Joe Paterno’s QB Woes – Nittany Lions’ Depth Perception

I first wrote of it back in April…Penn State’s continuing quarterback confusion.

Kevin Newsome is no longer confused about trying to be the Nittany Lions’ signal-caller.  He just left the team, probably looking to transfer elsewhere.

Having been the primary backup in 2009 and the likely candidate to lead PSU last season, he wound up watching then true freshman Robert Bolden and redshirt soph Matt McGloin taking the snaps.  And we know what kind of chaos ensued at the position as the year unfolded.

With Bolden already having requested…and being denied…a transfer, perhaps Joe Paterno will be forced to make him the starter come Opening Day?  If Bolden decides he’s done regardless of whether his grant-in-aid recall is granted, that leaves McGloin…redshirt freshman Paul Jones (who has academic woes)…and two walk-ons.  A position perceived to have decent depth…going in the wrong direction even before a snap that counts.

Happy Valley?  Not so much…at least when it comes to quarterbacks at Penn State.


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4 Responses to Joe Paterno’s QB Woes – Nittany Lions’ Depth Perception

  1. UPDATE – When this went to (word) press it was not known JoePa decided to actively participate in a football activity once again. I would note he reportedly was looking at the defense when he got bowled over by a receiver. Joe…watch those QB’s…and do it from a seat on the sidelines, ok?


  2. JW says:

    Maybe its time to get JoePa one of those “Popemobiles” with the bullet-proof glass bubble.

    Does Chuck Fusina have any eligibility left?


  3. Ha! I had NO IDEA when I got up this morning I would see Chuck Fusina’s name anywhere. Made my day. I love the “Joemobile” idea!


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