College Hoops Benefit From No Basketball Association

Are more people going to attend or watch college basketball when it tips off in a couple of days in light of the NBA fiasco?  I doubt the attend part but I suspect hard-core NBA fans will rationalize watching…if only to see sophomores who extended their registration (you didn’t expect cynical ol’ me to write stay in school did you?) with their respective schools a bit longer.  After all, these players will eventually become members of the “Association”…once the players figure out the owners own the “Association.”’s Dana O’Neil had this quote from Kentucky Head Coach John Calipari in a recent column, “It’s almost like they’re two different sets of fans.  Now will some of those fans want to watch college basketball?  Probably.  Are they going to start buying college basketball tickets and throw NBA to the south?  No, they won’t.”

Hopefully, all basketball fans who turn their attention to college hoops 2011-12 will be treated to higher quality games than the one that brought down the curtain on last season.  As I noted back then…CBS should have run Hawaii Five-Obetter shooting.

Indeed, last season’s National Championship between UConn and Butler gave new meaning to the phrase “40 Minutes Of Hell,” previously associated with Nolan Richardson’s approach to coaching Arkansas to a title in the mid-90’s using frenzied, full-court pressure.  College basketball fans everywhere hope we never crown our champion again in such an ugly, unattractive manner.  Now that I think of it…we can only go “up” from here.

The start of a new season brings hope to every campus they can win it all – no BCS here.

Let’s lace ’em up, toss it up…and see who navigates into New Orleans next Spring.


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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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5 Responses to College Hoops Benefit From No Basketball Association

  1. tophatal says:

    The moment that anyone takes seriously anything that Calipari has to say … is the day that hell has indeed frozen over !

    All it means is that Vegas will still make out big in terms of the monies wagered on the games which will switch from the NBA to the college schedule .

    TNT and ABC/ESPN are said to be now scurrying to change their schedules ? I say bring us more Lingerie League Football and female jello or mud wrestling !

    tophatal ………..


    • I just saw an article “voicing” the concern Vegas has over the NBA bucks, mostly from Christmas Day on…which is when I assume most folks believe the NBA actually begins! I also see Mike Breen and Mike Tirico are going to be announcing some college games for ESPN while the NBA is “on vacation.”


      • tophatal says:


        Several Vegas books will see a spike in the action that they do on college basketball that’s for sure .

        Were you enthralled by the game between ‘bama and LSU ? A highlight for me would have been if Rosie O’Donnell had ran butt naked across the field at Bryant Denny Stadium ! God damn that game was boring from an offensive standpoint . When a kicker becomes the determining factor in a game of that magnitude then it’s time to look elsewhere for one’s sports thrills .

        If at all interested ? Merely click unto the link to view .

        Who’s Your Daddy ?

        tophatal …..


  2. chappy81 says:

    I’m actually really excited about UNC. They have so many great players that could all be lottery picks in the NBA. Maybe it’s my mancrush on Harrison that developed last year, but I know I’ll be tuning in more than years past. Has to be better than some of the college football games that are on mid-week!


    • Yes, the Tar Heels look like they are going to be a power to be reckoned with. They have Final Four written all over ’em. I am hopeful college hoop games early on can outscore those mid-week MAC football games…the Northern Illinois-Toledo game this past Tuesday had as many points as their hoop teams normally score.


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