3 Things Sportsattitudes Takes From NFL Week Six

1. Washington Redskins QB Rex Grossman possesses the most arrogant arm in the National Football League.  The arm thinks it can find any receiver, in any situation, at any time.  It truly has a mind all its own…and certainly has never minded opposing players being more likely to catch its throws than its teammates.  In Washington on Sunday afternoon, Rex’s arm helped the Philadelphia Eagles save their season by tossing many balls squarely in their direction.  The Eagles managed to catch four before Rex’s arm…and the rest of Rex for that matter…were shown the sidelines by Head Coach Mike Shanahan as the Birds eventually prevailed 20-13.  Grossman can now – from the sidelines – work on the accuracy of his pre-season prediction the Redskins would win the NFC East.  I have no idea what his arm has in mind.  Neither does he.

2. You couldn’t turn on ESPN last week without hearing someone talk up the “huge” Thanksgiving Day Game between the undefeated Green Bay Packers and the undefeated Detroit Lions.  Of course, the problem with this was we had just completed Week FIVE of the season.  Oops.  San Francisco 25, Detroit 19.  Better yet, Lions’ Head Coach Jim Schwartz managed to break the golden rule of humiliating opposing coaches when the 49ers’ head man Jim Harbaugh came skipping across the schoolyard playground…umm, gridiron…to slap ol’ Schwartzy on the back and laugh in his face.  You humiliate opposing coaches by going for two points when up by like thirty points or so…umm, like Harbaugh did in college for example.  You do NOT humiliate opposing coaches at the handshake portion of the afternoon.  Attempting it at that point only serves to humiliate yourself, which Schwartz did in stunning, career-defining fashion by chasing after Harbaugh like he had just taken his Legos from him.  Look, Harbaugh’s act is well-known by now to anyone who has followed college and pro football.  Have you seen him smile?  Serial killer.  Wait until he starts running up the score on folks.  Good luck with that, NFL.  Trying to keep “Happy” Harbaugh from breaking all coaching decorum “rules” both on and off the field.  This should be great fun watching Harbaugh shake hands after every game the REST of his career.

3. It seems to me after six weeks of this season only one team has failed to expose major flaws…the Green Bay Packers.  The defending champions don’t look like they are sitting on their laurels and it will indeed be difficult to wrest the World Championship from them.  I don’t get into ranking teams but the Packers seem to be a clear Numero Uno, head and shoulders above the rest of the NFL.  I don’t see their equal.  Thoughts welcome.


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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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15 Responses to 3 Things Sportsattitudes Takes From NFL Week Six

  1. tophatal says:

    I’ve always felt that Grossman and Cutler were separated at birth ! Carson Palmer to the Oakland Raiders …… that’s a marriage made in heaven or quite possibly hell dependent upon which way you look at it . I mean the Raiders’ front office gave up way too much to get him !

    tophatal ………


  2. “The most arrogant arm in the NFL” is the best sports lead I’ve read this year.

    Re: Harbaugh v. Swartz, er, Niners versus the Lions, I suspect it’s a question of who made the more egregious error; and I’ll take pedestrian mistakes over pyrotechnic pugilism. Perhaps Harbaugh’s ultimate intentions are what really got Schwartz’s goat? Reminds me of what Peter King shared about advice given to Rodgers by Young – never let yourself be seen as the victim. Schwartz just did, and it’ll be all downhill for the Lions form here.

    Re: the Pack, first give some love to Desmond Bishop who’s tied for third in tackles with 57 and Morgan Burnett who’s tied for second with three interceptions.

    Then understand that when Clay Matthews stepped up to defend Rodgers against a Mississippi tractor sideswipe it became official – Awesome Aaron is now the heart and soul of that team.

    Still, he’s one concussion away from Trivial Pursuit immortality (after all, the game pieces for Trivial Pursuit are eerily similar to those cheesehead-things folks wear in Wisconsin).

    The ice-cold truth is, Green Bay is 12th in the NFC in rushing, 14th in power rushing, and only middle of the, er, pack in kicking. As the weather turns colder, Green Bay may have some problems. 7 of their remaining 10 games are outdoors in the cold. They have to play San Diego, Detroit, and NY on the road, and they get Oakland and Tampa Bay at home.

    Last year proved the last three games of the season, and the ensuing tournament to the Super Bowl, are what counts.


    • Sean, I was watching the Eagles (of course) – Redskins game in great detail on Sunday and that line just came outta nowhere. I know the Pack’s lack of a pounding, driving running game concerns but that’s exactly what we got from them last year. And you know what they say about playing on frozen ground…the receivers know where they are going, the defenders don’t. If they hadn’t run the table last year I’d agree concerns are concerning indeed. Because their team really hasn’t changed much, as long as Aaron stays upright they look to be good for another Super Bowl to me…at the very least.


  3. DC Spill Man says:

    Unfortunately, I was at that Redskins-Eagles game on Sunday. The close score does not accurately portray how one-sided that game really was. While much of that loss was on Grossman’s 4 picks, the rest of the team did their fair share of giving their Eagles their second win of the year. Once Beck came in, it seems all the receivers forgot how to catch a football. That is not to say that Beck was throwing well, but there were too many dropped balls in that 4th quarter.

    As for rushing, Torain and Helu did nothing all game. Hell, I believe Beck had the second most Rushing yards for the Skins, and he didn’t even play the whole game. That O-Line is one of the worst in the league (not as bad as St. Louis, but possibly worse than Pittsburgh). And while the Skins defense was the only thing keeping them in the game in their previous 3 wins, they didn’t help much this week, despite all of the first half penalties the Eagles Offense was taking. All in all, it was a fairly pathetic showing by both teams, but at least the Eagles kept finding ways to score or force turnovers.

    I hate the 49ers. I have always hates the 49ers, and after losing a bet on this week’s game, I will continue to hate the 49ers. Nuff said.

    As for the Pack, I was reading an article about the likelihood of a perfect season. As ridiculous as it is to even be considering that in week 6, I have to admit they are making their case. They still have to play the Lions twice, as well as a few other tough teams. Of course, they also get to play the Chiefs, which means the probability of a perfect season rises exponentially.


    • DC, agreed the Eagles did nothing spectacular to earn the victory other than limit their own errors and make good on the Redskins’ miscues. Ugly game. Couldn’t even bring myself to write an “Eagles take” on it. I am sorry you lost your 49ers bet. Got a big kick out of your last line…Pack getting to play the Chiefs and chance for perfect season rises, etc. Beautiful.


  4. Troy says:

    As for the most arrogant arm in the league, I think Matt Moore gave Grossman a run for his money last night. He was throwing Darrelle Revis’s way like crazy last night! Or should he get the “most foolish arm in the league” award?

    Love what Cincinnati is doing with Dalton and Co. Congratulations to them and good luck in the future.


    • Let’s give Moore’s arm a “Dishonorable Mention” for trying to throw over Revis Island all night. Troy, that idiot cost me a fantasy win as I needed the Jets’ D to just get nicked up a little. Couldn’t even do that. I know the folks in Cincy are happy and I am too. Have been one of my favorite franchises to blog about for all the wrong reasons (anyone who is interested in my ripping of Cincy before this season just check their name out in the Archives…).


  5. chappy81 says:

    I didn’t see any of the Eagles game, but that sounds like Grossman to me! Did Nnamdi grab one of those balls he threw his way?

    I agree with you on the Packers, there’s no reason to see them slowing down, especially since they are so healthy. It only takes one linemen rolling over on Rodgers for their #1 satus to disappear though. Hopefully that’s not the case, but things turn quickly in the NFL…


    • Chappy, Eagles DB’s Coleman caught 3, Allen snatched 1…from Sexy Rexy. I probably was remiss in not posting that Aaron is indeed one big hit away from the Pack’s season going sideways. I just assume that for all teams these days but he certainly does have a case history and any further concussions will be under scrutiny indeed.


  6. JW says:

    After the Super Bowl he literally threw away for the Bears, Grossman should have been forced to legally change his name to Rex Fuck It I’m Going Deep.


  7. District of Columbia just confirmed Rex has changed his license plate number to RFIIGD.


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