“New Jersey And Sochi – Perfect Together”

If Chris Christie had the Winter Olympics coming to the Snoopy (AKA Met Life) Stadium region instead of the Super Bowl we wouldn’t need any of these naval warships streaming towards the Meadowlands like those currently bearing down on Sochi.  He’d just decide who was and wasn’t a terrorist…and then close their bridge access.

And on that note Sportsattitudes returns to the blogosphere.  In order to better appreciate my take on the insanity about to go down with these two colossal sporting events please do read my prior post which I wrote oh, about a year ago.  The very last one I wrote before taking a break that lasted far longer than anticipated.  Good to be back.

I am in my suburban Philadelphia home and the amount of snow falling right now (sideways I might add) may eventually outnumber the tweets about Richard Sherman’s outburst about Michael Crabtree after Seattle’s thrilling win over San Francisco Sunday evening.  Truly, if the Super Bowl was being played at the Meadowlands today it would be one of the most hysterical, must-see-TV moments in sports history.  The weather forecast (which translates into Latin as “open your window because we have no earthly idea what it will do”) for two weeks out has Super Bowl Sunday experiencing freezing temps with light precipitation.  Hey, I love bad-weather outdoor football as much as the next person but when you get to the Big Game you gotta put it in the best conditions possible because it’s the most powerful, mega-watt evening in all of American sports…unless of course your power goes out like it did last year.  Which can also happen when you’re having a blizzard and it’s 10 degrees…like I’m watching outside right now. If you’re one of those folks who can’t stand people in your office always yak-yak-yakking about the impending doom of the next storm system you should contact NASA and catch the next shuttle to the space station immediately because for two weeks ALL you’re going to hear about is the weather.  Not how special Denver and Seattle are, not how perfect their players are, not how clever their coaches are. No, you’re gonna hear about the weather.  What WAS the National Football League thinking?  Next thing you know, they’ll want to get rid of extra points.  Wait.  What?

And those Sochi Winter Games are shaping up to be more like War Games than anything else. At least there will be nice weather.  Very nice weather.  Melt the slopes weather.  We have been assured Mad Vlad Putin has stocked up on plenty of snow to disperse should Mother Nature not comply.  Right now, he should be more concerned about dispersing troops so Mother Russia doesn’t become extinct.  Let’s hope we wind up eventually talking about sporting purity…not tight security.

It feels good to take a few minutes here and crank out mindless thoughts about mindless decisions to give New Jersey a Super Bowl and Sochi a Winter Olympics.  This is where I left off ranting with y’all almost twelve months ago and it seemed a perfect time to crank up the crazy once more.


About sportsattitudes

I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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15 Responses to “New Jersey And Sochi – Perfect Together”

  1. SportsChump says:

    New Jersey? Sochi? Either way, I’m bringing a parka.

    Welcome back, brother.


  2. Let’s hope that Sochi becomes Putin’s bridge to nowhere ! $50 billion spent and counting along with a great deal of graft which he and his cronies have profited from .


  3. SB48 and the world be watching . Is there a chance the viewers will get to see Kellen Winslow whack one off for the team ? How is it that Boston Market didn’t ask him to do a Superbowl ad ? Or no approach from the makers of Vaseline Intensive Care ?


  4. Longworth72 says:

    This is what happens when politicians get involved in sport – The Super Bowl situation is laughable but Sochi has the potential to be as funny as terrorism – i.e. Not at all. Munich springs to mind and that’s a poor comparison because that German city is not close to 1 of the most unstable areas on the planet.

    Meanwhile, I’m tipping the furore around Sherman’s comments will melt any snow in New Jersey plus warm the cockles of hearts everywhere. Or something.

    Welcome back Bruce – Been good to get comments from you but missed a proper Sportsattitude serve and volley.


  5. Glad you’re back, I need some good sports talk!


  6. Welcome back to the games (Olympic, Superbowl, and Blogging)!


  7. Will Chris Christie be traveling to Sochi to aid with any transportation issues there ? And if there is said to be a problem , will Mitt Romney be called upon to provide any aid by way of his allegedly vast financial acumen ?

    $50 billion tends to cause some major issues among the guys seated at the table , trying to get equal pieces of that pie.


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