Super Bowl XLVII – CBS Needed Sound Off…Power On

In a game where I preferred a tie so neither one of the teams would win, I knew going in Super Bowl XLVII was not going to fully energize me.

Little did I know the Mercedes-Benz Superdome wouldn’t be fully energized either.

I found it ironic after having to suffer for a couple of weeks through approximately 3,000 teaser commercials for a hot new car appearing in Mercedes-Benz’s fourth quarter commercial during the Super Bowl…the stadium bearing their name couldn’t keep its power on for the entire game.  If you can’t keep the lights on in a stadium being viewed by the entire planet what makes you think we’d trust you with headlights or turn signals?

As it turned out there’s a lot to dish about regarding The Big Game this year.  Ultimately, I was more entertained than I thought I would be. Then again, the entertainment only came about because the action on and off the field was train wreck television at its very best.  What I was seeing was so bizarre it was fascinating.

In order of recall:

I deftly avoided CBS until 4 PM Eastern…which of course was still going to entitle me to hear Ray Lewis and the coaching Harbaugh brother stories in detail…one more time.  The only saving grace in going through that process one final time was…it was the final time.  If anyone needs Exhibits A and I-A for why they should play the Super Bowl one week after the Conference Championships instead of two…it is the brutally oft-repeated sagas of Lewis’ retirement and the Harbaugh family competition.

Every time I see Joe Namath, I still cannot help but think about his drunken advance on ESPN’s Suzy Kolber.  I know it happened a long, long time ago.  Keep in mind I’ve seen every Super Bowl and truly appreciate what Joe did in Super Bowl III.  I saw most of his pro career and respect him as a player.  But when I saw him as the “lead voice” for the Super Bowl opening CBS put together to Queen’s “We Will Rock You” I couldn’t help but think about how he wanted to rock Suzy’s world several years back while smashed out of his skull.  I know.  It’s me.  But every time I see his face…

Is Alicia Keys STILL singing the National Anthem?

Why didn’t web site specialists GoDaddy let Danica Patrick switch places with the supermodel and kiss up that hapless computer dude for twenty seconds on their “Beauty And The Geek” commercial?  Now THAT would have made for a better web…sight.

What was the Ravens’ John Harbaugh thinking about in having his team fake a 32-yard field goal attempt on 4th and 9 after clearly establishing domination both on the field and the scoreboard in the first half?  Was he trying to let bro Jim’s Niners back in the game?  Pitty play?

The field officials let this Super Bowl get out of hand early on and established pushing, pulling, holding and harassing were all fair game.  This did not lead to…well…a fair game.

Beyoncé’s halftime show.  I swear I could still hear Alicia Keys singing the Anthem in the background.  As for the show itself, there seemed to be an awful lot of dancing and not so much vocalizing.  It looked like a soulful Rockettes or Chorus Line performance for the most part.  Lots of body parts flying about.  I think we should go back to a marching band and just let Super Bowl participants get back onto the field after a normal intermission, not one that lasts a half an hour.  We make the Super Bowl participants wait twice as long to play the Ultimate Game…and then wait twice the time to come back onto the field at halftime.

CBS spent a lot of time during the Super Bowl broadcast telling us they are the #1 this…have the #1 that.  Well, in the category of Best Network Coverage Of A Super Bowl During A Power Failure they rank about #500…or however many networks you may have on your particular service provider.  Just put ’em dead last based on their dead air.  And I don’t want to hear the excuse, “well, this has never happened before.”  Broadcasters of the biggest event on the globe have to be able to fill time in the event of a long delay intelligently.  Even though many of CBS’ analysts were speaking…nothing of value was coming out of their mouths either regarding the game or the situation unfolding.  While the Superdome was half-dark I was reading on the New Orleans’ newspaper website an elevator in the Superdome might have gotten stuck…there was a report of a possible whiff of gas…and the fire department had been called.  No one at CBS reported a word about any of this.  In fact, at one point it sounded as if the NFL didn’t want to comment …or have CBS comment…on what caused the outage.  Was the league trying to advance some potential terrorist threat to keep fans around while the Ravens seemed to be on their way to a rousing victory?

During the power failure, one thing CBS should have done was pull back on coverage of John Harbaugh’s irreverent ripping of a league suit with a walkie-talkie.  I don’t read lips for a living…but I did stay at a Holiday Inn once.  It was not pretty.  It looked like John was trying to condense and vent all the frustration he’s had with the NFL during his entire coaching career within a one-minute time frame.

I for one don’t think the long stoppage in play stopped Baltimore cold…or invigorated San Francisco.  I don’t know how you could qualify or decide that to be true anyway.  Everyone looked ready to play when play resumed.  The 49ers just decided to start fighting back.  Finally.

The Budweiser Clydesdale commercial where the pony grows up…but never forgets who got him to the pinnacle of ponyism…made me tear up.  I’m a sucker for that sort of thing.

All the NFL commercials about youth football…including showing footage of a young girl playing the game…and then sitting with Commissioner Roger Goodell…please.  We know the sport is under attack from all sides regarding whether children should be playing it.  It was insulting to try to sway us with repetitive assurances football is woven into the fabric of the youth of America.  We know that already.  If anything, the spots made people recall the debate currently raging on.

49ers fans are still exhibiting frustration about a pass interference non-call against receiver Michael Crabtree toward game’s end as they were driving for a winning score.  I am wondering if their fans are equally vocalizing their displeasure with the fact the 49ers played the entire first half as if they thought the Super Bowl was a pre-season exhibition.

Veteran CBS play-by-play man Jim Nantz spent most of the game trying to lead lead analyst Phil Simms into committing to some sort of cutting commentary or analysis.  But Simms would have none of it.  On the Crabtree interference non-call late in the game, Phil concluded what may have been his worst broadcast ever by saying the non-call was good because “it was late in the game”…following up after a few more replays that the more he saw “the more confused I get.”  Simms spent most of the day confused.  One thing he did get right was noting whenever any 49er ran past Ray Lewis, who played most of the game as a human turnstile of sorts.  At least Ray knows he’s done…like burnt toast is done.

Very classy for Super Bowl MVP, Baltimore QB Joe Flacco, dropping a curse word across the planet as the confetti floated down.  I swear I heard the CBS sensors bleep out something sworn during coverage of a Matchbox Twenty song in the pre-game…but they somehow couldn’t manage to keep Flacco from f-bombing on the field at game’s end.  Hey Joe, no problem with the enthusiasm.  CBS just didn’t rise to the occasion while you were getting a rise after playing such a great game.

Very classy for Super Bowl losing coach Jim Harbaugh emphasizing that non-call on Crabtree was blown by the officials…as well as a mistake he felt the zebras made on an earlier play in their final drive…another non-call.  He wouldn’t talk to CBS after the loss.  I guess it’s good Jim got to calm down before he addressed the world media.  In retrospect, it would have been interesting to instead see San Francisco win and Jim Harbaugh race across the field, pump his brother’s hand and slap him on the back…then sprint for the locker room like he did against the Detroit Lions’ Jim Schwartz awhile back.  Wonder if John would have chased after his brother like Schwartz did…looking for a further confrontation?

And I admit that, for me…that would have been the perfect end to Super Bowl XLVII…Harbaugh brothers throwing punches at midfield…while Ray Lewis just…walked…away.

Looking forward to next season already.

I’ll leave the lights on.


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12 Responses to Super Bowl XLVII – CBS Needed Sound Off…Power On

  1. Rob Kotaska says:

    ” I think we should go back to a marching band and just let Super Bowl participants get back onto the field after a normal intermission, not one that lasts a half an hour.”



  2. How funny. We thought the power failure was a bit ironical considering the even name – and that the blond should have been skipped with Danica taking her place.
    The halftime show was quite a Rockettes event…sound system as usual lacking…voting for marching bands next time.
    Oh, there was the football game…and the Texans once again forced to watch a former player playing so well – for someone else…it’s getting to be a habit…
    Great game/show review
    (Oh, maybe the power outage was caused by all those electric cars plugged in during the game?)


  3. This one’s for you, brother.


  4. Thanks Chris. Maybe it’s because I saw Joe “lean in” live…but nonetheless the incident lives on for me as a reminder when you start drinking early in the day and you’re going on National TV late at night…pace yourself.


  5. 114 million households got to see how incompetent the city of New Orleans remains ! Meanwhile , Mitch Lansdrieu , mayor of the Crescent City , has to be worried that the same fate that befell his predecessor Ray Nagin, isn’t lurking around a corner for him . Nagin has been indicted by the US Justice Department on a slew of charges , ranging from mail fraud , to bribery solicitation , accepting of a bribe , and grand theft . Whoopee ! And I am not talking Whioopi Goldberg , either .


  6. The lights went out and the game proceeded after some 34 minutes , yet the same fate cannot befall the US Congress with the lights going out permanently !


  7. I feel the same way about Namath and I still have a hard time understanding why anybody pays attention to him, let only allows him into the Jets team facility.


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