Picking Up Pieces In Philly – The Eagles Are Broken, Bruised…Whatever…

If it was your rival going through all this you’d laugh out loud at their misfortune.

I knew this “Dream Team” nonsense was gonna be a problem…

I pleaded on my blog for folks to let Philly put the “heat” on its own team rather than compare us to the Miami Heat when we started signing every free agent in sight.  The Eagles don’t play in the NBA.  Pro football is a different beast…and a rather vicious one at that.

Seasons go up in flames just from a few misplaced fumes.  You don’t need a five-alarm fire to singe a season before it even gets going.

Welcome to the Philadelphia Eagles 2011.

Who knew rock bottom would hit in Week Three?

Oh, you don’t think we’re already calling in engines and first responders from outside the city?

Consider this…

1. Reporters in Philadelphia already have trotted out their annual template columns about Head Coach Andy Reid not having any answers for the fans and media as to what’s going wrong, what the plan is to fix things, etc.  I know those of you outside of Philly never understand why we locals rip Andy because when you see him he’s outgoing, engaging and the national press can’t give him enough hugs n’kisses.  You folks think he wouldn’t even have to dress up as Santa Claus in December because he’s always “ho-ho-ho.”  Well, know this.  The man is 180 degrees from what you see nationally when speaking to Philadelphia.  It’s all a show he puts on outside of here.  Inside of Philadelphia…he loathes speaking to the media.  Hates it…and shows no respect at all for their jobs.  You don’t have to attend any of his press conferences…just pull the transcript from his very first one.  Reid professes love for the fans but after all these seasons in town…the time he gives supporters meaningful insight into his logic from a prior game or plans for the next one…it will be the first time.  He disrespects fans as well by never saying anything of substance…aside from that reassurance he loves us.

2. Michael Vick likes to scramble at his choosing.  We like that too.  Keeps the defense honest and the man can motor.  However, with the offensive offensive line he has assembled before him this season each time he has retreated to the relative safety of what is designed to be a pocket he might as well be standing on Interstate 95.  Don’t tell me about the fact the Giants only got a couple of sacks…they just got tired from chasing Eagles QB’s around.  Not only can Vick not get enough time to read defenses, he can’t even get anyone to read his x-rays.  Mike, your hand is bruised…no wait, it’s broken…um, make that bruised.  We knew Mike would get hurt at some point in the season.  Already, he has been knocked silly by a teammate and now his hand is mashed.  After the 29-16 humiliation to the Giants on Sunday, he lashed out at NFL officials for not keeping a better eye on his health.  Translation – he was lashing out at his teammates and his organization for not keeping a better eye on his health.  Andy did mention he felt the Eagles needed to do a better job and other people needed to do a better job at theirs.  Was he talking about the officials or the offensive line?  We’ll never know.

3. The Eagles’ secondary showed neither a taste for pass coverage or tackling against the Giants.  New York’s arsenal of receivers entered this first meeting with Philly in 2011 as such:  Domenik Hixon out for the year…Mario Manningham out for the game…Kevin Boss out in Oakland…Steve Smith on the Eagles’ sideline…Hakeem Nicks on the mend.  Advantage, Eagles?  No, courtesy of one Mr. Victor Cruz.  We didn’t know Victor Cruz ‘s number before Sunday’s game but we do now.  I’m not sure if the Eagles’ DB’s know his number yet.  He was too busy running by them or jumping over them.  Perhaps Andy will review Cruz’s two touchdown receptions in the film room this week.  Perhaps Andy will review the wisdom of making former offensive line coach Juan Castillo the defensive coordinator…the last six times the opposition has been in the Eagles’ red zone they have scored.  We’ll never know.

4. Reid’s teams are well-known to be quick strike scoring artists.  They also are well-known for not being able to get a couple of yards before the end zone.  That trend reared its ugly head again against the Giants.  Early in the second quarter, the Eagles drove from their own 20 to the Giants’ 3.  Field goal.  First and goal at the 2 down 14-13 late in the third…run up the middle…run up the middle…run up the middle…kick a field goal.  Oh, did I fail to mention LeSean McCoy not only was not called upon to kick the field goal…he also wasn’t called upon to run on any of those three afore-mentioned attempts.  He had 128 yards rushing on the day.  He apparently could not be entrusted to sweep outside for two more outside the goal line.  He was allowed later to try to get short yardage on a fourth and one at the Giants’ 43 with that 16-14 lead in hand…but was sent up the middle just like the prior goal line “stand.”  Stuffed.  Giants ball.  Where those all really the right strategy choices to make, especially going for it on fourth down at almost midfield and running another play up the middle?  We’ll never know.

5. Eagles’ receiver Jeremy Maclin hurt his hamstring.  In case anyone hadn’t noticed, he kinda had become Philly’s top catcher (paging DeSean Jackson).  Wideout Riley Cooper suffered a concussion.  The Eagles now have but three healthy WR’s.  What is up with DeSean anyway – why isn’t he more engaged in the offense?  We’ll never know.

Andy?  Andy?

Eagles 2011.



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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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6 Responses to Picking Up Pieces In Philly – The Eagles Are Broken, Bruised…Whatever…

  1. Lowdogg says:

    I’ve disconnected emotionally from my football teams this year. This goes for BYU and Miami (Dolphins & Canes).

    Though with some sustained improvement any of them will suck me right back, I’m sure.


  2. Joe, you have my condolences. It has been a rough year for your rooting interests, hasn’t it?


  3. The one thing that continues to roll through my head since the preseason is Reid’s failure to bring in an adequate back-up quarterback to handle situations like this. Everyone knew Vick was going to get injured in some capacity this season and not properly addressing the insurance needs of a team is an insult to the fan base (obviously I don’t believe Vince Young is a reasonable #2).



  4. SG, most assuredly a lot of us in Philly agree with you! A number of us were tugging on Kevin Kolb’s jersey as the Eagles let him walk out the door. True shame must be placed upon Indianapolis, who clearly knew the extent of Peyton Manning’s injury yet must have assumed he’d be dipped in some Holy Water and be made whole somehow. There’s a team that really failed its fans miserably. If the Colts are #1, let the Eagles be #1A in this matter.


    • Don’t disagree with you there. As a Colts fan for almost 30 years I was more than extremely disappointed in this past draft and that a quarterback was chosen for the future beyond Manning (aka Andy Dalton).


  5. chappy81 says:

    Nice take. I watched most of that game, and always thought Andy was a strange playcaller. That’s pretty bad not giving it to McCoy at all on the goaline, I should give him a call myself since McCoy is on one of my fantasy teams! I found it interesting that Eli was going after Nnamdi so much. Maybe he’s not adjusted to Philly’s scheme, but I haven’t seen him make that many mistakes in one game in his last three years in Oakland…


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