Heat…Clean Up Aisle U…Dropped Your Dessert

Dallas Mavericks up 18 entering fourth quarter of Game 4 in first round series vs. Portland.   Trail Blazers win.

Best thing that ever could have happened to Dallas.  Friendly reminder to play to the final buzzer.  You never know.

Two games in their third round series vs. Oklahoma City.  Down big (once by as much as 15 in a fourth quarter)…but having been forged from that Portland blaze earlier…Dallas played to the final buzzer both times and won.  You never know.

LeBron James started these NBA Playoffs referring to the Miami Heat’s first round series vs. Philadelphia as “breakfast,” a play on the fact there are four “meals” in the post-season.

Miami dropped “dessert” all over its American Airlines Arena floor…and what a hell of a mess they have to clean up now.

Seven minutes and change left and Heat up 15…after Dwyane Wade hits a beautiful three from deep in the corner…and then freezes solid as a statue for photo ops.  Oops.

Dallas – already going to play to the final buzzer (see above…”you never know”…) – now had extra incentive.  No doubt they retained a mental photo of not only Wade’s shot but his temporary, self-induced paralysis.

And off the Mavs went…the final seven minutes where they played to the final buzzer.  You never know.

If Jason Terry had not wandered away from Mario Chalmers with 24.5 seconds left, leaving Chalmers to hit a three to tie the game, the Miami Heat would have had NO field goals during those final seven minutes. 

You play to the final buzzer.  You never know.

Many fans legitimately will travel to the last set play of the game…Dirk Nowitzki was surely going to have the ball…the Heat certainly would force him to give it up…and they also had a foul to give which they would use immediately if Dirk retained possession after the double-team took effect.

Jason Kidd held the ball on the inbound, running the clock down.  He passed to an open Nowitzki.  Dirk drove past Chris Bosh and made a layup.  Mavericks win 95-93.

While Miami spent the first forty-one minutes of Game 2 stashing a series worth of highlight reel material in the can, they compiled it with focus, determination and hustle.  They then tabled that “Big Three” and spent the final seven minutes shooting ridiculous jumpers and planning the parade route.

Dropped your dessert, Heat.  You made the mess.  Get it cleaned up quickly.  Next three in Big D.

Oh…and play to the final buzzer.  You never know.


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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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6 Responses to Heat…Clean Up Aisle U…Dropped Your Dessert

  1. Troy says:

    Dwyane Wade hit an “Eff You” 3 in front of the Dallas bench with about seven minutes to go. Think that woke Dallas up? Miami looked like they did back in November-February, unable to close out games. I expect them to be on their heels on Sunday night.


  2. You would think a guy who worked so hard to get one ring would know he’d have to work at least that hard for a second. I know the Heat melted down during the regular season but they seemed so focused and determined early on…it is hard enough to get to the Finals let alone win them. Miami needed to keep their intensity but behavior patterns are everything…and they definitely fell back to some old, unfortunate habits last night. Even more, the seeds of doubt creep back in for the Heat – is any lead safe now?


  3. FireDannyAinge says:

    Want to talk about FU 3’s.How about the one Jason Kidd during 2003 when he was a Net.

    I am so sick of everyone acting like the Mavericks are some innocent team of class acts. Jason terry and his freaking air plane is worse then any cocky 3 pointer could ever be.

    I remember 2006. I watched that series and the Mavericks were acting ten times worse then anything Miami ever did last night. With Jason Terry and (D)irk leading the way.

    This is the same way they acted against Oklahoma too.

    So sick of the hypocrisy. Especially by bitter Celtics fans who seem to forget how Paul Pierce, Garnett, Perkins and Big baby acted during their title run.

    Off the soap box.


    • Comments duly noted, FDA. Terry can park that airplane move anytime he likes. I gave Wade more credit and figured he would be mature enough to remember this was the NBA Finals and not a game in December. Michael Wilbon put no credence whatsover in Wade’s “pose” at all, saying these are professionals and they deal with this stuff all the time – he really put down those who dare to think otherwise (like me). I was never anywhere close to being a pro but my competitive spirit in playing the game always fired me up big time if I was down 15 with that much time left and somebody pulled that stunt in front of me and my team. Can’t speak for NBA players but I would have found an extra gear at that point after seeing an opponent “claim” victory that early. But yes, there are a lot of players who “Madonna” all season long. Maybe the NBA Finals is one time they should not…until maybe after they’ve clinched it…


  4. I figured this game was over. Apparently so did the Heat!!! It just goes to show you…always play to the final whistle or buzzer.

    I’m torn on who to root for. I’d like to see LeBron get a ring. But I would also like to see Dirk get one and he is running out of time.


    • For The Love, I was a Heat-hater after LeBron’s sideshow of a “Decision.” However, I have since chosen to put that in the closet and focus on the games themselves…and have to agree it will be unfortunate if Dirk doesn’t get it done now…because I don’t know if he’ll have another chance. LeBron certainly will.


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