2012 College Football Season Starts Today…Ready Or Not

Army started 2012 “Spring” football practice this morning (around 7 AM, I might add).

It is February 13th.

Army’s “Spring” Game is scheduled to be held March 9th at Fort Benning, GA.  Therefore, they will have concluded “Spring” football practice before…Spring.

You might be saying to yourself, “Self, the season just ended!”  That is closer to being true than you might think.  January 9th was the date Alabama defeated LSU for the 2011 BCS Championship.

College football ’12 is here.  And most definitely, some people are just not ready.  Negotiations are still being finalized to allow West Virginia to play in the Big 12 this season.  It remains to be seen what other departing Big East schools Pitt and Syracuse, headed for the ACC, might do now to try to speed up their respective exits.  It would be helpful to know who is playing where before the first currently scheduled game needs to actually be played.

Meanwhile, two conferences – the Mountain West and Conference USA – are still trying to figure out whether to even remain as separate conferences.

The haves and have-nots in college football (i.e. college sports) both have issues to resolve short and long-term.

And all the other athletic endeavors at universities hang in the balance.

The quote of the weekend comes from Southern Miss interim Athletic Director Jeff Hammond.  He was speaking to a group of USM boosters about state rivals Ole Miss and Mississippi State, who haven’t won an SEC title in nearly four decades…each getting $21 mil last season from the SEC’s revenue-sharing package.

“Folks, that is more than our entire athletic budget.”

College football season starts today…ready or not.



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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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20 Responses to 2012 College Football Season Starts Today…Ready Or Not

  1. How interesting, Bruce. I love the quote at the end. It has always bewildered me as to why Ole Miss and Mississippi State are still in a conference that’s way above their skill levels.


  2. Sam, I don’t think people realize the fiscal disadvantage many “big-time” athletic programs operate at. They really only serve as “W’s” for the “super schools.” Some of these football teams will have to drop down a division if they don’t quickly align themselves with the kind of payouts those SEC members enjoy…or become a member of a conference that can find someone to overpay for their TV rights.


  3. This conference thing is a mess. It’s too bad college “sports” has gotten to be such big business.


    • Agreed, Phil. Yesterday, I heard a panel of college basketball experts discussing how sad it was some of the long-time geographical rivalries were going away. Hoops coaches and fans are not happy to be “second fiddle” and beholden to the wishes of their football programs…which are truly big business. Yes, the TV contracts for March Madness are enormous, but college football not only drives the bus…it is the bus.


  4. Bobby Charts says:

    Way to soon, get a grip college football.


    • Bobby, couldn’t believe anyone was starting workouts that soon. Then again, hard to believe some of these schools are still trying to keep up with the “power” elite of college football. Should the military academies be even trying at this point? Who’s paying for their “keeping up with the Joneses?”


  5. tophatal says:


    Billionaire T Boone Pickens over the years has donated well over $1.5 billion million to the Cowboys of Oklahoma State his alma-mater. . Now that’s cheddar as we Brits like to say !

    On the other hand the NCAA would perhaps view it as one individual doing a “solid” for an educational establishment . No probing investigation there then ?

    Can I ask you a question what are the NCAA and specifically the Infractions Committee …. why do they exist ? NCAA President Mark Emmert is the kind of guy who’s now beginning to make Bud Selig seem like a damn genius !

    If at all interested let me know what you think about the following concerning Calhoun and U Conn ? Click on link to view .

    Jim Calhoun Is A Man Who Simply Lacks Integrity But Idiots Continue To
    Treat Him With Such Reverence !

    tophatal …………


    • Tophatal, I thought they’d have changed the name of that school to TBP State from Okie State by now! As for that Infractions Committee, it used to be just to catch smaller profile schools in the act to hopefully shame big-time programs into compliance. Now with all the money involved, they have had no choice but to “open up” for “business.”


      • tophatal says:


        The Infractions Committee couldn’t be entrusted to catch a cold much less a sexually transmitted disease even if they were in the midst of sex districts of Phuket or Bangkok , Thailand !

        Look at what’s happening with U Conn and the fact that they want to impose their own punishment for violations ? Never mind that their men’s basketball program have been repeatedly warned concerning extremely low graduation rates . All of which Calhoun refuses to acknowledge but the athletics department states they’re looking into the issue . To my mind , they might as well be looking up each others’ rear ends to sniff out what is inside ! .

        tophatal …..


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  7. tophatal says:

    sports ‘

    I’m sure that will be done posthumously upon the death of Pickens when Oklahoma State becomes T. Boone Pickens State University ! They’re now trying to have Miami’s (Hurricanes) are considering changing their envisioned business school to the Drew Rosenhaus / Nev Shapiro School of Business Management . Especially in light of what both Rosenhaus and Shapiro have done to bring that school into disrepute or repute dependent upon how you view their accomplishments . One who uses the school as his pipeline for players to the NFL , while Shapiro the now convicted felon and Canes’ booster assisted “Slippery Drew” in his mandate . .

    That potential name change doesn’t quite have the take of Wharton School of Business , Harvard School of Business , much less where LSE (London School of Economics) where I graduated from many moons ago .


  8. I’m not ready…just not ready.


    • SG, most conferences, television partners and advertisers aren’t ready either. It is pure chaos. I’ll believe a schedule is final for a college football team when their season actually kicks off…maybe not even then…


  9. Hey Kentucky and Vandy haven’t won squat in the SEC East but at least they have basketball to fall back on.

    i get the impression that, even though they’ve been in the SEC since Day One, Ole Miss and Mississippi State just like those poorer MLB teams that reap the benefits of the larger schools’ revenue sharing.

    That’s okay, I guess, if you don’t give a crap about winning.


  10. Blog Surface says:

    These big college institutions are fueled nowadays by bad business, boosters, and money. If you don’t have money, you don’t have anything.. this is essentially what schools are showing us through these conference changes. Just my opinion.


    • Christian, it is indeed all “about the benjamins.” Money rules everything. All this positioning is for is to squeeze the most coin out of television rights packages and the subsequent conference distribution payments.


  11. tophatal says:


    Let me pose this question to you ? Will ESPN be able to show any type of impartiality when it comes to their coverage of the athletics program of the Texas Longhorns when one bears mind the multi-billion dollar tv deal ($3 billion over two decades ) signed between the two parties engineered by Mack Brown and AD DeLoss Dodds ? The Longhorns Network co-owned by ESPN and the school will be up and running this season .

    tophatal ………….


    • The formation of the Longhorn Network was a key tipping point for all the conference juggling that followed. When they started making noise about putting high school games on it, A & M finally went loco and headed for the Big 12 exit door. The thought was a brokered peace was firmly in place after its mention but obviously several conference members were long ago looking for a way out as soon as it was announced. ESPN has always played favorites and Texas will be promoted early and often as we move forward in their partnership.


      • tophatal says:


        That was no tipping point that was a sheer act of avarice on both their parts ( ESPN and the Longhorns ) ! NBC Sports are still taking a ” beating “ in their continued coverage of Notre Dame Football as the program hasn’t been relevant in decades . It makes you wonder what many of these programming directors are thinking at times doesn’t it ?

        The Nielsens’ Ratings bear this out in terms of the network’s coverage of their (Fightin’ Irish’s ) schedule . About the only time there’s any real interest in an NBC’s sports’ coverage is when it comes to their scheduling of the Summer Olympics , NFL and any of the 4 Golf majors (where Tiger is of relevance) that’s on their schedule . I’d say the NHL up to a point but only in the markets where the sport still resonates !

        I’m looking to see if either Sheldon Adelson will invest $200 million in my new sports’ broadcast start-up venture ! It’s going to be called “Self Absorbed Sports Network ” (SASN) . Hosts will include Skip Bayless , Stephen A Smith , Jason Whitlock and Johnny Miller to name but a few ! I mean if Adelson can invest $11 million and counting in Newt Gingrich’s campaign then why not a business venture like mine ? Your thoughts ? LOL,LOL,LOL, LOL !!!!

        tophatal ……


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