Texas A & M Marching Into Oblivion? 12th Man Not In Big 12

One of the rich traditions of college football has been the Texas A & M Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band marching onto the gridiron in support of their beloved Aggies squad.  I believe we’re talking about the largest military marching band there is.

The band remains as one of the very best things about watching A & M football, but the team itself may be heading into the witness protection program in bolting the Big 12 for the SEC.  While the Fightin’ Aggie Band marches on…the pigskin program possibly just marched off a cliff.

You can say you’re in a better conference, but that means better competition.

You can say you’re making more revenue, but that means you have to spend more to keep up.

Sure, I know the SEC is as high-profile a football conference as any.  But like any conference, there are haves and have-nots.  And in this conference, there are a whole bunch of haves.

To me, this came about primarily because once ESPN and the University of Texas formed their highly controversial Longhorn Network, A & M felt they had to one-up UT.

Originally, I thought the Big 12 members were ALL in agreement the best way to keep everyone in place and maintain it as a premier conference was to let Texas do their own thing.  After all, they’re Texas.  Sometimes, you have to keep your friends close, your enemies closer.

If A & M felt earlier the Big 12 was headed for collapse or Texas was gaining an unfair advantage having their own TV station…perhaps they could have saved the other members the very hard work extended by all to keep things whole when Texas first made noise about leaving unless they were allowed to expand their brand within the Big 12 umbrella.

I am disappointed in the continued fracture of the sport from geographical and traditional angles alike.  My head is not in the sand and I know this is big-boy biz.  I just have to feel the student body at A & M – the 12th Man – would rather be considered a favorite year-in, year-out in the Big 12 competing against traditional rivals than a newly arrived, mid-level SEC team, which is exactly where they are headed now.  A & M’s move will probably put a final stake in the heart of the Big 12.

We’ll probably never know if A & M planned this all along and just nodded faux agreement to Texas being allowed to spread their horns but as stated, they certainly made it appear that way…to everyone involved.


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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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8 Responses to Texas A & M Marching Into Oblivion? 12th Man Not In Big 12

  1. chappy81 says:

    Man, I think all these teams just need to abandon the NCAA and start their own new league/conference. I’m already over the Pac-12 additions…


  2. Kimby says:

    Don’t know a whole lot about sports these days (lol), but after reading your posts I surely will! 🙂 However… I do know about marching bands. Lots of hard work, dedication, and a highlight (for me, at least) at any ballgame.

    Sorry to hear about the controversy down South. One-upsmanship is at the heart of many a regretted decision. Hope they aren’t shootin’ themselves in the foot.


    • Thanks for stopping by “over” here Kimby! I like seeing bands as part of game coverage as well, but that long ago went away in favor of “expert” analysis and highlights from other games.


      • Kimby says:

        That’s the main reason I don’t watch sports anymore — a little less talk and a lot more action (from the same game) would be much more riveting.

        Unrelated side note: How in the world did you become a proofreader? That’s an interesting occupation — my dream job, actually. Long live punctuation and grammar!


  3. JW says:

    The Big 12 hasn’t done A&M any favors. The fact is A&M has languished in medicocrity ever since joining the Big 12. Why? Because they only need to be mediocre to deal with the Baylors and Kansas States of the world. A&M is a gooo program, and good programs rise or fall to the level of their competition.


  4. Kimby, the proofreading thing is just something I have a natural interest in and am trying to make profitable by encouraging others to care about it. With the advent of social media, I’m not sure grammar and punctuation are going to remain in style…!


    • Kimby says:

      Sad, but true, Bruce. I succumb to acronyms more often than I care to admit, “lol”… 🙂

      That’s a unique business concept you’ve developed! It’s nice to know that someone cares about words enough to encourage others to appreciate them.


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