3 Things Sportsattitudes Takes From NFL Week Ten

1. Decisions, decisions.  Do you recall in 2002 when Detroit Lions’ HC Marty Mornhinweg won the coin toss to start overtime versus the host Chicago Bears…and elected to kick because he wanted the wind?  Lions never saw the ball.  Lions lose.

Well, I never thought I’d mention another overtime decision in the same breath as that epic fail (but Marty always has another shot at a shout-out since he’s Andy Reid’s offensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles), but here we are…courtesy of Atlanta Falcons’ HC Mike Smith.

Smith, early in overtime on Sunday…at home against the New Orleans Saints…went for it on fourth-and-one at his own 29-yard line.

Falcons stuffed.  Falcons lose.

I thought that would be where the moronic stuff ended…with the decision.  But no.  Several analysts – clearly paid off with Christmas Bonus money to do so – defended said decision as quite sound considering how very, very scary the Saints are.  Yes, the very, very same Saints the Falcons had managed to forge a 23-23 tie with and had only given New Orleans 18 first downs all game.  Yes, the very, very same Saints who had their helmets handed to them by the St. Louis Rams a short time ago.  THE RAMS.

This is the kind of simpleton stuff that cuts out the heart of your defensive players and coaches.  You show no faith in them whatsoever.  You show that to the world.

Mike, good luck with that.

Marty, you now have company.

2. I saw the story that appeared in a lot of places about Buffalo Bills’ RB Fred Jackson and his “relationship” with Dallas Cowboys’ Owner Jerry Jones.  Seems as though a house Jackson once lived in was claimed under Eminent Domain and demolished so Jerry’s World (also known as Cowboys Stadium) could be built.  His parents currently live about a mile away.  I’m sure Fred had a nice visit with them this weekend as the Bills visited Dallas.

What none of us could have imagined was Tony Romo and Company going all Eminent Domain on Buffalo, winning 44-7.  The most points scored by Dallas since September of 2007.  Their most lopsided win since October of 2000.  Romo’s 21st game with three or more TD’s…a club record.  Tony was 23-for-26…a club record for single-game accuracy.

Tony Romo is healthy…isn’t getting sacked…and now has a potential stud runner in rookie DeMarco Murray.  Uh-oh.  America’s Team may once again be America’s Team.  Five of the Cowboys’ last seven games are against teams with losing records…the exception being the two match-ups with the New York Giants…whose 6-3 mark isn’t nearly as scary as it looks.  What was as scary as it looked was that Cowboys’ offense scoring four touchdowns before halftime…and a Dallas defense that held Buffalo to 271 total net yards.

3. Speaking of scary…when you come off a big win on the road on Monday Night and have a short week there often can be a letdown.  Factor in you’re playing a division rival (albeit at home) who had a bye the week before and has planned for you for two weeks.

Scary.  Unless you are the Bears…and your visitor is the Lions.

In the 37-13 Bears’ beat down, Detroit QB Matthew Stafford played with a glove on and promptly resembled a former member of the Jackson 5 trying to play football as he tossed the pigskin all over the field.

Stafford did toss three TD’s…but two of them were to Chicago.

And of course, for added measure the Lions ignored this blog’s #1 NFL Rule…you do NOT kick the football to Devin Hester.  Ever.

You may recall this blog named October Devin Hester Return Awareness Month.

Apparently, the Detroit Lions organization doesn’t read this blog, has no awareness…or both.

They did kick to Devin Hester.  They then promptly chased him 82 yards to no avail.

It appears this blog will now have to name every month Devin Hester Return Awareness Month.  The message must reach all.

You do NOT kick the football to Devin Hester.  Ever.


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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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7 Responses to 3 Things Sportsattitudes Takes From NFL Week Ten

  1. tophatal says:


    Can we all agree that the Vikings have a great deal of work to do after last night’s shellacking ? At one point I thought that Aaron Rodgers might have wanted to take a rest !

    tophatal …………..


  2. chappy81 says:

    Man, I have no idea what the Falcons were thinking or maybe they weren’t which was the problem! They had all the momentum, maybe coach thought they couldn’t be stopped. Either way it was an irresponsible playcall.

    Still not buying the Cowboys. They play down to their competition a lot…

    Felt bad for Stafford, he threw the ball like 60 times. Hard to win like that. They really miss Best in the ground game…


    • I know a couple of weeks ago the Eagles swamped the ‘Boys, but a healthy, calm Romo can do some serious damage with a running game. We shall see. As for Best, I’m wondering if his concussion history will allow him a return to the field this season at all. Maurice Morris is not Javid Best.


  3. I’m sure that Stafford’s broken finger didn’t help things, but you can’t win on the road in the NFL by dropping passes, turning the ball over, and KICKING TO DEVIN HESTER. I wrote a few weeks back that any coach and kicker who kicks to Hester should be fired on the spot. How stupid does one have to be? I suppose only slightly less idiotic would be going for it on 4 and 1 on your own 30 yard line in over time. Great vote of confidence for your defense there Mike.


  4. I just love watching Devin Hester return kicks. It’s crazy that he’s getting the chance at all.


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