3 Things Sportsattitudes Takes From NFL Week Sixteen

Since the first game of Week Sixteen was a WEEK ago (you know what Holidays are like), I decided to take a different slant on the NFL post this time around (admittedly due to the fact I have no notes whatsoever) and just pull up results from Week Sixteen and do this baby off the top of my head…from what my Holiday haze recalls.

I’m pretty sure we’ll have more than three things…

The Indianapolis Colts defeated the Houston Texans for their second win of 2011, 19-16.  I watched a grand total of zero minutes of this game.  I did not keep up with it via social media.  It was dead to me.  As was Reggie Wayne to his Fantasy Football owners, who surely benched him long ago…only having to learn he scored the winning touchdown (from a yard out) in this contest after already racking up 105 receiving yards prior.  Owners who played either Joseph Addai or Donald Brown needless to say were also quite thrilled with Wayne’s last second, one yard vulture…um, touchdown.  I was of course unaffected by any Fantasy implications as my team went from first to home in our league’s final three weeks of its regular season…Adrian Peterson, I do forgive you…really I do.

In the biggest game of Tim Tebow’s professional career he managed to provide the Buffalo Bills with most of its 40-14 margin of victory over his Denver Broncos.  His passer rating was lower than the amount of points Buffalo scored.  He threw more touchdowns to the Bills than the Broncos.  All the TT haters have enough lowlights now from this one game to market their venom well into 2012.  In related Fantasy news my wife picked up C.J. Spiller before kickoff to bolster her lineup and he helped win her our league’s third place game.  At least someone in the house ended their season with a W.

During the early afternoon on Christmas Eve, Homeland Security was forced to scramble jets over the city of Cincinnati as an unidentified object was picked up on radar.  It was ultimately determined that object was Cincinnati Bengals WR Jerome Simpson, who had jumped OVER Arizona Cardinals LB Daryl Washington near the goal line in the second quarter to score a touchdown on the way to a 23-16 Cincy triumph.  Sticking the landing and raising his arms in triumph was also very cool.  There was initial concern he might have landed somewhere in the upper deck of Paul Brown Stadium…valid concern because no one was sitting there to catch his fall.  Come on Cincy.  Start believing.  Hell, you just saw a man fly.

Our beloved Philadelphia Eagles needed the New York Jets to defeat the New York Giants in order to have a chance to make the post-season.  Rex Ryan and Company apparently felt in the week prior to kickoff the result would be determined by who talked more smack.  Tom Coughlin got the correct memo stating the result would be determined by who smacked the other around the most on the field.  The Giants looked like…well, Giants.  Darrelle Revis finally got all the words right for the Green and White afterward when he said, “We made some mistakes and they outplayed us.”  Yes, that’s an eloquent summary of a 29-14 loss that has many wondering what could possibly come out of Rex and Company’s collective mouth next.  One thing is certain…no one cares anymore.  J-E-T-S…No-One-Cares.

As for our Eagles, they took down the hated rival Dallas Cowboys 20-7 in a game rendered meaningless for both teams after the afore-mentioned battle of New York.  And of course, now Philly players are telling everyone within earshot how “dangerous” they would be if they had qualified for the playoffs.  While I never thought for a moment Andy Reid was going anywhere but back to his office at season’s end, this “strong finish” while playing out the string could potentially once more cause the Eagles’ brain trust (and I use brain very lightly here) to make very few coaching and roster changes.  Now THAT would be dangerous.

And since I mentioned Adrian Peterson at the top of this post, it would be quite remiss of me to not acknowledge his stubborn willingness to come back and play football after OUR/MY Fantasy team was eliminated…for his real team, the Minnesota Vikings.  You may recall they were eliminated around Halloween.  The Vikings impressively gutted out a 33-26 win over the Washington Redskins, their third of the season.  And speaking of third, it was the first play of the third quarter where Adrian finally…finally ended HIS season by tearing every acronym in his left knee. 

Adrian, you never should have come back once injured.

You should have just stayed on the sidelines…with me.



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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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12 Responses to 3 Things Sportsattitudes Takes From NFL Week Sixteen

  1. tophatal says:

    I’d certainly like to thank the teams within the NFC East for now reiterating what I’ve said all along the …… division is simply overrated !

    Comedian Bill Maher was simply being jocular and funny concerning his remarks with regard to Tebow and his most recent display …. game (40-14 Broncos’ loss & Tebow’s 4INT’s and multiple fumbles ) against the Bills . The fact that Christian conservatives are said to be ###sed at the comedian indicates that they don’t have a sense of humor much less comprehend what ‘freedom of speech’ is said to be about .

    See link ….. Bill Maher vs. Tim Tebow: the tweet that roared

    Is it simply a fact that if it’s a guy like Tebow , he ought to get a reprieve but in the case of McNabb when he was derided by Rush Limbaugh it was as such , it was said to be OK ?

    tophatal ……


    • The NFC East is indeed the NFC Least in terms of consistency. Amazing how the teams ebb and flow…or sink…from week to week. I did hear of the Maher-Tebow “row”…thanks for the info. Lots of varying opinions about the Rush-Donovan dynamic when it went down, huh?


  2. tophatal says:

    sports’ If at all interested ? Simply click unto the link shown below to view . It’s Not What You Do But The Way That You Do It ….

    tophatal ……….


  3. chappy81 says:

    I was really hoping your Eagles could come out of the East. I can’t stand the Giants or Cowboys, and fortunately both teams look really beatable if either makes it to the playoffs…


    • Chappy, thanks for the consolation. Hell, after the season here in Philly we still would have taken the post-season opportunity. The team has enough explosive weapons they could have made it interesting for someone in the first round. But they weren’t gonna go much farther…and I do believe your comment on the Giants and Cowboys is quite valid as to their chances to advance. I just don’t know why all these teams can’t bring it every week. Oh wait…maybe they just ain’t that good.


      • chappy81 says:

        Yup, they’re pretty much on par with the Raiders. Win sometimes, choke some away, just never consistent enough!

        How are the 76ers looking this year? Any predictions on them?


    • Chappy, I think the Sixers are going to the Playoffs again but with no substantial changes (and no superstars) I can’t predict a first-round win. What about those Warriors?


  4. No offense, but I really think I hate everything about the NFC East. I hate that Jerry Jone’s continually meddles with the Cows screwing that team. I hate the fact the Snyder has screwed the Redskins for so long only to give power to Shanahan who has continued Snyder’s reign of incompetence. The Giants…Eli (historically) and Coughlin….that’s enough reason to hate any team. And of course your Eagles I hate because of Andy Reid’s shortcomings as a coach and that fact that football fans were sold a stink bag of BS about the current team. Nonetheless the division is more interesting than the AFC South, so I suppose would shouldn’t rush to contract any of the teams.



    • I love it when someone refers to Dallas as the Cows. I also love your thoughts on the NFC Least. Fortunately for Philly fans who paid any attention to the local media they were braced for a less-than-dreamy season. Major props to the local beat writers and reporters who, while predicting a Division championship in about every instance, were conservative as to just how far they would go. The national media went crazy in their praise of the Iggles and I do agree a lot of Philly fans bought in. Contracting teams in the NFL? Oh dear. That may be a topic for another day, SG! Cheers!


  5. Bobby Charts says:

    Nice read and I agree about the Jets, I was laughing hard when I read it….. “No one cares anymore!”


  6. tophatal says:


    Given the choice between traveling on a pontoon that’s the NFC East and the Titanic . I’d probably want to be on the Titanic …. at least there you knew that there’d be some survivors . In the case of the teams within the NFC East … though the rave reviews for Eli have been overdone to my mind it’s been the defense that has saved their season ! Eli in the 4thqtr has been is good but I look at his overall stats and the TD:ratio (29/16) gives me a big cause for concern !

    tophatal ………


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