Vancouver Wastes No (Over) Time Taking 2-0 Stanley Cup Finals Lead

Sure, I could have titled this particular Stanley Cup saga…Chara Chases Canuck…Burrows Bites Bruins…Thomas Takes Trip.  There were a number of options for the headline on Vancouver’s 3-2 overtime win in Game 2.

And those only draw from action totaling eleven seconds, all the overtime the Canucks needed to go up in the series 2-0.

Alex Burrows, who many felt should have been in street clothes for his “biting incident” in the Cup opener, took a pass from Daniel Sedin and left Boston captain Zdeno Chara in his rear view mirror…got Bruins goalie Tim Thomas moving every way but the right one…and executed a wraparound goal eleven seconds after the puck dropped to begin OT.  It was the second quickest end to an overtime in Finals history.

Boston has to be reeling a bit(e) now, especially after actually managing to score a goal on their pathetic power play last night…and leading 2-1 entering the final period.  Possibly one thing in their favor is having lived through being come back upon by the Flyers a year ago.  Losing a series when up 3-0…while also having had a 3-0 lead in Game 7…has to count for something in terms of thinking these Finals are not quite over yet.

And they certainly are not.  You can quote the odds against Boston winning four of five…but the Bruins’ experience from last year’s Philadelphia series…if nothing else…gives them hope they can be on the right side of history this time around.

In regard to being on the right side of things…neither Chara or Thomas covered themselves in glory in last night’s brief extra few seconds of play.  Giving new meaning to the phrase “out-of-position,” Burrows took full advantage of not only his good fortune of being able to play…but his ability to play…deftly taking both players on an “ice capades” of sorts.

A couple of comments from a broadcast standpoint…I continue to be annoyed NBC rushes off the air after Stanley Cup games.  This has been going on ever since the network got the rights.  That whole “turn over to Versus for more coverage” nonsense is stuffed into the rushed, forced sign-offs.  I’m not asking them to cover post-game press conferences…but you aren’t exactly in “sweeps period” either NBC…it’s June and it’s the Stanley Cup Finals.  Take the telecasts more seriously and cover more post-game…and maybe we’ll believe you and the NHL take hockey seriously.

And to NBC analyst Mike Milbury, who tried all evening to whip the good folks of Boston into a frenzy and take to the streets with pitchforks and torches over Burrows being allowed to play (Alex had Vancouver’s opening goal and assisted on the second, which seemed to make Milbury more angry as the game went forward)…get over it.  The Bruins weren’t using his presence as an excuse before or after the game and I’m sure the NHL was not thrilled you were.  Mike, we know you’re a homer for your beloved Bruins but as someone who beat down a paying customer in the stands once…and really hasn’t calmed down much since from what I can tell…please don’t think any of us take you seriously as an authority on how hockey should police its players.


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4 Responses to Vancouver Wastes No (Over) Time Taking 2-0 Stanley Cup Finals Lead

  1. FireDannyAinge says:

    Why should we get over it? Hockey won’t allow a perfectly good check and they make Chara the villion for months but Burrows can bite a player like he is Mike Tyson and it’s okay?

    Crapola I spelled villion wrong but I am too lazy to spell check.

    Mike hates on us as much as he loves us so would have been nice to hear some 50 50 fodder (did you know dodder is a word? It didn’t get a red line under it when I mis-spelled fodder)

    Damn I hate English as much as math. Oh wait what was my point again?


  2. FDA, great comment…enuff said!


  3. FireDannyAinge says:

    It should also be noted that the radio here in the last few days there have been no mention of the bite.The only thing they have said it someone needs to take this guy out but we might want to win some games because that is more important.

    This might be internet conversation but here people are too busy blaming Thomas, Chara and Ferrence to talk actual hockey.

    I have a saying for you.
    It’s not a series until the home team loses” Hear that FuCannucks?


  4. Wow, hard to believe the radio hasn’t been emphasizing the bite more. Then again, sounds like the fans are concentrating on winning…as is Charlie Sheen. That’s a good thing because the past is the past…and as I type this the series is now 2-1. I knew this thing was far from over.


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