Sportsattitudes Mailbox – Crying, Dying And Lying

Once again time to answer just a handful of the many, many questions that keep pouring into the sportsattitudes mailbox…once he thinks them up.

Q. Bobby Petrino was fired as Head Coach of the Arkansas football team for lying about a motorcycle accident with his newly announced mistress, who he also recently had hired as the Student-Athlete Development Coordinator at the university and given $20K to.  What is your main takeaway from all this?

A. See how much damage can be done when you don’t wear a helmet?

Q. I recently saw an article in USA Today noting the fact Major League Baseball, the NFL, NBA and NHL all have their rule books on their web sites and readily available for fans…but NASCAR does not.  Why do you think that is?

A. Because NASCAR rewrites their rulebook on a weekly basis.

Q. How about Bubba Watson winning that Masters Tournament?  He was very emotional.  I have not seen an athlete tear up that badly in a long time.  Thoughts?

A. The timing of Watson’s emotions was interesting for me personally because I had just gotten done reading an article about crying in the workplace…on the job.  I do believe that had Bubba blubbered that much behind a desk he might have been sent home for the day with a request to “see someone” before returning.  If that had happened in a boardroom it wouldn’t have been as wonderfully received as it was on the course.  That being said, if Watson continues to play like he did at Augusta he’s going to be visiting a lot of boardrooms making a lot of endorsement deals.  I hear Kleenex is in the mix.

Q. Ozzie Guillen appears to have dodged a bullet over his pro-Fidel Castro comments.  Ironic the Marlins hired him in no small part to connect with the very community he outraged, initially calling for a boycott of Marlins games.  What fallout do you expect now that he has tried to explain himself and apologize to everyone?

A. I always expected after the “warm and fuzzy” glow of the new stadium and uniforms wore off this franchise would go back to playing before a handful of spectators.  The best their ownership and marketing people can hope for now is a bump in attendance from all the pro-Castro fans in the area.

Q. The NHL Playoffs start-up this week.  Consensus seems to be the best opening series should be the Flyers and the Penguins.  Philadelphia’s chances probably come down to how well Goalie Ilya Bryzgalov plays.  He’s been full of crazy comments and lazy play all year…at least in the last month it looks like he’s calmed down both on and off the ice.  How do you think he’ll do?

A. If you tried to compile all the nutty things this guy has said and done since he hit our region it would be at least three novels worth.  My personal favorite was after being told he would not start the NHL’s Winter Classic…he Tweeted a picture of the thermos he would be bringing for his Earl Grey tea.  The organization has been working with him to try to help him communicate less…and better.  This week, he was asked if he was afraid of facing the Penguins.

“I’m not afraid of anything (except) the bear in the forest.”

Intrepid Philly scribes translated this to mean he really is afraid of bears…since about eight years ago he saw photos of an acquaintance that was mauled and killed by a bear during a hunting trip.  You never know how someone is going to react when you give them the keys to the franchise.  In Ilya’s case, at least we know if he sees a bear he’ll be grabbing those keys and driving off as fast as possible.  He most definitely will need to bear down for the Flyers to defeat Pittsburgh.

Q. Lamar Odom and the Dallas Mavericks are parting ways.  Mark Cuban had some very unflattering things to say about his brief time in Dallas.  What do you make of all this?

A. Lamar never really “checked into” Dallas so it should be fairly easy for him to “check out.”  I understand he and his wife Khloe Kardashian are now busy thinking through whether they should rename their reality show “Keeping Up With The Odoms” while Lamar wanders the NBA landscape looking for work.  While E! Network is likely the front-runner to carry it, don’t be surprised if the Travel Channel makes a play for it.  One thing he can do well on the court is travel…and now he’ll be doing it off the court as well.

Q. Nike recently unveiled new uniforms for the National Football League.  This while all the discussions about player safety continue to heat up in light of the penalties against the Saints, as well as the continuing lawsuits over the NFL’s prior knowledge about the severity of concussions.  Do you expect Nike to come forward with any innovations along the lines of protecting players?

A. There is a rumor Nike is hard at work developing really cool flags.  They should be ready for the start of pre-season so all NFL players can get used to their fit…and the new rules involving them.  One note – it appears the Pittsburgh Steelers will be the only team that has to rip BOTH flags off of a player possessing the ball.


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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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26 Responses to Sportsattitudes Mailbox – Crying, Dying And Lying

  1. Jup says:

    Maybe Ilya Bryzgalov is just afraid of the Bruins. He saw what they did to Luongo in the playoffs last year, and he’s scared. Though I don’t know how often Tim Thomas wanders into the woods…


  2. I have to say that I was disappointed in the new Nike uniforms, as at least half of the “new” designs they leaked in Dec 2010 were an improvement to existing ones:

    Btw- I heard one person speculating that Petrino’s accident was caused by his lady friend attempting to lend the coach a hand.


  3. chappy81 says:

    There’s rules in NASCAR!?!

    Pretty awesome performance by Bubba. I was actually rooting for Oosthauzen. There’s something about Oost’s goofy smile. One thing you can love about Bubba though is he goes for it every shot.

    The fact that Odom put a swing set in his room and expected it to actually hold Khloe tells you how dumb the guy is…


    • I love Oost’s smile and I felt sorry for him. And yes, Bubba doesn’t get cheated on ANY of his shots. If Lamar Odom had one-tenth of the demonstrated passion for basketball as Watson has for his sport…


  4. sports’

    Didn’t the Razorbacks consider Petrino and his lack of honesty and integrity prior to the hiring ? I mean the way he left the Falcons had Art Modell smiling from ear to ear , admiring his hutzpah . 😉 🙂

    Syria’s President Bashar Al Assad has issued an open invite to Ozzie Guillen . No word as of yet as whether or not he’ll accept the invitation to visit that Arab country . LOL,LOL,LOL ! !!

    Guillen should count himself lucky that the Cuban-Americans in Miami hadn’t set up a lynch mob to hang his ##s outside Marlins’ stadium as a reminder that they don’t like sympathizers of the Cuban regime led by Raul and Fidel . Poor Ozzie , still doesn’t know when to shut his “trap” /mouth when needed .

    tophatal ………


    • Tophatal, I was one who was less than thrilled Arkansas hired Petrino in the first place. Never a big fan of his. The Falcons must be thinking today what goes around comes around. Ozzie G is also beginning to get his “due” also…he can’t help himself and his repeated broken English excuse wore thin a long time ago. I could not believe he was actually an analyst on TV last year…had to have a seven-second delay for that. That’s the last we’ll see him working for a network.


      • Ozzie can’t go the Sammy Sosa route and claim his English is bad . As for Petrino , I can see why became infatuated with Jessica Dorrell but if he’s so inclined to have a young female ride his favorite “toy” I’d say he’s better off doing it in the backseat of a Pinto or Hyunday as I hear it’s a helluva lot safer . Your thoughts on the matter ?


    • Bobby Petrino’s mistress/new hire ranks 7th on school’s list for volleyball kills. Ranks 1st in coach kills.


      • sports’

        There are several PR consultancy firms that would like nothing better than to have Ozzie Guillen , Sean Payton and Petrino as a client . If you were in the profession as a consultant which of the trio do you believe has the best chance to repair their now “tarnished image ” ?

        The Heat are proving that just because everyone makes you the favorite it doesn’t mean you’re deserving of that mantel . The Bulls really took it to them last night .

        In your honest opinion are the Twins capable of doing anything this season within the AL Central ? I mean given their recent track record over the last few years what should their fans now come to expect from this team ?

        Now that some Broadway producer has decided to have a musical show come to the New York stage about the lives of Magic and Larry Bird will the show itself be far more exciting than anything to be found within the NBA this season ? Is the world of entertainment really that devoid of creativity ? What’ll they come up with next a musical based on Nicole Brown-Simpson Ron Goldman murders will be ” Broadway bound ” ? Who’ll play the pivotal roles in that mess do you think ?

        tophatal …………..


  5. Rob Kotaska says:

    Here I thought NASCAR’s lack of an online manual had to so with the literacy level of the average NASCAR fan…too low?


  6. Steven Jeffries says:

    I like this format…a kind of “fireside chat” thing. Good for you! I couldn’t agree with you more so regarding Ozzie and Miami. This radical move will do little to improve things for the Marlins, especially after this Castro thing…

    Also, Odom should be blasted a bit for his poor performance and attitude in Dallas. He and Bynum are quality players, they should begin to act like “professional people” as well…


    • Thanks for the kind words on the “mailbox” Steven. Indeed, Castrogate isn’t going away anytime soon for Ozzie or Miami. The way Odom and Bynum have acted out over their careers, you wonder how Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson managed to keep them focused long enough to win as much as they did in LA.


  7. UN Secretary General Bam Ki Moon wants Guillen to become a UN Special Envoy and Ambassador to Cuba .

    Lamar Odom is more focussed on reality show stardom and impregnating his wife . Unfortunately for Lamar he doesn’t want to address the kids he has fathered prior to his relationship with a Kardashian . But then again he’s no Anonio Rogers-Cromartie or Floyd Mayweather Jr .


  8. Did you see the photos of the coeds protesting in Arkansas pleading for Petrino? A large sign read “Jesus forgives Bobby – why can’t you?” Priceless


  9. Great post. I love your comment about the flags. While player safety is an issue, people are whining too much.


  10. I’ve never seen a single episode of that Kardashian show (call it good taste) but I’ll admit, I’d have to sit down and watch one where Odom tries to explain to the audience why his NBA career never amounted to much.

    That’s what I’d call must see TV.


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