Kobe Beef Part II – One Marriage Ending, One Just Getting Started

When we last left Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant…the focus was on the recent developments of Lamar Odom leaving the L.A. roster and Chris Paul joining the L.A. roster…just not the roster Bryant happens to be on.

As if that wasn’t enough, Kobe’s wife just filed for divorce after a decade of marriage.  This as another marriage of sorts is about to play out…the honeymoon period between Bryant and new Head Coach Mike Brown is almost over.

Sports Illustrated published a column last week entitled, “What Can Brown Do For Them?” I highly recommend it for those who want to learn more about why the Lakers truly felt Mike was the man to replace “Zen Master” Phil Jackson after Phil hobbled for the hills following last season’s post-season embarrassment at the hands of the eventual NBA champion Dallas Mavericks.

This hire did not make my day back in May.

However, after reading the article outlining Brown’s Obsessive-Compulsive tendencies towards perfection, perhaps he may be the perfect gift this Holiday season for a franchise still trying to find an acceptable way to make themselves better in spite of their league’s Commissioner…and those owners of lesser NBA teams who clearly want to figure out a way for great players not to want to play with great players.  Good luck with that.

Anyway, regardless of whether or not Dwight Howard or any other NBA star eventually is allowed to walk through those Laker locker room doors, one thing is for sure.  Mike Brown is.  His priority for defensive intensity, his desire to attack the shot clock early and often…and shaping a “strong corner,” four-corner offense instead of Jackson’s famous triangle for longer possessions all have to be implemented with the barest of pre-season practice available.  Many teams will be disadvantaged early on getting their legs under them.  The Lakers have the additional issues of no Odom and a new coaching philosophy.

Yet, if Brown can be as obsessive in his pursuit of playing perfection as he is about his personal habits (trust me, read the article), perhaps the Lakers have a chance to stay among the elite of the NBA.  It sure sounds like Mike is ready to roll.  For whatever it or he is worth, the man does have a plan.  I’ll give him that much.

Kobe Bryant probably can’t get to hanging up that 2012 calendar soon enough.  This year has ended poorly…but he still has one more present to open that still has a chance to not be yet one more lump of coal.  Mike Brown.

Let’s see what Brown can do.

For better or for worse, he and Kobe are in this together.


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9 Responses to Kobe Beef Part II – One Marriage Ending, One Just Getting Started

  1. tophatal says:

    Didn’t Kobe learn anything from his experience in Eagle , Co ? He had about as much in common with his soon to be ex as Paris Hilton might have had with Mark Zuckenberg .

    David Stern for POTUS ! Not always indecisive but he sure knows how spit the bull_hit .

    tophatal ……………


  2. Stern for President? I’m sure his ego could handle it.


  3. Rah says:

    I’m so glad Kobe is done with Vanessa. Granted the ultimate downfall to the marriage was Kobe’s fault, but she was a b*tch. Now, rumor has it, Kobe is going on a date with Kim Kardashian. Odom is setting them up (him and Kobe are still close).
    As for Kobe and Brown, it seems they’re getting along quite well these days. Kobe is going to love that he has a coach as hard working and persistent as he is. Not that Jackson wasn’t, but Brown is much more ‘hands on’ than Phil was. I think we’ll see a driven Kobe to start the season and push them deep into the playoffs. The real difference makers for the Lakers will be the ‘other guys’ (aka NOT Bynum, Kobe, Gasol), Fisher, Metta, Blake and Barnes.


    • I loved how Kobe was trying to teach teammates alongside Brown in the opener…he already has grasped what Brown is trying to do and looks like he realizes he needs to step up the leadership quality in 2012. Short training camp, new system, new players. Maybe “two coaches” will actually co-exist in this instance…and be better for all concerned.


  4. chappy81 says:

    Whoa, not sure how I missed these two posts, but nicely done! He’s going to have so many classic lines this year!!


    • Thanks, Chappy. Loving the compressed NBA season so far and hope you are as well. Not sure if Kobe’s body is loving it but he’s still out there and the Lakers are still plugging away…perhaps “Superman” is on the way in 2012?


  5. Pammy Girl says:

    Who cares about the ‘sports’ part of this story… what interests me is Kobe’s divorce. And why is that? 10 years is the magic number for those living in California… plus they didn’t have a pre-nup. Just how nasty will this one get? I doubt it will be as loud as the Kardashian and NJ Nets guy divorce… unless Kobe’s ex gets her own reality TV show.


    • Pammy, I guess that “decade rule” is about Right…for the Left Coast. I agree this divorce will be a quiet one. Kobe’s letting his people handle the paperwork. He’s a little busy right now. Nice to see ya stop by. Visit me on the “other site” when you get a chance…and keep on bloggin’ girl. We miss your posts!


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