Alabama 42, Notre Dame 14 – BCS…Best Coach Saban

Three titles in four years. 

Yup, Nick Saban is getting pretty good at this whole college coaching thing.

Assembles the very best talent.  Hires the very best assistants.  Maintains maximum intensity 24/7, 365.

The highlight of the game for me was Bama QB A.J. McCarron and C Barrett Jones arguing with each other with a huge lead in the fourth quarter as a delay-of-game penalty was being called.  That shows you how extremely intense and precise Saban runs his program…and how much his team buys in.  They don’t want to make any mistakes.  Zip.

Well, OK.  They didn’t pitch a shutout last night.

But it sure felt like one.

Even in his post-game comments, Saban pointed out Georgia was five yards from being Notre Dame’s opponent.

The man is obviously still upset about how his team played against those Bulldogs in the SEC Championship game a month ago…which in retrospect was probably the very worst thing that happened to the Fighting Irish…aside from serving as the bounce-back, punching-bag opponent last night of course.

That’s why we likely may be hearing “Roll Tide” at a few more of these upcoming championship games.

Nick Saban’s mind is already focused on next season.



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8 Responses to Alabama 42, Notre Dame 14 – BCS…Best Coach Saban

  1. I like to see a coach get really involved with the game. (Tired of seeing some stare at the ground or stare at a page without emotion) If the coach isn’t excited about the game – how can the players be? (OK different coaching styles, but still….)


  2. Saban says he enjoys his pursuit of excellence even though we don’t see many big smiles or passionate emotion. However, he never fails to put on display his relentless concern towards achieving perfection.


  3. J-Dub says:

    Let’s look at what else happened last night. The media love-fest of Notre Dame got set on it’s ear. Whatever else you want to say, the Irish were exposed as not being anywhere near ready to be a contender for a Championship.


    • Agreed. I am amazed at how much I am hearing today along the lines of “well, what did you expect? Alabama plays in the SEC.” The way the national media had this going in Notre Dame was considered worthy of not only being on the field but winning the game. The “spin” is staggering the morning after…


  4. Pretty impressive feat what this guy has been able to do in a day where college football, particularly in the South, is as dominant as it is.

    He’s lost eight games in the last five years.

    That’s just ridiculous, man.


  5. Longworth72 says:

    Kind of parochial of me but worth mentioning that Alabama’s nose tackle for the past 2 seasons has been Aussie Jesse Williams – Tha Monstar has a decent shot of being just the 2nd from down here to get picked up in the NFL draft – Presuming his injury in the BCS title game is not too serious. That’s some nice work maximising a very wide talent pool by Saban


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