Criticism Of U.S. Women’s Soccer On Mute?

Is criticism of the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team’s loss in the World Cup Final on mute?  If so, why?

I offer a Twitter message from ESPN’s Ryen Russillo regarding the U.S. falling short to Japan. His tweet was, “It’s interesting how twitter is reacting to soccer loss. If it was men’s soccer they’d be getting destroyed for losing like that.”

When I first read Russillo’s words my reaction was one of complete agreement. I had already formed the opinion based on the post-match commentary the national emotion of losing the World Cup was overshadowing the horrific way the team failed to capitalize on chance after chance…hold a lead, etc. Indeed, if that was the men’s team the post-game
analysis would likely have been much more critical. The U.S. was considered a
heavy favorite, had never lost to Japan…and the way they lost was almost inexplicable.

However…upon a second reading of his words I started to wonder if he meant any team in any sport that lost the way the U.S. did would be getting severely criticized and he wrote “men’s soccer” because it was a soccer game involved…or if he was making a broader point on how women and men’s sports are not equally thought of?  Perhaps it was his “commentary” on how seriously we treat each gender’s competition and how willing we are to be critical of competitors in their respective arenas of play?

Was there so much emotional goodwill in the bank for this team already the masses and the media can’t help overlooking their disastrous finale?  Or is it something else at play here…?  Thoughts?


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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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4 Responses to Criticism Of U.S. Women’s Soccer On Mute?

  1. PoliticalMan says:

    I really, really hate to say that women do not play sports at the same skill level as men. The US women’s soccer team played an inept game against Japan. Japan was overmatched in every sphere, yet the US team was blundering around the field most of the game. It doesn’t matter whether it is kicking goals or shooting baskets, women fall well short of men. Women’s sports are way overhyped.


  2. Thanks for stopping by, PoliticalMan. The U.S. gave this game away. I am curious as to why there seems to be more of a “get ’em next time” attitude than “well, that’s years down the drain.” I respect the fact they got to the Final but they were the far better squad…and there is no bigger stage in the sport. Critics seem to be few. Just wondering why. Japan should be so proud of their squad but their win has to be tempered with the performance of their opponent in this instance.


  3. FireDannyAinge says:

    Ok please political man. The women gymnasts are ten million times better then the men. 🙂

    Honestly though that type of attitude is pretty much how all men feel. As a women I hate to agree with you but I can’t watch women’s basketball (Boring) but I love (d) the NBA (Long story totally easy to figure out by my name:) Honestly the only women’s sport I can think of besides the girly ones that I find the women more watchable is tennis.

    Soccer however is the same with men and women. Boring for everyone and I played it for years. The men’s game is just as boring as the women’s game.

    FYO I Hate Ryen with the weirdly spelled name. He is a Boston guy and most of the media here in Beantown sucks (Peter Gammons is the only one that doesn’t. Steve Buckley is okay but the rest should all be fired ESPECIALLY the NBA guys at the Herald)

    God after re-reading what I wrote I am totally going to learn my status as a girl)


  4. Kristin, I am interested with what women think of all this. I would have liked to see the soccer squad have their “feet held to the fire” a bit more as far as the result is concerned because I like to see women’s sports relevant. Make sense? I’m the guy who is always yelling during the women’s NCAA basketball tourney “where are all the women coaches?” I root for women’s sports to gain a bigger slice of the corporate pie and be treated with respect for the competition and effort put forth. I also like to see women be able to stay in their respective sports once their playing careers are over and the only way for that to happen is if there is mo’ money…and heightened casual fan interest…in them.


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