3 Things Sportsattitudes Takes From NFL Week Nine

1. If I had a dollar for every analyst who felt it was likely the Kansas City Chiefs would immediately fumble away their good fortune after Philip Rivers fumbled them a win in Week Eight…this morning I would be announcing my retirement.  Experts from Hawaii to Maine offered up the real possibility the Chiefs…even on a short week albeit at home…would find a way to revert back to being the “Chefs” and serve up the Miami Dolphins their first win of 2011.

Miami 31, Kansas City 3.

It wasn’t even that close.  Ironic I was already going to mention this week the general appearance of one Todd Haley, the Chiefs’ Head Coach.  It has come to my attention many people have repeatedly noted his scruffy, rumpled appearance on the sidelines…even referring to him on some occasions as looking like a homeless man.

This is a disservice to all homeless men everywhere.

This guy caught lightning in a bottle to get this job…and looks (and coaches) like he was hit by lightning.

Kudos to those Dolphins for plugging away week after week and finally getting their initial “W.”  Did you know even sitting at 1-7 they have only been outscored by 31 points over the course of the entire season?  Of course, beating Kansas City IN Kansas City BY 28 helped that stat somewhat.

Reggie Bush.  13 carries, 92 yards, 1 TD.  3 catches, 50 yards.  This after a solid performance in NYC last weekend.  Convince me this has nothing to do with Kim Kardashian’s “status” changing.

Nice job, Todd.  How about a shower, a shave, a suit fitting…and getting that resume up-to-date for the coordinator interviews you’ll be having once this year comes to an end whether the Chiefs somehow wind up atop the wacky AFC West or not.  Even with the Fins busting it to get their first victory that’s outrageous to get crushed at home after the divisional gift the Chargers gave you just a few days earlier.  Brutal.

2. Two moments of note happened during the New Orleans Saints’ 27-16 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers yesterday.  Neither shocked me nor should they you.  That being said, you may not have caught either of them in the highlights.

Bucs’ RB LeGarrette Blount, who has a history of anger management issues on the field dating back to his college days at Oregon, where he infamously punched a Boise State player at midfield after a loss…and then as a fully compensated football player quickly swung his way off the Tennessee Titans’ roster and onto Tampa Bay’s after taking on a teammate…tossed another punch during a key drive in Sunday’s game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.  (Yes, it really is called that now…)

The timing of his latest assault caught the immediate attention of Bucs’ Head Coach Raheem Morris, who could be seen having an animated, one-way discussion with his player after requesting a meeting on the sideline.  God help Morris, who has his hands full keeping Blount’s hands around the football and not flying through the air.

Then…towards the end of New Orleans’ triumph, veteran (i.e. ancient) play-by-play man Dick Stockton noted aside from the undefeated Green Bay Packers, perhaps only the Saints were “explosive” enough to contend for the NFC title.

I’m sorry, Dick.  Did anyone mention to you in your prep for the broadcast this week that last week the Saints handed the St. Louis Rams their only win of 2011?  New Orleans averaged less than 3 yards per carry.  Drew Brees was sacked six times and intercepted twice.

Were you possibly referring to the Rams being “explosive?”

This gets better…

Concussed analyst John Lynch showed clear symptoms of his former career when he not only confirmed Stockton’s comment but then offered the San Francisco 49ers as worthy of mention to be the Packers’ equal when it comes to being “explosive.”

Ummm…I can go one of two ways at this point.  I think I’ll leave the “49ers mention” alone since Alex Smith and Company clearly don’t bring to mind the word “explosive.”  Rather, I would like to introduce Dick and John to the Philadelphia Eagles.  Perhaps I am being overly sensitive in the hometown team not coming to mind…but after considering the minds involved…maybe I shouldn’t mind.

It did make me want to punch someone at the time.

3.  Speaking of the Eagles…Week Nine will conclude this evening just a few miles down the road when they host the Chicago Bears.  You would think the local airwaves and articles this week would be about what a potentially great match-up this is.  You would be wrong.

Most of the lead-up to this game has been fan comments…on the comments of Philadelphia WR Jason Avant.  Avant was quoted after the win against Dallas last week that, “We realize it’s going to be just these guys in the locker room, that’s the way we take it.  We don’t want people jumping on the bandwagon now.  We want people to go out and still talk bad about us.”

Of course, once the city returned fire on those remarks Jason not only said he was semi-kidding with a local sportscaster but then decided to offer, “Let’s get this clear.  I will not apologize for what I said.  It is not an apology or anything like that.  What I am saying is that there are faithful fans – faithful Eagles fans – and we love those fans.  And one thing I won’t do is apologize.  I am trying to motivate my teammates and keep focused.  We are going to have an underdog mentality.  And that’s my opinion.”

When it was pointed out the long-suffering Philly fans might not appreciate being called out for having an opinion and he might get booed…”I don’t really care.  You know why?  Because I play my hardest for Jesus Christ and this team.  Are you going to boo me for playing hard?  Are you going to boo me for being the guy that is going to chase down a play when no one else is running?  Are you going to boo me for being a guy who is on special team or going over the middle and take a big shot?  Are you going to boo me for doing what’s right?  That’s fine.”

“Understand, this is what I do respect about the Philadelphia fans.  They are very, very knowledgeable.  And I love playing before our fans,  I want to win the championship for this city so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so bad.  So I respect them and I love them as fans.  So I will go out and give everything I have.  And whatever was said – which I don’t even remember half of it – it is still my opinion.”

Jason, it sounds to me like you don’t even remember a TENTH of what you initially said.

Just play football, my man.  Keep the “us against them” stuff for players-only meetings.  Motivation comes in all forms for all players…but don’t take on the Philadelphia fans.

That’s a game you’ll never win, no matter what your opinion was…or is…or will be.


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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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11 Responses to 3 Things Sportsattitudes Takes From NFL Week Nine

  1. toosoxy says:

    the phins… they won? they WON? That’s my team, Bruce! My team! My team won something! Quick! To facebook!


  2. tophatal says:

    The ‘phins win, does that now mean Kim K will re-devote herself to getting on the end of Reggie Bush’s member as he’s now back in the limelight ?

    The Steelers are looking mite wobbly at present . Series’ loss to the Ravens ? The Steelers have now become T-Suggs’ bit_h !

    Why is it that Belichick’s expression never changes ? After the loss to the Giants I could have sworn he was trying to show some emotion but then again he’s always been a conceited ba##ard ! The defense of the team will be their undoing because they’re simply no damn good !

    Are you convinced that Palmer is the answer to what ails the Raiders ? I don’t what the apologists out there are saying but it’s as if the quarterback is like a new born baby taking its’ first steps. Never mind that the defense can’t tackle worth a damn ! Willis McGahee shredded that secondary at will .

    I was hoping that during the ‘bama vs LSU game (9-6 [the sort of game that even a somnambulist would have trouble with] ) that something would happen , that would actually excite me ! That game proved to be about as exciting as the debates involving the prospective GOP candidates looking to unseat Obama in 2012 ! Oh my , in the words of Herman Cain I must now …” recuse myself from offering any further comments ” !

    tophatal …………..


    • Tophatal, one note on that Giants-Pats game. If New York had gameplanned to throw the entire sixty minutes they probably would have beat Bill B by forty. That New England secondary is…ordinary.


      • tophatal says:


        Well Eli didn’t really need to do much as the Pats’ defense assisted him and the Giants as best they could by once again playing a lousy game .

        No the Pats’ defense is way less than ordinary … it’s friggin’ diabolical ! I’m an avowed Pats’ fan and their play is now driving me to either take up excessive drinking or simply have erotic dreams about doin’ the ugliest of the Kardashian sisters in the hermaphrodite known as Khloe . God , please, someone help me ?

        What do you think of the mess now embroiling Joe Pa’ and Penn State and how much do you feel he hid from the authorities as well as the faculty ?

        tophatal ….


  3. What disgusted me heading into this past week was all the lamenting I hear from the national media that because the Chiefs had won 4 games in a row they should be taking seriously, people believed Haley was doing a great job, and that this team could retain their AFC West title…conveniently ignoring the fact that KC hadn’t beaten anybody this season. Congrats to the Fins for finally playing a complete game this season.

    Good luck to your Eagles tonight.


    • SG, I could not agree with you more on the inflated “worth” of KC. Indeed, best wishes to all Fin Fans on their victory regardless of the Chefs’ “value.” And, thanks for the luck to our ‘Iggles!


  4. chappy81 says:

    Man, I’m not sure what to make of the AFC West anymore. I have a feeling the Raiders wasting two opportunities to take first place will come back to bite them. Hopefully the Chargers got all the scoring out of them against Green Bay…

    I need a big game form the Eagles DST and McCoy to win my matchup for fantasy, so hopefully they can put up 35 for me!!


    • Chappy, no doubt Oakland’s failures the last couple of weeks were a bummer for your Raider Nation but that division is still there for the takin’. I have conflict headed into tonight’s game. My wife needs Matt Forte to “out duel” LeSean McCoy so she can win her fantasy game…we both are rooting for the Eagles of course…but I need DeSean Jackson to do quite poorly in order to win my fantasy contest…the fantasy football gods can be cruel…(GO EAGLES!)


  5. Sorry I’m a little late, but if the Chiefs wind up winning the AFC West (2011’s NFC West), it might be with a losing record, like the Seahawks last year. 31-3 says it all. I don’t know what happened to their offense, but they need to find it otherwise… well, they could still win the division at 7-9, so I guess there is no otherwise.


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