Curious Case Of Kevin Kolb

I swear I had decided to post on Eagles QB Kevin Kolb this morning before I bought today’s edition of the Philadelphia Daily News…

Les Bowen beat me to the punch… 

He has Kolb – as has been rumored for many months now – headed to Arizona.  In his scenario, a deal with the desert would include Cardinals cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

There might be one key holdup to such a transaction taking place as he rightly notes…the fact DRC is a proven commodity…and Kevin is not.

I think I speak for a number of Philadelphians who would like to see Kolb stay right where he is.  With the way Michael Vick relentlessly throws himself around the field, Kevin provides security.  Do you think Michael will play every down this year?

I didn’t think so.

I also think I speak for a number of Philadelphians who have curious fascination with the alleged high interest in Kolb.  Ultimately, I think the urgent interest only lies in Arizona…whose woes since Kurt Warner went “dancing with the stars” are well-documented.

Kevin simply hasn’t been on the field that much in his brief career.  It speaks towards the state of quarterbacking in the NFL he’s considered such a worthy investment.  As someone who has seen each of his games, I suggest any suitor consider such an investment…a project.  Time will tell.

I believe Eagles fans would like to see that project carried out – as Philadelphia makes a serious run for the Super Bowl this season – in Philadelphia.


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6 Responses to Curious Case Of Kevin Kolb

  1. JW says:

    Well, we have to wait and see what happens since we are only in Day 26 of “The Lockout is Ending Today.”


  2. And…we won’t have to wait long once a settlement IS reached for Day 1 of the “Brett Favre Mystery Tour” ready to open its campaign office down on the farm in Mississippi. However, he’s waiting for the maximum impact moment to torpedo the settlement news and claim some headlines.


  3. berger987 says:

    I’m very interested in seeing what happens here, mainly because I think Kolb has the tools to be a good NFL QB, but I hate seeing him rot in Philly, yes rot, because he isn’t going to get the playing time he needs to reach the ceiling on his potential.


  4. Brandon, I hear ya. The Eagles have to do what is best for them and they are all in for a Super Bowl run this year. If Kolb is as good as some think he is, he could very well be the QB in the Super Bowl if he stays put. Mike Vick could be wiped out on one play (as he was in pre-season one year after I drafted him #1 overall…but I digress). Going to Arizona and getting sacked every play won’t help Kolb develop those tools. He should angle to be a starter in a better situation in the future…or a backup on a potentially great team as he is now. One heartbeat away from the Presidency…the VP has that going for it!


  5. I HATED how the Eagles handled Kolb. I think he has the potential to be a solid NFL QB. Vick, historically, has been one of the most OVERRATED QBs ever. Last year he played lights out and over his head. Vick, to me, is another wait and see. Is what we saw last year a flash in the pan? I think so. We know he won’t play all 16 games (he hasn’t his whole career.) So if he’s hurt for 4 games, Mike Kafka will lead us? ooooook. I think Kolb would have been a great QB for our future (isn’t that why he was drafted to begin with?) But he never got the chance. After being annointed the starting QB, after one half and getting hurt, he loses the job? Would Reid have done that to McNabb? No. And maybe Kolb got hurt because the Eagles OL was so putrid, you needed someone mobile to run around so they wouldn’t get killed. But even Vick couldn’t escape how bad they were because he ended up getting hurt as well (but he got to keep his job.) I hope Kolb becomes one of the top 5 QBs in the league. While in Philadelphia, we will be stuck with VIck, Kafka and possibly VInce Young. A criminal who is overrated and will be hurt by week 6, a 2nd year player with no experience, and a knucklehead who sucks. And this team is supposed to be making a Super Bowl run (while cutting half the team this week?) I don’t believe it. Can we please get rid of Andy Reid now?


  6. FTLOTV, Kolb’s time here in Philadelphia will go down as one of the more…curious…of careers. Rare is the QB who can navigate through a 16 game season and playoffs in one piece and Michael Vick surely is not one of them. Kolb not only would have been insurance for the season but…who knows what can happen in the NFL. You will note the Eagles have not signed Vick to a long-term deal just yet. Why? This trade as it stands now is one of the great heists of all time if it plays out as I think it might. The Cardinals truly gave away the farm on this one but they had no faith in any QB’s they had and painted themselves in a corner, taking a huge gamble on an unproven one. I would have liked to have Kolb here in 2011 for an Eagles Super Bowl run. As I said, one turn or twist and he could have been the starter here. I don’t know if he would have been any good…none of us do…but he knew the system and the players. Never got a chance…


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