London Olympics 2012 – “Field” Events Include Discus, Hammer, Shot Put…and Missile

The brainchild of Frenchman Pierre de Coubertin, the Olympic Movement was established back in 1894.  Its objective is defined in the Olympic Charter:

“The goal of the Olympic Movement is to contribute to building a peaceful and better world by educating youth people through sport practised in accordance with Olympism and its values.”

“Peaceful and better world” were not among the words found on flyers recently passed out to some London residents by their Ministry of Defense.  What was on the leaflets was information their residential apartment building may serve as a temporary military base for housing a “high-velocity missile system.”

The New York Times’ Sarah Lyall ran the story, quoting one of the lucky leaflet recipients:

“It looked like one of those things where you get free pizzas through the post.  But this was like, free missiles.”

Shooting for a peaceful and better world is something we can aim for, but you can’t deny we’re probably a few centuries away from that target.  Fortunately for the lucky residents of this apartment complex, the Ministry assures them (via the handout, in the “Frequently Asked Questions” section mind you) they’re fortunate indeed to be chosen to potentially house Rapier surface-to-air missiles on their house because it will “improve your local security and not make you a target for terrorists.”

Of course these handouts triggered haggling from all sides.  City residents who wonder what happens if those missiles misfire.  City residents who wonder if they’ll be targets because they DON’T have a missile system in their neighborhood.

And…Thank God…at least one other person besides me who wonders what happens if terrorists do decide to lob something in the direction of London and the Ministry decides to intercept it downtown with one of those high-velocity missiles.

Jan Wind, a retired Dutch Navy captain and director of the Hague-based Wiser Consultancy:

“When you launch a Rapier missile and shoot down an aircraft, it’s not like the whole thing vanishes.  It’s 100% tons of metal, scraps and other stuff that is coming down.  If a Rapier is used, the damage could be just about the same as the intentions of the terrorist – only on another spot.  The goal of the terrorists will be met in a certain sense.”


It’s been no secret these kinds of precautions have been taken for other events of global magnitude since 9/11.  In most cases I have heard of, security has been discreetly positioned…designed to ward off the enemy long before their intended target.

The British military sought to assure citizens after all this got out by clarifying any decision to launch missiles from rooftops would come from the highest levels of government.

The levels of government who thought this was a sensible idea in the first place.


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7 Responses to London Olympics 2012 – “Field” Events Include Discus, Hammer, Shot Put…and Missile

  1. tophatal says:


    Don’t begrudge my hometown (land of my birth) from wanting to be protective of the guests (approx 2-3,500,000) who’ll visiting the UK during the Olympics . The last thing they (government) needs is a terrorist attack on UK soil in the midst of that event . That being said with the UAE said to be interested in bidding for the 2024 Olympics , how’d you think that tiny Middle Eastern state would cope with their security measures ?

    The so-called ideals of the IOC and the Olympic movement has become corrupt and perverted ! Money has simply ruined the ideals of what the event is said to stand for .

    Can you recall the Munich Olympics and the terrorist attacks that took place then ?

    I see two former Eagles’ players are eying ambitions with regard to making a return to the NFL ? McNabb because he feels he can still contribute for a legitimate contender , whereas TO has money issues with regard to non-payment of child support (in excess of $75 ,000 for his five kids [4 baby mamas]) as well as owing the IRS over $500,000 in taxes . How in hell can TO , having earned in excess of $80 million over the course of his career now be on the verge financial ruin ? LOL,LOL ,LOL !!!

    Did the Heat blunder last night or what against the Pacers ?

    If at all interested let me know what you think ? Merely click unto the links shown to view .


    • Al, I am all for protection…just not on someone’s roof. Nobody’s putting a missile system on my roof. I was indeed around for the Munich Games. I still remember how disbelieving I was they continued the competition, much less only waited 24 hours to do so. “The show must go on”…doesn’t always work for me.


      • Look not on my roof works well but let’s be real here , in the US you have an area of the law where the Justice System can now get a warrant through the FISA Act and listen in on your phone conversation and there’s not a god-damn thing you or I can do about it . It was brought in as part of the “Patrotism Act ” and thought to be a useful weapon to fight terrorism with regard to Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Now FISA warrants have been used for surveillance beyond their original scope but you’d be hard pressed to convince some people otherwise . As to the events of Munich , that to me was an affirmation of everything I expected could and would happen at the time it showed how naive the West has been . Simply put , it magnified the crisis in the Middle East and the Palestinian problem as it has been repeatedly ignored in the West . And from a diplomatic standpoint the US government and the successive administrations have been clueless on the issue and how best to address it .


  2. Let’s all hope for a peaceful Olympic summer, yea?


  3. Longworth72 says:

    I sadly get the need for security but putting a flyer in people’s letterboxes? That’s some junk mail they’re getting there.


    • Junk mail indeed, Longworth! Imagine going to get your mail and finding a “weapon offer.” I usually get flyers for house cleaners and landscapers…not for surface-to-air missile system installation.


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