Cowboys 20, Eagles 10 – In Philadelphia Today It’s Cloudy With A 12% Chance For Chip

Dumpster fire

A metric that barely moves the needle as each year passes…but for all NFL fans gets re-hammered into our brains repeatedly as the leaves begin to turn color. So let me pull out the hammer from the tool belt…

Teams that start 0-2 make the playoffs 12% of the time.

Fox TV analyst Troy Aikman moments after the fourth quarter began of yesterday’s debacle:

“This is one of the most bizarre games I have ever watched.”

Aikman with just under ten minutes left:

“This has been a terrible game to watch.”

The phrase most often uttered in Philadelphia this morning is “dumpster fire.”

Dumpsters hold trash in place. Lincoln Financial Field is now officially in the Guinness Book Of World Records for being the largest one-day dumpster in history after the Eagles’ 20-10 loss to the arch-rival Cowboys.

They say even with the greatest football head coaches in place it really comes down to having players. After all head coaches aren’t giving up sacks, throwing balls over receiver’s heads, not blocking, covering or tackling, committing penalties, etc.

But head coaches who also demand responsibility for selecting the players on their roster as well as their subsequent placement on the field are indeed responsible for a great deal of the final product.

In a game where Dallas entered without Dez Bryant and left without Tony Romo…and did nothing particularly well except dominate the spirited committing of penalties competition…they also won.

I was tempted to just put an image of a hazmat label on this entry with no text at all but a couple of craptastic stats oozing from the Philadelphia offense (in some cases combined with the opener in Atlanta) are worth noting:

In the first half the Eagles offense gained twenty-one total yards. That is the lowest total in the first half by any NFL team since the St. Louis Rams in 2013. The quarterback? Sam Bradford.

For a running back with thirteen or more carries in a game DeMarco Murray tied for the fourth-worst performance of any NFL runner since 1960. Thirteen carries. Two yards.

The number of rushing yards Sam Bradford was credited with yesterday was nine. The number of rushing yards the three Eagles running backs was credited with yesterday was minus two.

Philadelphia has turned the ball over five times in their first two games now. A pace for forty. And that would be four more than last year when they led the NFL in giveaways.

On their first four possessions in their first two games this season the Eagles have gained 57 yards on 29 plays with three first downs. They converted only two of eleven third downs yesterday…five of twenty-three for the year.

The Eagles’ defense played hard. They were on the field for forty minutes.

The Eagles’ offense yesterday was as bad as any I recall…and that’s a half-a-century people.

This all lands at the desk of the alleged offensive guru Chip Kelly. Sam Bradford looks like every deer that has sadly ever faced a set of headlights. Once the ball is snapped for a run play the Eagles’ offensive line collectively looks like it has been run over by anything with headlights. The young receiving corps is playing…young. Maybe they are just in shock when Bradford gets the ball to them…but they are not only dropping passes but no one can make a clutch catch when needed.

You flipped the roster Chip. This team is in your image. And your image in this town will only survive this season because of the future prospectus of the NFC Least. The Giants refuse to accept victory at any cost. The Redskins are…the Redskins. And the Cowboys now have to find a way without both Bryant and Romo.

On the NBC TV pre-game show for Sunday Night Football both studio analysts Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison were asked which 0-2 team do you still believe in?

They both said the Eagles.

Two guys lucky enough to not have seen this game.


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9 Responses to Cowboys 20, Eagles 10 – In Philadelphia Today It’s Cloudy With A 12% Chance For Chip

  1. LOL I was trying to get the plates of the car that ran over the Eagles offensive line, because I you’d think it was the same one that ran over the 49er’s offensive line. Now I know why they call them offensive.

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  2. I spent the early part of the afternoon watching the 49ers get trucked by the Steelers. Too bad the East end of Pennsylvania couldn’t hold up their end of the bargain like the West end did.


  3. The good news for the Eagles is that they’ll eventually right this ship. And they’ll be doing so in a division now with no Tony Romo and a dysfunctional Giants team.

    The bad news for Eagles fans is that you don’t know when that will be.

    I hate to say I told you so but I just wasn’t sold on this team, at least not in the beginning. You can’t just plug in a new running back and a new quarterback and expect immediate results.

    Especially if that quarterback is Sam Bradford.

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  4. I hated Chip The GM’s moves. I didn’t want this cast of characters thrust upon us. That being said the way they have lost these first two games has been way, way worse than anyone could have possibly imagined, even the worst Eagles/Chip Kelly haters. You can plug in a new RB and QB and expect them to advance the ball at some point during a football game. And that did not happen Sunday.


  5. I even started watching the Eagles to avoid the Texans. (I hear the Pope may be asked to bless the Eagles…can’t hurt)

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  6. Troy Sparks says:

    Brother, I have faith that your Eagles will turn it around. Big D is hurtin’ and in trouble with the absence of Romo and Bryant. I can’t imagine them continuing their NFC East reign with Brandon freakin’ Weeden or Matt Cassel at the helm. That division could be this year’s 2010 NFC West or 2014 NFC South, yeah?

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    • Brother Troy, it is shaping up as one weird season in the NFL isn’t it? I totally agree with your premise with one disclaimer…it is hard seeing the team that played Sunday winning any game. I know Win One will come. I know there will be other Wins also. And yep, an NFC East title isn’t a stretch because it’s the NFC Least. 7-9 might win it. But God, they were SO bad Sunday.


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