3 Things Sportsattitudes Takes From NFL Week Fourteen (Tim Tebow-Lindsey Vonn Update Included)

1, 2 and 3. Tim Tebow.  How can there be anything else?  If you had any doubt whatsoever God himself is steering the Denver Broncos through this current stretch of the NFL schedule, I give you the final moments of their win over the Chicago Bears on Sunday.  Marion Barber simply had to get out-of-bounds after his Bears recovered a desperation onside kick, kill the clock…and walk off the field a 10-7 winner.  On second down after the 2 minute warning…with Denver devoid of timeouts…Marion promptly treated being in the field of play like stepping on red-hot coals and took himself to the relative cool of the sidelines (a vision from God?).  Clock stopped.  Tim Tebow and the Denver O gets the ball back.  59-yard field goal.  Tied.  Then, after the Bears won the OT coin toss (Like the TNT Network, God “Knows Drama”…) Marion helped charge the Bears down the field for their predictable game-winning field goal attempt…and promptly released the ball into the Broncos’ custody (a vision for Marion of the right thing to do?).  Tim Tebow and the Denver O gets the ball back.  51-yard field goal.  Game over.  Denver, 13-10.

Tebow post-game to the media: “If you believe then unbelievable things can sometimes be possible.”

It was Denver’s sixth straight win and seventh in eight games since the “Mile High Messiah” became the lead signal-caller.  In six of the wins, the Broncos have been behind in the second half.

They are in first place in their division.  How can this be happening if NOT for divine intervention?  All the experts (at least originally) said this couldn’t possibly happen.

A couple of views on TT I’ve caught this week…

First, comments about Tebow (and more pointedly his detractors) from his former Offensive Coordinator at Florida, Steve Addazio, currently preparing his Temple Owls to kick off the college Bowl season this weekend. (Courtesy of Mike Kern, Philly Daily News)

“What he’s doing is who he is.  Why do people discount that?  He’s a winner.  He’s got it, the intangibles, bringing the best out of his coaches and teammates. He’s got energy, he’s got juice.  People want to watch him play.  I don’t see the problem.  The game is set up to go win.  I listen to the detractors and it bugs me.  I get angry.  What works long term in the NFL?  High character, competitive, tough as (bleep)?  And then they start criticizing his faith.  You know what we need, more jerks in the NFL being idiots.  So a kid that stands for all that’s good, that’s wrong now?  C’mon.  I mean, what is it that people don’t like about this guy?  Huh?  Can they not just like the fact that he’s a good guy?  They want him to fail, which he will.  And then they’ll be, like, “I knew that.” He threw for a lot of yards in the SEC, which is the best defensive conference in college football.  That’s a pro league.  They say he has an elongated motion.  Sonny Jurgensen had a bad motion.  What are we talking about here?  Hell, he’s a young guy.  Give him a chance to develop and he’ll get better and better.  He can develop those things.  But other guys can’t develop the things he has, the it.”

Second, the report America’s sweetheart of the ski slopes, Lindsey Vonn, was sitting in the Tebow family box taking in TT’s latest miracle win.  Your diligent reporter was following this story ever since last week, when after a win in the Super G contested in Beaver Creek, Colorado…Vonn was caught “Tebowing”  You know, the one knee thingy.  She actually did it the week before in Canada but doing it in Tim’s “Holy Land” as it were brought more attention to the gesture.  Continuing to backtrack further, I should mention Lindsey announced a couple of weeks ago she and her husband/coach of four years were splitting up.  Sooo…between the sudden desire to hit one knee…and being seen chatting with Tim’s brother Robby in the VIP tent after the Colorado victory…(Geez, this post is starting to turn into TMZ...).  Vonn met Tim at the ESPY’s a few years back.  TT presented LV with an ESPY award this year.  She maintains she’s friends with the entire family.  Whatever.  Bottom line is she’s won everything in sight so far this year and likely is headed for a miracle season of her own.  Coincidence rubbing elbows with the Tebows?  You tell me.

Of course, not-so-heavenly things happened in Week Fourteen as well…here’s some “quick hitters” to digest…

The Oakland Raiders got behind the Green Bay Packers so quickly and decisively on Sunday CBS was prepared to cut to a Christmas special but didn’t get permission from the Entertainment Division to air a Holiday classic outside of prime-time…so the coverage continued.  The TV coverage that is – the Raiders didn’t cover anyone.  As well, Carson Palmer was given permission to throw on every down.  If you’ve seen Carson in these situations lately…well, let’s just say cameras caught the Packers’ defensive players grinning from ear to ear as balls either sailed into the stands…or their hands.  Merry Christmas, Green Bay…46-16.  Wait, someone just told me they scored again…

The New England Patriots edged out the Washington Redskins 34-27, but things got a little testy on the NE sideline as the Pats were trying to put the game away for good.  Tom Brady tossed a lazy, bad red zone, end zone pass which was picked off…which immediately got his Offensive Coordinator Bill O’Brien ticked off.  O’Brien and Brady lit into each other once Tom took a seat and it was great theatre.  After the game, Tom took credit for his error and took the high road by saying he deserved getting an earful.  And this is the team that WON.  This is the sixth time in nine seasons Washington has been either 4-9 or 5-8 at this stretch of the season.  THEY should be screaming at each other.

Losing to the Philadelphia Eagles is such a disgrace it gets you fired.  The Miami Dolphins parted ways with Tony Sparano after he led a resurgence of the team this season.  They were playing spirited football for him.  See how bad we are, Philadelphia?  Coaches get fired for losing to US.  Why doesn’t OUR coach get fired?

The Minnesota Vikings, even without Adrian Peterson, gave the Detroit Lions all they could handle on Sunday…having the ball at the 1 on the final play of the game only down 34-28.  Incredibly, while the Lions were penalized on every other play of the game they were not on the final one…even though everyone including me on the sofa 1,500 miles away saw Detroit’s DeAndre Levy grab squarely onto Viking QB Joe Webb’s facemask as he stripped the ball away.  (Yes, THAT Joe Webb…the guy who benched Brett Favre)  Perhaps this was God’s way of telling Minnesota they should have brought back Brett for another season.  Nah, couldn’t be.

God was busy elsewhere on Sunday.


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16 Responses to 3 Things Sportsattitudes Takes From NFL Week Fourteen (Tim Tebow-Lindsey Vonn Update Included)

  1. tophatal says:


    Well now that Lowes have dropped their support of TLC’s ” All American Muslim” I fully expect them to jump unto the Tebow “Bandwagon” and express train ! I mean what else is there to say or go with now ?

    tophatal ………..


  2. Jup says:

    Everything about that Patriots game made me uncomfortable. Seeing a screaming match on the sideline does not instill confidence


    • The Patriots defense sometimes get a bad rap because NE is well up and people are winging it all over the place trying to catch up. They also sometimes get a bad rap because they are bad. Let’s just hope no one makes “Gronk” mad. “Gronk” too big to make mad. (Redskins defensive huddle…”you tackle him…no…YOU tackle him…”)


  3. It is always interesting to see how faith and religion play out in sports. Often the the two mix like oil and water. We saw this last week when Albert Pujol$ decided to take his show to Anaheim… “I made the decision. I’m being obedient. I didn’t want to want to a place where God did not want me go.” I think it is fair to say you had 245 million reason to go west.

    Faith is so personal and yet so misunderstood. I don’t know Tim Tebow or Albert Pujol$ yet their stories are remarkable when you look at how faith interacts with sports.


    • It is interesting Tebow is such a polarizing figure, although my belief is it is as much about being so unusual (i.e. ugly-looking) of a quarterback as his belief-on-his-sleeve approach to life. As for Albert, there sure were some additional benefits thrown in above and beyond his discussion with the “great beyond,” huh?


  4. DC Spill Man says:

    Ah, my beloved Skins actually had me thinking they might pull off the upset. That is the best they have played all year. Then, remembering that they are the Redskins, they practically hand the ball over to the Pats defense at the end of the 4th quarter. If they don’t make some serious changes, I am going to have a harder time justifying the expense of my season tickets.


    • The Redskins seem to find a way to hang around. I can’t tell if the opponents are bored with them or if they really have a core group who understands what it takes to be on the winning side of .500 someday. I have never liked Grossman. I think Shanahan is overrated. I do agree the “winds of change” need to sweep through ALL of DC soon, not just through the political landscape located there.


  5. chappy81 says:

    I wonder what the over/under for the Raiders-Lioins game will be for penalties. 25? 30?


    • There is not enough linen in America to handle the flag requirements for that game. People planning to watch may want to catch up on their sleep prior to. This will be a l-o-n-g affair. I am sure the Commissioner will be watching…he’s a Lions fan, you know.


  6. JW says:

    I just wonder when Timmy is finally going to get his skis waxed.


  7. First Vonn goes to a prom with a teenage boy and then she’s lining up to get Teboned? This girl is all over the place.

    Reason 1209 that Reid should be fired….running a trick punt return in the second quarter when the Eagles were winning and had all the momentum. What the hell was that!?


    • Yes, Ms. Vonn always seems to grab the headlines for multiple reasons. It helps to be the greatest woman skier of all-time for starters. Oh, that punt return thingy. It was on Andy’s giant play card to run that no matter where or when. The card knows all.


  8. Hey, it can be TMZ – you didn’t mention the free Jockey underwear giveaway if the Broncos win Superbowl –


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