Analysts Downgrade ESPN NFL Football Analysts Rating To AA

First off, there are now more people carrying the title of “ESPN NFL Football Analyst” than citizens of China.  There are too many of them.

I realize ESPN is part of the NFL coverage package, the Worldwide Leader In Sports…but how much analysis do we need?  Everyone will get the equivalent of two sentences an hour no matter how many shows they are fanned out across.

I suspect with no NBA in our future ESPN will be filling that time with huge chunks of NFL programming during the work week preparing us for the pro football to come.

Bill Parcells, Jerry Rice, Eric Mangini, Hugh Douglas and Damien Woody are among those who recently came aboard – all but Parcells are rookies at ESPN.  It seems like Parcells shows up there like an Olympics, every four years.

Like all sports, you get some analysts who will go for the jugular and not worry about offending players and coaches…but more often than not these guys always take the high road and try not to bury their former colleagues…especially coaches who want to get another job someday.

And of course, it helps to have some personality and sizzle in your delivery of whatever you’re discussing.  In the word association games I play in my head, personality and sizzle do not pop up at the mention of Bill Parcells and Eric Mangini.

The funniest remark I have seen so far from any of the afore-mentioned analysts is from Rice, who indicated in Michael Hiestand’s column in USA Today yesterday, “I can bring that playful side out of Steve (Young).”

Jerry, Steve Young has been doing just fine as an analyst and is already “playful” enough.  We’re not looking for your “Dancing With The Stars” persona.  It’s commentary on the National Football League you got hired for…then again, knowing the way ESPN is run these days perhaps you will be hoofing it about the stage after all.

If there’s room…


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8 Responses to Analysts Downgrade ESPN NFL Football Analysts Rating To AA

  1. JW says:

    I love all the “pre-season power rankings” out there considering nobody…and I mean nobody really knows what any of these teams look like.

    That’s why I wait until we are deeper into the pre-season so I can claim to have done far more research to be just as wrong.


  2. I try to refrain from predictions of any kind if at all possible and just provide stimulating “analysis” after the fact. I realize it is much easier to “Monday Morning QB” than to go out on a limb prior to games but then again, I’m no EXPERT…like the couple hundred or so on the payroll at ESPN. I do like a handful of them. I also think they only need a handful. And yes, “analysis” right now is pretty silly…


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  4. chappy81 says:

    I wish there were more analysts like TMQ on shows that show no favoritism. Honestly the best guy they have that’s come on in the last couple years is Marcelius Wiley imo.


    • I like Wiley. He seems to have no issue calling out guys and staying real. Have seen a number of articles from journalism folks wondering what is the point of trying to carve out a career in sports journalism if every job is going to go to a former player from now on?


      • chappy81 says:

        That’s a good point. It seems like so many athlete’s jump behind the desk it would be hard to succeed if you weren’t an athlete. I guess they probably took polls and found that people trust what athletes say more than journalists…


  5. Troy says:

    Analyst overload! I’m not sure if these guys do more frantic laughing or more of that thing they call ‘breaking down the weekend’s slate of games’!

    I freakin’ hate ESPN during this time of the year, every year. While I mope and whine about July being a boring month in sports, the yearly headlines produced in August after August can become nerve-grating! I wanna know why, after only seven NFL starts, some of these pundits think that Kevin Kolb is going to be ‘that much’ of an upgrade for Arizona, enough of an upgrade to win the NFC West.

    What do you think, Bruce? It’s all speculation, but hell, the last time I checked, it wasn’t just the quarterback position that was the plight of the Arizona Cardinals!


  6. Troy, Kevin is going to be running and ducking for his life just like the guys they had last year. You’re absolutely right. The Arizona Cards had a few other holes to clear up than to invest the entire future of the franchise on a guy with 7 starts. Bizarre. I have been trying to steer clear of ESPN right now as the pre-season unfolds. Keeping up on injuries “off line” as it were but not watching the daily “dramas” they try to create over each and every pre-season game. I think if I keep at a distance now and “dive in” come September 8th my sanity will stay intact! (Have to keep some contact since Fantasy Draft in two weeks…!)


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