Sportsattitudes Friday Rants – July 4th Fireworks

Friday Rants is back for a second week…and we start off with a person mentioned in the series’ debut…which is quite an accomplishment for…

1. Miami Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder, who we honored last week for lamenting the potential quality of play in the NFL should the lockout continue…as well as the potential for more injuries.  You may recall this is the fellow who said if you keep giving me a helmet I will keep trying to knock people out.

Well…Channing had a debut of his own Sunday.  WQAM Radio gave him a radio show and he created instant buzz by “hypothetically” saying he might not have his University of Florida game jerseys anymore and some business folk “hypothetically” might have had an interest in them while he was playing for the Gators.  By Tuesday, he clarified he was only speaking “hypothetically” and never actually sold them.

Channing Crowder…you are moving my needle on the Rant-O-Meter so fast it might break.  Try to keep your insanity to once a week because the server only has so much space.

2. I am not the world’s biggest soccer fan.  I am not ESPN’s biggest fan when it comes to journalistic integrity.  (whoa, did I just nail an oxymoron or what?)  In any event, I get the fact ESPN wants to promote the Women’s World Cup.  I admit every four years I will watch a couple of these games as they get towards the Final…as well as a couple of the Men’s World Cup games when their bracket gets smaller.

What I don’t get is the commercial airing on ESPN now allegedly promoting the Women’s tourney…

ESPN…if you want to PROMOTE the sport and get more folks interested in it, perhaps you should not highlight the very one thing that a lot of my friends and family cannot stand about it…the phantom fouls, phony flopping, etc.  Why you think this would motivate people to tune in fascinates me.  Really.

3. Terrell Owens apparently tore his ACL back in April.  Once this became known in the last few days…agent Drew Rosenhaus began a media tour to claim all is well…nothing to see here…move along.

No one, including Rosenhaus, wishes to discuss HOW this happened.  This is perfectly understandable to anyone who has seen a reality television show, because Owens’ life is now a reality television show.  I am sure there is a contractual obligation to maintain secrecy on HOW this happened in the hope all of us will make time when the time is right to see HOW this happened on said reality television show.

I heard Rosenhaus interviewed on radio and swear he actually stopped talking for a moment when questioned about HOW this happened.  That hesitation from Drew almost injured ME.

Drew Rosenhaus…Friday Rants already had you on its radar over your spectacular sales pitch of newly available Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor as a potential first round draft choice.  Trying to sell Owens’ injury as no concern for the NFL radar is even more incredulous…although you do have some history duping potential employers with Willis McGahee (miracle recovery you should still be praying thanks for).  While there is no doubt T.O. is a quick healer any team that might consider giving him a shot will want all those vivid, graphic details of HOW this happened.  Reality TV ratings aside, there will be an accounting of HOW this happened.  And with the lowly Bills and Bengals being his last two rental homes who exactly is left out there to con a contract for him in lieu of…at the bare minimum…a full accounting of HOW this happened?


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3 Responses to Sportsattitudes Friday Rants – July 4th Fireworks

  1. Drew Rosenhaus is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) jokes in all of sports. The fact that this man can still get clients is beyond my comprehension. I don’t know how people, let alone sports organizations, believe any of the junk that comes out of this man’s mouth. He’s only out for himself, he’s only out for the spotlight, he doesn’t give two craps about the people the represents, and he’s a complete and utter jerk. I wish people would stop giving this man a microphone so that eventually he can just slither away.


  2. I do believe we have a guest ranter for Fridays, FTLOTV! Thank you for your thoughts on Drew! Hearing him speechless almost caused me to seizure…


  3. FireDannyAinge says:

    What is this July 4th you speak of??? I have to work. I hate my bitch of a boss. I can call her that. I’m a girl:)


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