3 Things Sportsattitudes Takes From NFL Week Thirteen

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers HC Raheem Morris after his team’s resounding 38-19 loss – in sunny Central Florida – to the Carolina Panthers.

“I can take getting beat by a better football team.  I wish they were.”

Raheem, let me assure you on this particular Sunday you DID get beat by the better team.  I realize you were a tad upset your starting QB Josh Freeman couldn’t go with his injured shoulder but in this league – this year – not having your starting signal caller is becoming the norm.  What is not the norm is having 11 less first downs, 100 less net yards, an average of less than three yards a carry, seven more penalties…getting beat by 19 points at home…and then saying you didn’t get beat by a better team.  That team that just steamrolled you carries the same record now (4-8) and has scored 72 more points in its games than your team…and has given up 5 fewer points in its games than your team.  Say it with me, Raheem.  “We just got beat by a better team today.”

2. Oakland Raiders HC Hue Jackson after his team’s resounding 34-14 loss – in sunny South Florida – to the Miami Dolphins.

“Just a bad day at the office.”

Hue, an equivalent day in the traditional work place to the beatdown Miami put on your Raiders would be something along the lines of getting a document stuck in the company multi-function machine…trying to pry it out with a metal object…instantly electrocuting yourself…AND burning down the place with all your co-workers (bodies found still waiting in line to use it).  The Dolphins had the football for almost forty minutes and, as I’m sure even you know Hue, the game is only sixty minutes long.  Those 14 points your squad managed to squeeze out came after Miami took a 34-0 lead.  Maybe you knew the game was only sixty minutes long but were not as sure when it began?  Bad day at the office?  No, Hue.  You can say it.  “We just got beat by a better team today.”

3. Dallas Cowboys HC Jason Garrett iced his own field-goal kicker at the end of regulation…and his team eventually lost in OT – in the domed desert – to the Arizona Cardinals.

“The play clock was running down.  We just wanted to make sure that he had a real clean opportunity at it.  It was at about 6 (seconds) and we were still getting settled in, so we banged a time out to give him the opportunity to get the snap, hold and kick as clean as possible.”

Jason, as you watched Dan Bailey’s initial 49-yard kick sail through the uprights after having “banged a time out” I can only imagine all the frustrated Cowboy fans who “banged out” a few rounds of ammo in frustration.  A classic comment was uttered by the Cardinals’ HC Ken Whisenhunt after his team escaped with the victory…

“I was glad they iced their kicker so I didn’t have to.”

Jason, if I were you I wouldn’t have even attempted to explain why you disallowed the winning kick.  A better explanation…give this one a try…take the high road since your team never should have even been in such a desperate state of affairs.  We just got beat by a better team today.” (You may insert “better coach” if you like…)


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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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12 Responses to 3 Things Sportsattitudes Takes From NFL Week Thirteen

  1. tophatal says:


    Rah is letting all of that medication go to his head affecting his cerebral cortex .

    So Lovie Smith wants to now call upon the services of either McNabb or Favre ? Good God , wasn’t either Jim Miller , McMahon or Krieg available ?

    tophatal . …………


  2. Garrett might still be “learning” how to be a head coach, but he needs to take responsibility for his idiocy or just blame it on the Cowboys curse against the Cardinals.


  3. JW says:

    Even Jack Del Rio can’t figure out what Jason Garrett was thinking.


  4. Man, Raheem Morris just blew up on Sunday! He did a great job last year, you’ve got to feel for the guy as nothing has gone right this year.


  5. chappy81 says:

    The two times Hue put on the GM hat, when they traded for Palmer and when McClain had his issues last week were the two times the team didn’t show up to play. He needs to focus on getting the team ready instead of worrying about the front office stuff. Granted we NEEDED the Palmer trade, the McClain thing wasn’t really needed to be handled by him…


    • Good point on the McClain issue. You want to get out in front of the story and say the guy is definitely going to play or not play asap, but you also want to gather the facts as they are known at the time…and that takes time, media management in the interim, etc. The Dolphins have been bringing it every week recently and it was a dominating win which likely would have happened anyway…but surely it was a distraction to everyone associated with the Raiders having to talk about that subject. Always is for these teams when someone is “in the middle” of their legal liabilities.


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