Sidney Crosby – The “C” Stands For Classless…Clueless…Both

I find it the ultimate irony to be sitting in suburban Philadelphia writing about how a professional hockey team tried to goon it up in a Stanley Cup Playoff game, baiting and cheap shot-ing their way through all sixty minutes…and that team wasn’t the Flyers.

Truth be told, those “Broad Street Bullies” from the 70’s left town a very, very long time ago, but I digress…

A heavy favorite to win this year’s Cup, yet finding themselves down 2-0 in the opening round, the Pittsburgh Penguins decided to try a tactic they enlisted a couple of weeks back in a regular season game against Philadelphia…albeit at home.  They committed to bait and hurl themselves at the Flyers in a reckless, dangerous manner with the intent to injure and punch out any Flyer who attempted to fight back.

It didn’t work then.

It didn’t work yesterday.

The Penguins are now down three games to none and on the verge of being swept away from a Playoff season that just began.  For Flyers fans, each game has been a case of…“well, there’s no way we can top that.”

Game 1 – Flyers down 3-0 at the first intermission.  Win 4-3 in overtime.

Game 2 – Flyers down 3-1 at the first intermission.  Win 8-5.

Which brings us to Game 3, of course set within the “City Of Brotherly Love.”  And to Sidney Crosby, the Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins.  An acclaimed superstar of the sport.  Arguably the very face of the NHL.

What an ugly, pathetic face it is today.

You can Google any comment I’ve left on fellow sports bloggers’ web sites and try to find one single, negative word I have ever typed about Sidney Crosby…until now.  I have stood up for him in the face of relentless attacks.  A whiner.  A cheap shot artist.  An instigator.  A flopper. A guy afraid to fight his own battles.  And each time, I’ve politely said his God-given talent is great for the sport, the NHL…and also great for a city that almost lost hockey completely not that many years ago.  I rooted him back from his concussion issues and indicated I couldn’t wait to see him play once more.  Heck, I went to school in Pittsburgh for a year and consider it one of my very favorite cities of all.

But I take it all back now when it comes to Sidney Crosby.  Because of one game.

Yesterday’s Game 3…an 8-4 Philly win.

A Captain of a hockey team gets a “C” because he’s a leader.  He sets the tone for his team.  He’s poised.  He represents the city and the franchise with dignity and class.

Sidney Crosby’s “C” as far as I am concerned now stands for Classless…Clueless…Both.

On at least two occasions, Crosby grabbed Flyers from behind yesterday with the apparent sole intent to dance with them just long enough for a fellow Penguin to take over and instigate a fight.  On a third, he swept away a glove Flyer Jakob Voracek had dropped and was simply trying to retrieve.  He also was caught jabbing at Philadelphia Goalie Ilya Bryzgalov’s glove…which happened to still be very much on Ilya’s hand.

When queried after the game…which featured 158 penalty minutes, most of which Crosby helped create directly (as noted above) or indirectly (by inciting his team mates to go down this failed road to futility)…here’s part of what he had to offer up…

“There’s more than one team getting in those things. You can make a story all you want about us getting frustrated. They’re doing the same things we are.”

“I don’t like them, because I don’t like any guy on their team.”

Classless for his actions on the ice – he made it clear he had no respect for his opponents or the game.  Clueless because of the fact his Penguins tried to drag Philly into the mud a couple of weeks before the end of the regular season and the Flyers defended themselves then quite admirably in every instance…and came out on top.  And also…because of those idiotic comments about both teams doing the same things.  Don’t even go down the road of  “it takes two to tango.”  A team has every right to defend itself.  That’s all the Flyers were doing.

No Sidney.  There are most definitely three things you and your team have done in this series the Flyers have not done…

1. You and your team made a mockery of the sport yesterday executing your frustrated, flawed strategy of goon hockey.

2. You and your team have lost every game.

3. You personally have yet to finish one instigation you’ve started.  We hardly call your dancing about with Philly’s star Claude Giroux fighting.  You cheap shot someone…hide behind a lineman or a team mate…and watch the mayhem unfold.  I won’t even bother to detail the flops in Game 1 because, indeed, your true colors appeared yesterday.

You really are “Sid The Kid.”

A very, very little Kid at that.

Just like your detractors always said you were…


About sportsattitudes

I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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17 Responses to Sidney Crosby – The “C” Stands For Classless…Clueless…Both

  1. Well said, sir.

    As you well know, I’m no hockey fan, but I did rather enjoy Torts blasting the Penguins the other day.

    $20,000 fine? Can you imagine what Stern would have done?


  2. jrthetalker says:

    Reblogged this on jrthetalker and commented:
    Tough comments, and harder to swallow being a Pens fan, cannot argue one point…spot on!


  3. This post enlightened me to a new opinion. Until now, I had always simply considered Crosby as a great guy. Saying, “I don’t like them, because I don’t like any guy on their team,” is classless.


  4. FireDannyAinge says:

    How dare you hate on the NHL’s future, Saint Sidney is well, a saint. He can do no wrong. Sounds a lot like idiot red sox nation these days. (not including me of course)

    The Bruins accused them of cheap shots the last time they played.


  5. Steven Jeffries says:

    Not really a hockey fan, but this is good stuff. Well done!


  6. Spill Man says:

    As an avid hockey fan, and full time Crosby critic, I will say that this playoff round has seemed to bring out the worst in most players. Already double the amount of game misconduct penalties handed out than in last year’s playoffs. Tonight’s Torres hit on Chicago’s Hossa is just another example. It’s pretty sad.


    • The Torres hit was real bad in that he went high and left his feet. I thought the Hawks used great restraint immediately afterwards…which may have been the first time in any series so far anyone has used any restraint. That being said, the last thing the league needs right now is “hit and run” guys like Crosby who start mini-riots and then go stand behind a linesman.


  7. I missed the game but read about the kids antics. That said this was the best read. Well done Bruce.


  8. Blog Surface says:

    Bruce! The Flyers/Pens series is heating up… Pens look to be getting their mojo back winning tonight. I can’t imagine the Pens coming all the way back to win the series. Flyers in 6.


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