a game or a set of games is so irrelevant to reflecting upon what happened to our way of life…the loss of life…on 9/11.  Maybe there are folks who are more addicted to the NFL than I.  If this season doesn’t start as scheduled and there are no games on the weekend of 9/11, I for one will not consider it a national tragedy or setback.

Of course my wish is for the NFL season to start as scheduled…but also for folks to please stop mentioning the horrible events of 9/11 as any kind of reason to get an agreement done…to adhere to a schedule of games.

Maybe I’m not as addicted as I thought.  Clarity and perspective still seems to be within reach.


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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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8 Responses to NFL 2011 – Season Opener 100 Days And Counting

  1. JJ says:

    Good stuff. I can’t say I’m feeling very optimistic about the season starting on time, but I definitely agree with the 9/11 connection. Seems a little ridiculous, eh?


    • JJ – it does seem ridiculous to me yet I continue to see quotes dribble out here and there about the importance of getting a settlement so we can see football on 9/11. As I said, I was one of the very first people to agree we have to all move on with things. But how settling the NFL strike needs to be done relative to the date…I just don’t get that.


  2. FireDannyAinge says:

    The Bruins are in the Stanley Cup finals and It’s baseball season and the Sox are doing well (not tonight however) did I mention the BRUINS ARE IN THE CUP FINALS!

    Football? Nope not until at least August.


  3. I heard something about Boston being in the Stanley Cup Finals…


  4. Brandyn says:

    Very good post. I’m not optimistic either. I’ll be sad if the season is delayed (and I don’t think there’s anyway that it won’t be) but there are far bigger issues in life. I’ll find something else to do, and I’m sure the NFL Network will reply games. As well as play its 2 commericals a time or 1200 ;-).


  5. “Play 60 Bus” comin’ down the line…I can hear the music now! Can I get it for my ringtone? I hope the NFL Network replays the Red Zone coverage from last year for each corresponding week of no football this year. Start with Week 1…replay last year’s Red Zone Channel coverage each week until/if the season starts. Heck, I’ll even put up with Alyssa Milano answering the door 1200 times AGAIN this year.


  6. I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. Why people feel the need to connect 9/11 to the football season seems off to me. In fact, the first thing that pops into my head when I hear 9/11 is certainly NOT…ooooh, NFL Football kickoff weekend!!!!

    9/11 shouldn’t be the impetus to get football going in 2011. It should be doing what’s right for all parties involved. But mainly for the fans and the players. Although as much as Goodell likes to think he is doing what’s in the best interest of the “fans” he isn’t. He’s the ultimate spin doctor. Just like making the game “safer” for the players. He isn’t making the game safer! He’s slapping some bogus rules on the league to make it look like he cares. Same with extending the season from 16 to 18 games. The fans don’t like paying full price for pre-season tickets. Instead of changing that (God forbid they walk away from that revenue) they decide to extend the season by two games. Which I don’t think is good for anyone. Ah don’t get me started!!!

    Great post though!!!


  7. For The Love,…you are so right about our Commish, the ultimate spin doctor. Something about the man I did not like from Day 1. I know we’re all supposed to get to know people whenever possible and never to judge them…but sometimes you just have a gut feeling even at a distance this is a person I am never going to care much for. And really, nothing he’s done since taking the job has changed my initial thoughts. Keep those comments coming – it is good to get out the frustration!


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