Fantasy Football 2011 – Antonio Gates Says Take Philip Rivers #1

Fantasy Football is a player.  It has a LOT of players.

The Hollywood Reporter recently released a great article, “What Fantasy Football Means To Hollywood.”

Do not let the publication or the title fool you.  While you will learn how a couple celebs feel about Fantasy, a big part of this piece is devoted to the roots of the “sport.”  Its modest origins pale in comparison to what is now estimated to be a $600 mil to $1 bil biz depending on whether or not you consider access to the NFL Red Zone coverage part of the math (where the premise is to see every score as it happens, thereby enhancing the Fantasy experience).

I’ve been involved in FF every year since 1998.  I serve as a Commissioner.  I am “in” the Red Zone every Sunday, watching score after score in the hopes my team is coming up huge.  I’ve always felt it enhances my interest in the NFL by keeping an eye on all teams, not just the home one.

The article covers the “halo effect” Fantasy Football has had over the entire pro football industry and how its popularity has added eyeballs to the sport and decimal places to the rights paid to televise it.

Fantasy Football already has an entire television show based on it, “The League.”  Its genesis is discussed in the article.  FF may have even more “prime-time coverage” if new “Two And A Half Men” star Ashton Kutcher has his way.

In a complementary column, THR also interviewed Antonio Gates with “11 Questions.”  Needless to say, Gates said he’d take his own QB Philip Rivers with an imaginary first draft pick.

I’m still kicking around who to draft first.  And based on the numbers…so are a lot of other football fans.


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3 Responses to Fantasy Football 2011 – Antonio Gates Says Take Philip Rivers #1

  1. chappy81 says:

    good ol fantasy football… I’ve been playing since 99, and it’s changed so much. I actually don’t like it as much. I liked it more when there weren’t 500 websites telling you who to pick, because it actually made you do some research on your own…


  2. I find myself saying that ALL the time and people around me are weary of it…but yes, like most EVERYTHING else Fantasy Football was more challenging when you actually had to know what to do and dig for your info and “gems”…that’s why I used to win more often back in the day than now. I’m being beaten by all these websites churning out gobs of info! I feel better now…thanks!


    • chappy81 says:

      Yeah me too. I used to win a lot more in the beginning than I have over the last five years or so. It’s actually made me decide to play in less leagues, and only the ones that I know most everyone in. It’s still fun, but not as fun as when everyone wasn’t so on top of it!


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