3 Things Sportsattitudes Takes From NFL Week One

1. The San Diego Chargers obviously did not put much effort into improving their special teams off of last year’s highly disappointing results.  Minnesota’s Percy Harvin returned their season-opening kickoff 103 yards for a touchdown.  That wasn’t what disturbed me the most.  At the very least, you would have thought between last year and now San Diego would have shown kicker Nate Kaeding how to properly attempt tackles since it certainly is part of the job description.  Oops.  Nate likely tore his ACL on that first play of the season.  Perhaps when not looking at his x-ray films he can watch films on how to best position oneself to make a tackle…for 2012, of course.  Do it on your own Nate.  Don’t wait for Norv Turner to get the hint…

2. The St. Louis Rams have what some consider a very challenging, formidable schedule to open their season.  Facing this, four starters promptly went out and injured themselves in their opener against Philadelphia.  It appeared running back Steven Jackson actually pulled a quad scoring a touchdown in the open field.  You may begin to insert excuses for a potentially disastrous start by the Rams any time you’d like.  The team’s injury report was longer than their stats report.  Somewhere, Dick Vermeil is crying…and he hasn’t been with the organization for years…

3. The NFL eventually judged the Cincinnati Bengals did not violate any rules when they quick-snapped the football in the fourth quarter of their opener against Cleveland, scoring on a 41-yard pass play.  This is likely the first time in quite a while you have seen “Bengals” and “no violations of rules” in the same sentence.  Upon running back Cedric Benson’s release from jail prior to the game, it appears the club is crime-free both on and off the field…for now…


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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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10 Responses to 3 Things Sportsattitudes Takes From NFL Week One

  1. chappy81 says:

    What a good weekend! I laughed when I saw the Chargers giving up yet another special teams TD. Good thing for them that McNabb helped blow it for the Vikings…

    The Rams seem like they have more problems than answers after week 1. Tough to lose so many key players!

    I can’t wait for week 2!


  2. Chappy, I LOVED Week One. Could not believe Harvin running down the field with the opening kick of the Chargers’ season. Donovan is getting killed here in Philly as you can imagine. I sincerely doubt anyone in my fantasy league will be looking to pick him up off waivers!


  3. toosoxy says:

    You should write more about baseball. And how ESPN has been bullying us around. Oh! And how Tim Wakefield got 200. Ignore yesterday. Ignore games whose play-by-play has the words “Lackey” and/or “Bard” in them. They are not important. Yes. Thanks. ~Lauren


    • I should write more period, TooSoxy. Time has become a big challenge but I’m working on it. I promise when the Red Sox and the Phils meet in the World Series I’m all over it. Based on one of your recent posts…maybe I’ll do one on Golf…since you and FDA will be taking it up soon…


  4. DC Spill Man says:

    I thought the Rams looked semi decent in that first half. As for Jackson’s injury, I would say it didn’t effect the outcome of the game. He is usually good for one long run for a TD per game, then he often become a non factor. He had his big play, so he would likely have become irrelevant for the remainder of the game, unless there was a goal line play.

    But really, nothing to say about Newton or Fitzpatrick? Who saw either one of them having games like that? I will need to see some repeat performances before I jump on the bandwagon, but still, impressive.

    Should be a great season.


    • DC, the Eagles Linebackers are “questionable.” I really feel if Jackson did not depart the Birds would have been in for much more of a challenge. I hear you regarding his usual type of performance but in Philly we have serious concerns we can stop anyone running the ball. Newton…I want to see him play someone other than the Cardinals. Fitzpatrick…he was pretty decent last year and I have at least one foot on his bandwagon already.


  5. toosoxy says:

    Yes. Can you teach me how to play? I understand that driving is involved. K. Thanks.


  6. Losing Nate Kaeding might actually be a blessing in disguise for the Chargers. If memory serves me correct he has lost his fair share of field goals in critical games for San Diego…maybe this puts them over the hump!

    The Rams are a work in progress and the injuries/schedule are no way to start the season. Even in the loss, I was impressed by St. Louis’ speed on the defensive side of the ball (at least intially).

    Good jab at the Bengals too.



  7. SG, thanks for stopping by! I am very curious to see how the Rams’ season turns out after their injury-filled opener. They are indeed working to get that defense squared away. No shame in losing to the Eagles but their OL is so poor right now it was difficult for me to tell how good that St. Louis D is…yet.


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