The Big Game – Random Thoughts On Giants-Patriots

After my dust-up with the NFL, I wasn’t even going to post anything about The Big Game.

I have to call it that because I don’t want the NFL Police to come after me.  You know you’re not supposed to promote yourself or your product alongside the words S _ _ _ _ B _ _ _ unless you are an authorized, official sponsor (i.e. have sent the league a check even bigger than those naughty Steelers have been asked to over the last couple of seasons).  Since I was unwilling to provide the ridiculous amount of coin they were asking for to secure exclusive global blogging rights, the Giants-Patriots match-up will be hereby known at this site simply as The Big Game.

I avoid making predictions.  I leave that to those who get paid to do so.  However, earlier in the post-season blogger SportsChump offered up a Playoff And Super Bowl Pick Em Contest…and I let my guard down and offered the San Francisco 49ers and the New England Patriots would meet in The Big Game.

Which brings me to another reason why I wasn’t going to post anything on The Big Game.

Kyle Williams.

You may recall Kyle attempted to play the role of punt returner for San Francisco a couple of weeks back.  That didn’t go so well.  I hold him mostly responsible for the fact I’m not on my way to SportsChump’s Contest Championship.

I can’t think of anything that drives me more crazy than punt returners who refuse to run away from a crazed, bouncing football.  Have you ever looked closely at the shape of a football?  Do you think it is easy to predict how it’s going to fare once it crashes to Earth from high up?  Well, for the umpteenth time we all got to see another punt returner go all macho and stand stubbornly in the vicinity of a football landing.

If I was coaching football and couldn’t find a player willing to stand down and walk away from rolling punts I would be a player-coach and field them myself.  (Of course, I would fair catch all the ones I could get to…)

Even being a pointed prolate spheroid, I do think a football is able to be protected from the enemy when absolutely critical.  This is where Kyle returns to my story…because as you also may recall in another one of his attempts to play the role of punt returner a couple weeks back he punted the ball back to New York when they most savored it.

No, Kyle will not be on my Christmas Card list next year.

If I did send him one, he’d probably drop it in the mud…and then step on it trying to pick it up.

So…between the NFL not giving me exclusive blogging rights and Kyle Williams ruining my rare public prediction of a 49ers triumph…I am in a very grumpy mood as The Big Game approaches.

There are plenty of reasons not to root for either one of the two teams left standing.  Geez, we just saw this act a few years ago.  Blogger Dubsism is happy to provide several reasons why you shouldn’t cheer for either the Giants or the Patriots.

Heck, if I was a New York Giants’ season ticket holder I would ask for at least a partial refund.  This franchise seems to have a knack for skating through the regular season…being content with barely missing or barely making the playoffs…and then springing to life in the post-season.  Yet, I thought two weeks ago the San Francisco defense would relentlessly pound Eli Manning early and often.  They did.  Problem was, the San Fran offense couldn’t generate anything at all against the resurgent Giants defense.

And then of course, there was Kyle.

New England has been great all year hiding a secondary that features a wide receiver playing defensive back.  They have had open tryouts all season.  Their success is a result of their offense simply overwhelming the opposition with HOF quarterback Tom Brady and two outstanding tight ends that play their position like wideouts.  However, one of those outstanding tight ends has a very tight ankle now.  If the Giants get to Brady with four rushers…and they have quite the four…all in agreement on each down to meet at the quarterback…he’ll be running for his life looking at seven defenders.  He needs Rob Gronkowski to be healthy more than ever playing this particular opponent.  We all have seen the replays.  It is hard to believe Rob will be very effective.  It is therefore hard to believe Tom will be very effective.

And back to that Patriots’ secondary…I’m envisioning Julian Edelman covering Mario Manningham, Victor Cruz and/or Hakeem Nicks.

That might be the time to clear the viewing area of small children, even before Madonna’s halftime show.  For that matter, anyone with a compromised or underdeveloped immune system might want to step away from the screen.

I had the Patriots winning The Big Game in my earlier predictions but, a) they ain’t playing the 49ers and, b) the Gronk is now broken and, c) their secondary is terribly porous and, d) Eli Manning is “slightly” better than Joe Flacco and Tim Tebow.

Like blogger ASofM…I am having to forego earlier thoughts of a New England victory in The Big Game and now go with New York.  His prediction, 27-24 on the final play.

I like New York by 31-24…but feel the Patriots will register some of their points after the outcome is no longer in doubt.

Enjoy The Big Game.

You too, Kyle.


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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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35 Responses to The Big Game – Random Thoughts On Giants-Patriots

  1. J-Dub says:

    I’m an equal opportunity hater.


  2. tophatal says:

    Is there a remote possibility that Ochocoinco ‘ will have more than 5 receptions in the game or will he be “tweeting” more from the sidelines having not suited up at all for the team ? Your thoughts ?

    tophatal ……….


    • The “secret weapon” theory of Ocho makes me laugh every time I hear it. The best way for him to get a ring is likely by staying out of the ring. But there I go…making another prediction.


      • tophatal says:


        Isn’t Och’ getting a ring to begin with ? I hear he’s engaged …. so that must count for something by way of a ring don’t you think ?

        The soap opera that is the Irsay Manning relationship looks as if it’s overshadowing the events leading up to the game . Not even Ennis Del Mar’s relationship with his lover in “Brokeback Mountain” was this volatile and emotional . But I guess if Jim and Peyton go off camping together we could have a great deal more to talk about ?

        tophatal ……………


      • I say 1 catch, 19 yards.


  3. DC Spill Man says:

    Dubsism’s posts were hilarious, but I don’t need any more reason not to root for either team. As a life long Redskins fan, I cannot bring myself to ever root for the Giants. I may not hate them as much as Dallas, but I still can’t stand the team or their fans. Same goes for the Patriots. As much of a spectacle as Brady and his teammates can be, the fans bother me more than anything.

    Also, having grown up in St. Louis, I became a Rams fan when the team moved there when I was a kid. Considering that they were only good for a couple of years, the last best chance they had another miracle win in the “Big Game” was the year that Brady won his first ring. I have never forgiven New England for that.


    • DC, just saw the money is on the table to improve “conditions” at the Rams’ stadium in order to keep the team there. The ownership has been somewhat neutral about being in St. Loo long-term. Hope the team doesn’t wind up back in L.A. at some point. I can understand your feelings about “Tom Terrific.”


      • DC Spill Man says:

        As much as I’d hate to see the team move back to LA (considering LA can’t seem to keep an NFL franchise), the fans deserve to have the team taken away. I know they have been pretty bad for awhile now, but the fans in St. Louis simply don’t appreciate the fact that they have an NFL team. I went to one game at Edward Jones Dome last year, and I was embarrassed by all the empty seats. The city lives and dies by how the Cardinals are playing, and the Blues have a pretty devoted following, but the Rams can’t seem to keep the fan base at a decent level, especially after all the fair weather fans fell off after 2004.


  4. sportschump says:

    There’s always next year, big guy.

    Plus you’re still in my NBA futures pool so all is not lost.


  5. tophatal says:


    On a side-note McCourt is looking for someone with in excess of $1.5 billion to buy the Dodgers ….. any takers in your part of the world ?

    tophatal ……….


  6. The key in this game will be the Giants receivers vs. the Patriots secondary. Stay tuned for my pick!


  7. chappy81 says:

    I hate it when only eastcoast teams are represented in the big games. Probably why I couldn’t get into the whole Bama-LSU thing. Same goes for this one too, I will always hate the Pats, and well, the Giants media machine has burned me out with their hot and cold act with Eli and Coughlin.

    I just hope it’s a good game and I get nice and drunk. We will have some picks up soon, but it’s going to be on the props not the actual game!


  8. While Hockey is my preferred sport; I know enough about football to root against the Pats


  9. Bobby Charts says:

    If the Gronk is not that healthy I don’t see how the Pats win. I like the Giants and their D!

    I will as root for Eli over Brady.


  10. Blog Surface says:

    Gronk is going to play, but many players who suffered the injury say that no matter how many injections the guy gets, he won’t be the same. I had the Pats winning this one, but Gronk’s injury certainly will change the game in a crucial way…. Ochocinco 3 tds… who am i kidding? Yea right!


  11. Well done Bruce. This is such a terrible Super Bowl that will probably be salvaged by some drummed up drama between two unworthy teams. I still can’t believe an Eagles fan is going to side with the Giants in this one though. 😉

    Have a great Super Bowl Sunday!


  12. Nice job. Man, I feel bad for both Kyle Williams and you. I can’t decide which one I feel bad for more! Anyway, if Williams was injured, then WHY DID HE PLAY?? And why was he still out there injured, PLUS the fact that he had already made one bone-headed play? I don’t get it.


  13. Love the post! But I have to ask, what happened with you and the NFL? I got so freaked I changed my wording in my blog just to be safe!!! LOL.

    For me, there is nothing worse in sports than watching a game like last night’s that has two hated teams playing one another. i didn’t want either team to win. Oh well. 12 days until pitchers and catchers report!


  14. tophatal says:

    No truth to the rumor is there that adult star Bibi Jones was on the sidelines in Indy trying to aid ” Gronk” get over his high ankle sprain ? Or was it the straining of his inner thigh muscle ?


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