Andy Reid Era Ends In Philadelphia…Better Late Than Never

It’s about time.

No matter what you think about his tenure here…or that many Philadelphia Eagles fans are truly happy and excited about the franchise’s future now Andy Reid is no longer roaming the sidelines…please allow one long-time local fan the opportunity to present a rationale why many here are relieved he has – finally – been relieved of his duties.

The national media will continue to expound on his league longevity, his winning record, his division titles and post-season appearances.  Every time I saw Andy talk to one of them he was cordial, almost jovial.  He was polite and responsive.

Every time I saw Andy talk to the local media (and thereby the fan base) he was condescending, stubborn, evasive and treated them (and thereby the fan base) as if all of us didn’t deserve any explanations…for anything.  Decisions, errors, changes.  You name it.

The NFL fraternity of coaches both working and looking for work (some loosely known as “analysts”) will continue to expound on what a great leader of men he is, a “player’s coach”…and surely worthy of immediate hire by any team.  No criticisms are coming from that group either.

Well…as an X’s and O’s guy Andy was stubborn to a fault.  He sometimes had the right plan, sometimes not.  But in many instances, it never seemed he would or could make the necessary adjustments in-game.  There were playoff losses to lesser teams where the game plan wasn’t working from the jump, but the plan never was altered.  His players generally loved him…but we all know sometimes a “player’s coach” can also mean not putting the hammer down when it needs applied.  His first round of coaching hires when he started here was mostly successful…very much so.  Once change came to his assistant ranks however, the replacement hires were not.  His rosters were scattered with stars…but there always seemed to be a gaping hole in at least one area that caused the team to come up short of a Super Bowl year after year.

He certainly won a lot of games here.  He also lost a fair share…and some of them on the biggest of stages when no matter how big his laminated card was he and his teams looked as disorganized as could possibly be.

Andy should have been let go last season.  He wasn’t…and Philadelphia had to suffer through the debacle that was 2012 as a result of that inaction.

No one knows what 2013 will bring…and…finally…that’s a good thing.

I chuckle every time someone outside Philly says, “Eagles fans don’t know how good they have had it” or, “Eagles fans don’t appreciate how great a coach they are losing.”  And my personal favorite…“Eagles fans better be careful what they wish for.”

I submit for many Eagles fans…after great thought and care…today we got exactly what we wished for.


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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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12 Responses to Andy Reid Era Ends In Philadelphia…Better Late Than Never

  1. Troy says:

    So much discrepancy from what I’ve noticed among fans (well, non-Eagles fans, so that’s that). One thing’s for sure — horrible year (at least the last 4, maybe 5, months) personally and professionally for Andy. As we all know, nothing stays the same and nothing lasts forever. I can’t comment on his tenure there (only thing I could run my e-mouth about today was Norv Turner’s forced departure), especially here, with your voice carrying the most weight as the author of this site and a Philly fan, so it’s nice to read some insight!

    “I chuckle every time someone outside Philly says, “Eagles fans don’t know how good they have had it” or, “Eagles fans don’t appreciate how great a coach they are losing.” And my personal favorite…“Eagles fans better be careful what they wish for.””

    Yes sir, I am guilty of saying many similar phrases! Too often!


    • Troy, one metric I saw all should consider before considering this is premature to discharge him…Andy’s regular season total of wins as of Christmas, 2004 was 64. He won only 66 regular season games after that date. In other words…64-30 before, 66-63-1 after. We’ve been patient.


  2. J-Dub says:

    When the Eagles singed Michael Vick, my exact words were “within three years this will be the destruction of this team.” Not to say I told you so, but…


  3. The only thing that had been around longer than Reid in terms of real entertainment and drama , the original crime drama L& O (Law & Order).

    It was time for the coach to hang it up !


    • Agreed Al. Note my comment above about Andy’s career achievements being “front-loaded.” He was gang-busters for his first few years…and then went bust. I don’t think people realize how patient Philadelphia has been. God knows the national media will never tell you that.


  4. The playoff failures from the early 2000s really stand out; especially the loss to the Panthers (that was brutal!). In Reid’s defense, I remember McNabb playing pretty pitiful in that game. Still, it was time for both parties to go their seperate ways.

    What’s you take on how Reid will do in KC?


    • Tim, the loss to the Panthers indeed bothered me more than any other…but I will admit most folks in the area “side” with the loss to the Bucs as Veterans Stadium was taking its final bow. As for KC I suspect Andy will surround himself with as many of the same coordinators as possible from his early days in Philly. Jokes here already about fantasy football players needing to drop Jamaal Charles in their rankings for next season based on Andy’s unrelenting love of the forward pass. It will be fascinating to see what he does with that draft pick…and make no mistake, it will be his pick and his alone. He’ll be great for sports talk in KC. Second-guessing is even better when no one is explaining their thought process on strategy, decisions or player performance.


  5. I was listening to Mike and Mike today, against my will, and Greenberg asked Reid whether he ever considered taking a year off.

    Reid said no, that he still had the fire to coach.

    He better bring some big ass logs and kerosene with him to KC because that team ain’t very good.


    • I think I have finally…finally kicked the Mike & Mike habit. It’s been at least a year now. I think Andy believes he cannot function unless he’s coaching football. He’s a bit of a robot in that regard. Some would call it focus and dedication…but he got a lot of heat for only taking a couple days off to bury his son during camp…especially when it happened IN camp. We shall not judge without being judged ourselves, but my opinion is he not only needed to take more time off then but he surely could have used a year off after his Philly gig ended. I believe he took the KC position so quickly because he literally can’t live life any other way and took the very first thing thrown his way. As well, he does have the built in excuse it may be the worse team in the league and any additional wins he can carve out in the next couple of years will make him look like a savior. Best place for him…no expectations of instant success…and considering how the last several years have gone in Philly there shouldn’t be anyway.


  6. Troy Sparks says:

    Well, Bruce, I figured I’d revisit this post of yours, and y’know, I held down CTRL and hit the F key. In what I was wanting to find, I decided I’d look for the word “time” and where I could find the word “time” used in your post whether as a standalone or a part of another word.

    Eight times.

    In a post about Andy Reid.

    If I recall, this past weekend, Andy’s Chiefs, in their choking of that 38-10 lead against the Colts, gave Andrew Luck the ball eight times or so in the second half. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s some form of strange irony and maybe I’m looking too far into it!

    But the reason I searched for “time” is because I see a lot of Chiefs fans (and MANY other fans, of course) flipping out over Reid’s clock management and play calling from last weekend, so the word “time” played a factor in wanting to go back and check out this post.

    I didn’t watch your Eagles all too much this year, I have to admit. In the beginning it looked like the season wasn’t going to go too well and out of nowhere Nick Foles exploded. That was cool to see and hear about, as well as all of the “Napoleon Dynamite” and “Uncle Rico” memes. Are you excited with the team moving forward?


    • Hey Troy, great to have you back even though I was off the reservation for so long. I certainly was giddy on the first day of the 2013 NFL playoffs at the prospect Andy’s Chiefs would complete their late-season meltdown immediately followed by the Chip Kelly-led Eagles winning Round 1 versus the Saints and continuing the rebuilding and rebranding of the franchise Andy left in shambles. Two things we could always count on in Philly when Andy roamed the sidelines was he would never make halftime or late game adjustments…and he never had any concept of time to begin with. Those career quirks surfaced right on cue in Indy. As for our Eagles, Nick Foles is starting to resemble Andy’s former signal-caller Donovan McNabb. High passer rating, no risk-taking. He even admitted to the NBC crew he much prefers a sack to taking a chance on a turnover. That was McNabb’s mantra and it guaranteed no rings for the Birds. Nick will have to play more like a Chip Kelly QB than Andy’s former QB. They also need a stud pass rusher and safety. If those things happen, good times in Philly next season.


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