Reasons Why Seahawks And Broncos Prevailed…And Have You Ever Heard Ice Melt Laugh?

I swear this will be the last time I bring up the NFL has foolishly, brazenly scheduled the Super Bowl for Northern New Jersey.  I promise to get to the reasons why Seattle and Denver will now be subjected to whatever conditions God (no, not Roger Goodell) issues.

However…just out of curiosity…have you ever heard Ice Melt and/or Rock Salt LAUGH?  Because that’s what is happening in the Northeast right now.  Here in Philadelphia it just got to 10F mid-day.  That number equals the inches of the substance formerly known as snow on my yard. With the wind, put a big ol’ negative in front of that figure.

I just saw a large flock of Canadian Geese flying home TO GET WARM.

This is ridiculous.

The Philly news radio station was interviewing a woman at the bus terminal who just arrived from HondurasShe was obviously taken back by the conditions she found herself in now.  The news reporter wrapped up the segment by saying something to the effect that geez, it could be a lot worse for us here.  Think about if we were from Honduras.

Yo, if I was from Honduras I wouldn’t BE in the Northeast U.S. with only one-third of winter in the books.

I believe it was Tommy Edison who once said, “If we did all the things we are capable of doing we would likely astonish ourselves.”

And that ladies and gents is what we can still have in two weeks if game-time conditions warrant, a game where even the combatants might shock themselves with their performances.

The #1 offense versus the #1 defense.  According to STATS the first Super Bowl since 1991 where the league’s highest-scoring team is matched against the team who gave up the fewest points.  Only the second time in the last two decades the #1 seed in each conference has reached the Big Game.

I found both Conference Championship Games fascinating. Some quick thoughts and reasons why the winners won:

It was a bit weird seeing Denver with the “early game.”  It was not weird seeing it be 63F and sunny there.  Those people have their blizzards in October.  Don’t ask me.  Everytime the Broncos have gotten a post-season game I can recall, the weather is…well…like Honduras.

Considering the lack of big-play talent Tom Brady had to work with at the wideout position…and how the Pats maneuvered themselves into contending for the Conference title – pounding the opposition with the ground game – I really did not understand why they cranked up the passing and abandoned the run.  It’s like they anticipated their defense getting routed by Peyton Manning and Company.  No faith they could hold Denver in check.  As magnificent a game Manning played, the Broncos were not blowing New England off the field.  Ironically, with time running down future Hall-of-Fame-Hoodie Bill Belichick ran a draw play that was stuffed.  Denver was the better team.  Thank heavens they prevailed.  But the Patriots’ strategy was painful.

Speaking of painful, Hoodie called the hit by Denver wide receiver Wes Welker on Patriots’ DB Aqib Talib “one of the worst plays I’ve seen.”  Well, it should have been a penalty for offensive interference but other than that all we have is a head coach in the heat of the moment striking out verbally at a former employee who wanted a better situation for himself and left the Dark Side.  Hoodie ain’t been doin’ too well since Spygate.  You don’t think there’s a correlation?

Tom Brady overthrew receivers about as bad as I’ve seen him do so.  Looked real…human.

Do you see a theme here where I’m writing more about New England losing the game than Denver winning it?  No doubt Denver executed well but they left points on the field and certainly could have been challenged.  If the Pats were so very concerned with getting into a shootout why punt at any time while fairly deep in Bronco territory as they did?

The crowd in Seattle is awesome.  It is no surprise why the Seahawks are so good at home.  That’s why everyone rushes to point out their road record.  Whatever.  Defense travels so in games Seattle has lost the last couple of years it has been because they have been offensive on offense.

And in fact, Seahawks QB Russell Wilson looked at times on Sunday like he had way too many native Starbucks beverages.  While San Francisco brought a fierce, aggressive Seattle-like mentality to their defensive approach Wilson scrambled like a roach…and he kept running backwards at that.  Russell has looked like a rookie at times this season, which is unfortunate because this is Year Two.  He has been a bit careless and reckless in his travels and Sunday it almost cost his team a slot in the Big Game.

Then again, his counterpart Colin Kaepernick – in Year Three – certainly had an up-and-down affair against the vaunted Seahawks’ D.  His legs set the tone and gave the Niners the lead.  His arm however was tone-deaf when needed the most.

San Francisco had a strange year trying to decide whether to set up the run for the run or set up the run for the pass.  This may be because they know what they have with Colin…a running QB with a big arm but much less accuracy than his tattoo artists.  It’s not like the 49ers don’t have people to catch the football.  Like Michael Crabtree, for example.

Ah yes, the final moment where Seahawks DB Richard Sherman deflected a Kaepernick fling to Crabtree in the end zone and created the game-clinching interception.  The choke signs, the faux “congratulations” to Michael, the rant on-air post-game to Fox’s Erin Andrews.  If you have read anything about Richard Sherman prior to this weekend you know he is an intelligent, thoughtful individual who clearly throws a massively giant switch once on the football field.  The NFL’s Jekyll and Hyde.  It seemed to be all most folks were talking about early this week.  I even heard more than a few folks upset at the lack of sportsmanship displayed and how it reflects poorly on kids watching.  This amuses me because I have no doubt the next Madden release will allow you to take any of the Seattle defenders you’re playing and taunt the opposition mercilessly after each play.

And as for Erin’s reaction to Sherman’s dissing of Michael Crabtree and his own greatnessThat’s why we grab them right after games, because we hope they lose their minds like that.”

General consensus was Andrews handled the situation professionally.  My view is two-fold – one, sideline reporters are useless.  Two, to me she looked like someone just saw her naked.  (couldn’t resist – I tried…)

Hopefully, the hype will match the game.  If so it will be a classic.

In the interim, humor still enjoyed from my driveway.

The Ice Melt laugheth.


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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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15 Responses to Reasons Why Seahawks And Broncos Prevailed…And Have You Ever Heard Ice Melt Laugh?

  1. So Roger Goodell and the NFL hierarchy having decided to have the Superbowl in the Northeast at MetLife Stadium during Winter , has insisted that he’d like a Superbowl to be staged in London , England ? So Kabul , Afghanistan and Lahore , Pakistan , didn’t place a bid for the event ? What the hell is wrong with this commissioner ?


  2. SportsChump says:

    It’s been a full 72 hours now and all anyone has been able to talk about is Richard Sherman.

    I know he’s already doing those Dre headphones commercials but I wonder who’s gonna be the first major endorser to sign this guy to a high dollar contract.


    • That’s a good question Chris. Wonder who might want to hitch their wagon to Mr. Sherman? His antics afterwards polarized opinion of him.


      • SportsChump says:

        I talked to a buddy of mine on Twitter today and mentioned Richard Sherman, saying that’s all anyone was talking about. He quickly corrected me by saying people had switched to talking about Bieber. Sherman was so 24 hours ago. Not exactly sure that was an upgrade.


        • CNN had his picture and story so prominently on its home page I thought he was dead. All anyone was talking about was the Biebs. Richard Who? And agreed on the uncertainty of an upgrade. Let’s call it a push.


  3. Longworth72 says:

    Wow – 1991 was the last time that the #1 offence met the #1 defence in a Super Bowl – Surprising stat. I’d normally be thinking Seahawks then because defence usually trumps offence – You can’t win if you can’t score.

    Then again, I felt like those Seahawks also left points on the field and struggled with taking advantage – Particularly in the 4th. They could have buried the 49ers then but let them off and almost got burned. I agree that Russell Wilson looked jumpy – For him then, and the rest of his crew, it’s a good thing that the spotlight is on Sherman for at least a few days. Don’t reckon the Seattle hierarchy would be minding that at all.


    • Indeed one of the benefits of Sherman’s wild ways is that the rest of the team can “hide” in relative obscurity in the next few days and focus in on the task ahead. Media Day will be all about Richard.


  4. Blog Surface says:

    There he is! The long awaited post finally hits the internet. hehe

    Speaking about the cold, we are here in the Metropolitan area and the weather has been extremely excruciating. The Super Bowl in MetLife is going to be tough for Manning, although we are rooting for the man to get his 2nd championship.


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  6. Troy Sparks says:

    “Two, to me she looked like someone just saw her naked. (couldn’t resist – I tried…)” — classic line! Good stuff!


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