Sportsattitudes Friday Rants – QB Domino Effect In Denver And Miami

Friday Rants this week addresses the state of the quarterback situation in two National Football League cities…known as a “domino effect.”

“Domino Effect…a series of similar or related events occurring as a direct and inevitable result of one initial event…alluding to a row of dominoes, each standing on end, all of which fall when one is pushed.”

It started when Denver selected Tim Tebow as the 25th pick of the 2010 NFL Draft.  First domino.  A quarterback who was publicly acknowledging he was trying to learn how to drop back and pass in a professional football manner was selected as the 25th pick of the entire Draft. 

I have heard many paid to give their opinion on football tell me half of all passes are executed on the run as the pocket coaches desperately desire for their QB’s only come together half the time.  Maybe that is what former Head Coach Josh McDaniels was thinking when he convinced Denver management to select Tebow.  Tim already knew how to play on the run; he could be taught “the rest.”  Maybe Denver just decided they wanted to make a huge national PR splash off Tebow’s stellar SEC collegiate career and hard-wired charisma and marketability.  Tim comes across as a guy who is emotional, passionate, committed, a team player and most of all…not afraid to tell you the source of all his success…God.  A lot of people love people who love God. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that…)

Kyle Orton gets a late-season, season-ending rib injury and Tim Tebow gets his chance to prove his doubters wrong.  He isn’t awful.  Second domino.  In January, 2011 John Fox is hired as Head Coach of the Denver Broncos.  Third domino.  In February, 2011 Fox states Kyle Orton is still the Broncos #1 QB.  Fourth domino.  In June, 2011 Fox states the competition for the #1 QB position is wide-open and no one should have expected anything different…including Brady Quinn.  Yet, rumors start to swirl about Orton being trade bait, especially with the Miami Dolphins.  Multiple dominoes.

Ok…you get the formation of dominoes.  How about we interject a recent quote from an interested party?

Brandon Lloyd, Denver’s leading WR last season to Sports Illustrated…”This happened my last year in San Francisco in 2005.  We’ve got Tim Rattay, who can play in this league and deliver the ball, and they get rid of him to play Alex Smith, the guy we drafted Number 1 overall that year.  As a veteran you say, you’re just going to s— on our season to develop for the future?  It makes you mad.  Me, I want to win now.  Keeping Orton as the starter means we’re trying to win now.  Going with Tim Tebow is a developmental move, not a ‘now’ move.”  And…”They’ll put Kyle on the trading block because they don’t want to deal with the Tebow Thing.  But it’s not going to end until (Tebow) plays.  The faster they get this Tebow Thing over with, one way or the other…”

Right now Kyle Orton takes snaps with the starters in Denver’s daily practices.  Not in Miami…where we find the domino that is Chad Henne, who not only had to deal with rumors of Orton taking his talents to South Beach (hold THAT thought, we’ll get back to it) but now apparently is getting openly booed during their daily practices.  Oh, and the fact the Dolphins recently signed former Carolina QB Matt Moore…Henne’s got that to deal with also.

Chad, after hearing one too many “We want Orton” chants during workouts, made the fatal mistake of confirming he heard the unrest to local reporters but, “The biggest thing is if you’re a Miami Dolphin fan hopefully you’re cheering for the Miami Dolphins and players out there rather than somebody that’s not.” And…”Deep down inside it does hurt.”

We have another Florida “hanging chad” situation here as poor Chad just hung himself, committing career suicide, at least in South Florida.  The headlines are already up…”Chad Henne stung by booing.”  Shortly after that, domino Miami Head Coach Tony Sparano – who also had rumors of his own to deal with in the off-season of being offed himself – took to the local mikes to call the chants “sick” and gave the always fatal vote-of-confidence to Henne…kind of…he’s the #1 guy “right now.”

Unfortunately, Tony couldn’t help himself when faced with the inevitable question about Brett Favre.  “I can’t rule anything out, OK?  So, I mean, we don’t rule anything out.  I don’t know how you want me to answer that.  That’ll be all over the news now too, but I’m giving you the only answer I can give you.”  (One possible alternative answer might have been to laugh and walk away Tony…)

Our chain of dominoes is stout, stretching out to wherever ESPN’s Merril Hoge has been busy trashing Tim Tebow’s potential for success in the NFL…

SportsCenter – “He is awful as far as accuracy goes and what’s kind of even more disturbing, he’s probably worse moving and running around with the football and throwing than he is from the pocket.”

Twitter – “Sitting watching tape off bronco offense from last year.  Orton or Tebow?  It’s embarrassing to think the broncos could win with tebow.”

And back to South Beach…where none other than domino Dolphins fan LeBron James not only defended Tebow but trashed Hoge…

Twitter – “Listened to Merril Hoge today on SC and he was just blasting Tebow.  The man hasn’t even play a full season and its only his 2nd year in.  Guys get on that TV and act like they was all WORLD when they played.  How bout encouraging him and wishing him the best instead of hating!!”

And back to Denver…where Tebow simply Tweeted, “Hey Merril…’ppreciate that.”

Denver Management and John Fox…stop all the nonsense, be men and make your short and long term intentions known to all now…especially Brandon Lloyd.

Brandon Lloyd…shut up and play.  When someone throws you the ball, catch it.

Chad Henne…call the movers.

Tony Sparano…see if you can get a group rate on the movers with Chad.

Merril Hoge…while I rarely agree with you I think you’re right on this one.  Just don’t backpedal.  Stand your ground.  God loves you no matter what you think of Tebow’s abilities.

LeBron James…love your fighting spirit sticking up for a fellow athlete but YOU of all people know sportscasters only encourage athletes when it’s good business for them.  They are much, much better at casting villains.

Brett Favre…for God’s sake, please don’t come back. 

God…for my sake, please don’t let Brett come back.

Tim Tebow and Kyle Orton…stay classy, guys.  The last domino hasn’t fallen yet…but it will be one of you.


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3 Responses to Sportsattitudes Friday Rants – QB Domino Effect In Denver And Miami

  1. JW says:

    The Broncos paid Orton’s $1.5 million salary bonus this week. He ain’t going anywhere.

    Dolphin fans need to look to Minnesota as to what happens when you turn needlessly on a young quarterback. By the way, it’s not the the Fish are a playoff team anyway.

    Merril Hoge is a douche-nozzle.


  2. Kyle is Numbero Uno from all appearances, which may explain Tim’s slight tirade after I posted this. The Fish Sticks (as I fondly like to call them once it becomes apparent they are floundering…which makes me wonder now why I don’t call them Flounders?) are surely not playoff contenders. Hoge showed nothing but contempt for the Eagles for an entire year one season just for the Halibut…oh my, another fishy reference.


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