Phillies Red October 2011 – Winning It All…Nothing Less Will Do

The 2011 Philadelphia Phillies have to win the World Series in order for their season to be considered successful.

Nothing less will do.

Sure, there was a time this season when the offense took an entire month off and solely relied on one of the best pitching rotations in baseball history to do it all.  And yes, as veteran Philadelphia Daily News writer Bill Conlin noted yesterday the projected Opening Day starting six…the platoon to-be in right…and the usual catching rotation…missed a staggering 189 of the Phillies’ 162 games.  Their versatile bench helped survive an onslaught of injuries…and not all starting position players will enter the post-season feeling anywhere close to 100%.

And they STILL won 102 games, the most in Philadelphia history.

This is their fifth straight post-season.   They know the dangers of the Divisional Series.  They know the pressure of the League Championship Series.  They know the joy of winning the World Series.

Yet, in those prior playoff runs they were only considered a good team…with a shot.

As the time of year is known in these parts now, this Red October the Philadelphia Phillies are the clear favorite to win the World Series.   Certainly rarified air for an organization known as the losingest in sports history.  First one to 10,000 losses, remember?

2008 surely tasted sweet, but this championship would be even sweeter.  Why?  Because it would be accomplished as the hunted, not the hunter.

It always is more satisfying when you are getting everyone’s best shot each day…all year long.

When the expectation is winning it all…nothing less will do.

This year the Phillies’ post-season may best described by the titles of two songs from Motown’s Martha and the Vandellas…and who knows…perhaps Detroit’s Tigers might be the final obstacle in their way?

The bar is set so very high for the Phillies across this country there truly is “Nowhere To Run (Nowhere To Hide).”

If they perform as we all should fully expect them to there will indeed be “Dancing In The Street.”

Because the reality is…nothing less will do.


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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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10 Responses to Phillies Red October 2011 – Winning It All…Nothing Less Will Do

  1. tophatal says:

    Given the salaries of the teams now left in the postseason should it really matter ? I think it’ll all come down to the desire of the teams and how much of an effort is put forth !

    I’d hate to think what the Red Sox fans are now saying as they call in to WEEI either calling for the head of Francona or perhaps of someone in the front office . Someone has to take the blame for this blunder .

    tophatal ………


  2. JW says:

    You realize that the last team in the NL to win the Word Series after finishing the regular season was the 1986 Mets.


  3. toosoxy says:

    Baseball is a terrible sport. Terrible! Tophatal- they’ve already called for his head. It’s turned into a crap war. Good way to end a crap season.


    • tophatal says:


      And given the mendacity of Lucchino and Epstein being the butt-heads ….. that they are , they simply placed the blame squarely on the shoulders of Francona .
      Those two should be looking at themselves in the mirror but I guess they’re way to pretty to pull an A Rod ….. See link provided ….. it’s known as pullin’ an A-Rod .

      Perhaps Lucchino and Epstein are not willing to say that they blundered ?

      $167 million price tag …. on the roster and this team went 7-20 down the final month of the season ?

      tophatal ……….


  4. Sounds as of mid-day Friday Terry has already told some folks he is done. Rumored for the Cubbies. Talk now that he lost the clubhouse…he’s been there awhile…that happens. I bet this is just the beginning of a big house-cleaning in Boston.


  5. walkoffpunt says:

    With Halladay and Lee at the top of your rotation I’d feel the same way. Anything short of a championship is not living up to your potential. My belief that the Phillies will win the WS has persisted throughout the entire season because of your rotation.


  6. FireDannyAinge says:

    The Phillies are the best team on paper but the games are not played on paper. I just hope they win.

    No one on talk radio today blamed, Theo or Francona. EVERYONE blamed the players but repeat bull shit the media says like fact. The last time a manager was blamed here it was Grady Little for leaving Pedro in and guess what? IT WAS HIS FAULT.

    Boston haters should try and get facts before being assholes.

    Francona talked about how he had lost the ear of the players that he had before and I am telling you that player is Josh Beckett.

    Rumor here is Francona is going to the White Sox.


    • I heard Terry was interested in Chicago but thought he might “free up” the Cubs job instead of the White Sox. In any event, the man will absolutely be in someone’s dugout come next season. After last night’s loss to the Cardinals, the “not played on paper” statement has never been truer. Imagine Cliff Lee with a huge lead getting run off the mound and the offense coming to a complete stop facing all but one bullpen pitcher. Sports radio in Philly great “fun” today…


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