The U – Miami The Morning After

We miss former Temple Head Football Coach Al Golden here in Philadelphia.

Perhaps this morning, Al misses us also.

The University of Miami has some explaining to do. Oh, I could care less about the alleged NCAA violations, which if you read the above link go on…and on…and on.  More than once on this site you’ve seen me write about everyone is doing it, everyone is breaking rules.  Please people, just watch college football and basketball and enjoy the action and block out all the rest.  Root for a great game and don’t fret about the fact the winning team will likely have their victory vacated three years from now.

No, the explaining I want Miami to provide is in the direction of Golden, because no man in his right (or left) mind would have walked into this nuclear winter no matter how much of a career step up Miami is from Temple.  If one-tenth of what is reported by Yahoo! Sports is true, the Hurricanes might have one heck of an intramural flag football program next season.  Golden has to be devastated and rightly so.  He does not deserve this.

Not to mention Miami’s newly hired basketball Head Coach Jim Larranaga. The man is 61 years old.  He left a stellar, steady program at George Mason for this?  The Hurricane basketball program is now being dusted for prints also based on the report.  (Is THIS why Kansas State’s Frank Martin didn’t wind up as Miami’s b-ball coach…perhaps he knew sharks were in the water?)

ESPN’s ample arsenal of platforms will now take the 11-month investigation off of Yahoo! Sports’ hands and make it their own story by leading each hour with the words “Death Penalty.” It trivializes the seriousness of what those words actually mean in our society to attach them to a university simply not being allowed to play a sport.  It certainly wasn’t my idea to call it that when SMU so famously was denied the ability to participate in college football back in the day.

And while we’re looking for some explanations, where WAS the Worldwide Leader In Sports on this story?  I bet the big-wigs in Bristol are asking their college football…folks, WE’RE supposed to break these kinds of stories…not Yahoo! Sports.  We were counting on you.  In this instance corporate-wise ESPN looks like Dunder Mifflin…Yahoo! like International Paper.

One thing you can count on when someone behind bars makes allegations is that very location point being trotted out first…”well, you’re talking about a convict here.”  It seems a large number of folks dismiss prisoners as always wanting to make things up to potentially reduce their sentences or reduce someone else’s reputation.  I take the other approach…finding out a prisoner’s allegations are false certainly will be a step backward for their “career” behind bars…and not help them one little bit on the outside.  Especially if your newly formed enemies are either right alongside you now…or will be.

It’s a mess and it’s a shame.  The University of Miami consistently ranks as one of the better educational institutions in the country.  There are plenty of U grads serving as doctors and lawyers who proudly attended there and refer to the academic reputation of Miami as they move forward with their careers.

We’ll eventually see how Miami athletics ranks…and what reputation it owns going forward.


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5 Responses to The U – Miami The Morning After

  1. JW says:

    Methinks Miami is giving Golden a “Golden Shower.”


  2. chappy81 says:

    In defense of Yahoo, I do like two of their writers. Adrian Wojnarowski and Marcus Spears do a great job of covering the NBA. It does seem like ESPN should’ve been more on top of this story though…


    • No slight intended towards Yahoo…a depth charge leveled at ESPN. Considering the multiple reporters, resources and relationships ESPN has it was shocking no one from their organization was the one to dig deep and break this story, let alone hint at it (from what I can tell). I couldn’t be more respectful of the depth and substance the Yahoo report provided. Great journalism. I also am familar with the work of Adrian W in particular and agree completely with you on his talent.


    • JW says:

      Kinda hard for ESPN to be “objective” anymore since they have clearly gotten in bed with the powers-that-be in colletge football.


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