Red Sox Fans…It Didn’t Have To Be This Way

Bad decisions…bad relationships…they don’t have to be made worse when exiting them.  Staying classy is not that hard to accomplish.

Person doesn’t work out after they’re hired…you calmly advise their services are no longer required and wish them well.

Begin a relationship that doesn’t go as hoped…you calmly let the other person – or persons – know you don’t want to continue on and again…wish them well.

Maturity in moments like these help keep bad decisions and bad relationships from becoming a “Falling Down,” “Fatal Attraction” or “War Of The Roses” scenario…where the spurned spiral off into full-blown, all-out revenge mode.  (Michael Douglas stars in all three of these films…weird…I digress)

Enter the post-season of the Boston Red Sox.

It was enough they blew a nine-game lead in the wild card race and missed the playoffs on the last day of the regular season.  Really, it was.

The organization and its players could have quietly analyzed what went wrong down the stretch, why they could not sustain their excellence from the middle of the season, etc.  Calmly and collectively, they could have put their minds together and decided who should stay, who should get a talking-to…and who should go.

Well…that didn’t happen, did it?

For those of you not following events in Beantown since the great Red Sox collapse of 2011, I give you Tracee Hamilton’s excellent summary in the Washington Post.

I liked her article for a number of reasons, but the main one is it illustrates the plight of Red Sox fans.  Long suffering (in parallel with those of us in Philadelphia), once their famous Curse was lifted the fan base grew to monstrous proportions throughout the country as many Boston fans in hiding now felt it safe to come out of the closet…which then brought upon the franchise high, weighty expectations.  And rightly so.  When you finally find success after so many years of frustration and then demonstrate a substantial, financial willingness to keep it humming along you don’t ever want to backslide into irrelevance again.

Whether you jumped on that burgeoning bandwagon when the Red Sox first started winning regularly some years back or have been their fan for fifty years, the pain is the same when you get used to being at least near the very top of the baseball world 24/7, 365…are considered an annual lock for the post-season…and you then come up short of the playoffs…especially with such a big lead in hand.

The best sentence from this article:

“If everyone in the organization hadn’t spent the aftermath renting buses to run over one another, it might have blown over.”

For whatever reason or reasons, the organization and its players just couldn’t leave a disastrous end to an unfulfilling season alone.  They had to start yapping and yakking.

And the local media dished.  And the national media blew it up.  And the enormous, global fan base couldn’t get enough because of all the newly-released “reasons” for this Fall’s…fall.

It doesn’t really matter what’s 100% true of what’s out there now and what isn’t.  The people who have to come in and clean up this toxic mess will need to be in full Hazmat gear and have already signed “next of kin” releases before they go anywhere near the entrance to the Boston locker room and front office.

Red Sox fans…it didn’t have to be this way.

Now…comparisons among fans – who had a soft spot in their hearts for those long-term Boston faithful who waited so long for glory – more than ever will now be made between the Red Sox and their sworn enemies, the “Evil Empire” New York Yankees.  Those dreaded divas to the south of New England now have company within baseball’s “Department of Drama.”

That may be even more disheartening than the finish to Boston’s season.


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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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15 Responses to Red Sox Fans…It Didn’t Have To Be This Way

  1. chappy81 says:

    Fairweather or 50 year fans of the Sawx still bug me. I don’t think that will ever change. Sure I have friends that root for them, but honestly I never feel bad for them. Like Timberlake says in his lame song “cry me a river”.


    • Chappy, I feel for them because I live in Philly and can identify with the NE baseball frustration they felt before they became free-wheeling spenders like…us!!! I know I won’t ever convert anyone who dislikes them and wouldn’t even try. Just a shared experience I have with that franchise.


  2. Jup says:

    We’ve got a very ugly situation on our hands here in Boston… I just look forward to spring training when this team can start to focus on baseball again and some of this drama will be a distant memory.


  3. FireDannyAinge says:

    As a life long red sox fan that has been going to games her entire life the biggest issue I have with all of this is the Boston media.

    Stuff like this happens ALL THE TIME. If you think your team doesn’t pull half this crap you are in denial. I forget the player but I think it was Paul Konerko who admitted his team also drinks beer in the club house on their days off.

    The only difference between here and NY is NY’s media doesn’t hang their home teams players out to dry when the rest of the world is out to get them.

    NY loves to pick on the A-Rods of the world but until recently Derek Jeter was a saint and all the crap he pulled was kept quiet. Not in Boston. Our media sucks and they created this whole thing by running these stories just to be jerks.

    Please explain to me why it matters if every player sits on a bench when they are not playing? If I hear Fried chicken one more time I am going to smack someone. Oh no, they ate during games. Give me a break.

    I have a theory on the whole Francona thing too. That entire article threw everyone under the bus except Dustin Pedroia. Who is Pedroia’s pet on the team? It’s Terry Francona. I am convinced that the person that leaked the info to the Globe was non other than Francona himself. It also makes him look like the innocent victim in all of this despite the fact he was the one that stopped managing this team. If anyone besides the players is to blame it’s the guy in charge that sat on his ass and did nothing.

    No one in Boston wants other teams sympathy but watch your backs because the first chance I get when all your dirty laundry is aired is to laugh in your face. Pay back will be a bitch. (Not you Bruce, that was an in general:)


    • FDA, always passionate and fired up! Thank you for your thoughts. I don’t have an opinion myself as to who was “the mole” in the media reports – you are closer to that than I. I do know Terry is a very, very passive manager and none of the “do your own thing” stuff is shocking…except for the drinking during games. I don’t care if you are out of the game or not…that’s just absurd. Please skip the nonsensical testing for anything if baseball players can booze it up during games. I don’t know what kind of dirty laundry the Philly media covers up and over on a daily basis but in this town the teams truly despise the media and don’t even try to use them for spin control…so I will say if we had this kind of stuff going down here I am naive (?) enough to think we’d hear of it…just speaking for Philadelphia.


  4. FireDannyAinge says:

    I forgot to add that I am not happy with what went on. No one in Boston is happy about this but lately I do more defending the 2011 Red Sox against the haters not from here than I do getting mad about what happened.

    Like I said above, just because your team isn’t being raked over the coals now doesn’t mean they won’t be eventually. Stay classy works for you too. General you, not Bruce you:)


  5. FireDannyAinge says:

    And I just read some of that article. Sorry SA but it was one sided.


  6. tophatal says:


    Is there anyone within the Red Sox front office with an actual backbone ? For Epstein and Lucchino to apportion blame on the manager when it’s abundantly clear the players bear the biggest responsibility for that ungodly meltdown . Who the hell expects to see a team go 7-20 in the final month of the season and make the playoffs ? Buttholes filled with fecal matter clearly work inside the d front office of the Red Sox at Fenway Park !

    tophatal ……………


    • Tophatal, you know as well as I easier to fire one than 25. That being said, it sounds like Francona’s voice carried very little weight in that locker room anymore and he was always “too easy going” for my liking in Philly. I don’t know who’s going to step into the “fecal matter” but it best be someone who has a big-time “backbone!”


      • FireDannyAinge says:

        Why isn’t Francona to blame for some of this? They say the beer drinking went on for TWO seasons. To let them get away with it for that long than blame the players 100% is ridiculous too.

        Francona could have put his foot down but instead he chose to stop managing and say nothing.

        Yes the players are adults and should know better but I agree with Lester. This is a witch hunt and the fans are the ones that are going to be screwed when this is all is said and done. NO ONE is going to want to come here and play and I wouldn’t be surprised if Lester and Beckett ask for trades.


  7. Great point, FDA. I was thinking upon primarily the new Manager and GM. Indeed, the free agents out there have got to be questioning the wisdom of walking in there the very next season. However, money talks pretty loud and playing in Fenway is also something guys dream of doing…still.


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