Sportsattitudes – The Road So Far

“The Road So Far” is a title used in the opening moments of the CW Network series “Supernatural.” It appears in season premieres and episodes following an extended break from original shows. When fans (including my wife and I) see it come up on the screen…followed by flashbacks of highlights from recent episodes…we know the producers are essentially hitting the reset button. Remember the road traveled so far folks…because it’s now time to continue our journey.

The road so far for this blog has been quite a ride. This is actually my second attempt at blogging, the first coming back in 2007. I only stuck with it for a year or so and actually deleted the site when I thought I had writing completely out of my system. That blog was a mash-up of “life stories” and sports. I picked up some avid readers along the way but in the end believed writing such intensely sports-devoted posts followed by ones about bad drivers may have drove some folks away. It didn’t have a distinct voice. My journalistic journey felt complete anyway. I at least had taken some time to do something with that Journalism/Humanities degree otherwise rendered irrelevant.

So…flash forward down the road to 2011 when during a period of both self-employment and self-reflection I decided to start blogging again. But even though I consider myself a sports blogger first and foremost I still wanted to have a secondary outlet to periodically reflect on life and all its insanity that often rains down on all of us. I recognize some people don’t know sports, could care less about sports, etc…and I’d like to think I’m a well-rounded individual who can carry on a conversation about something other than who won last night’s game. (I crush “Trivial Pursuit”)

The strategy in 2011 was to create two blogs…sportsattitudes and lifeattitudes. And yes, the lower case was and is intentional as is the minimalist look of the two sites. I didn’t even include pictures on many of my early posts because I wanted the two blogs to literally be all about the writing. It remains a look I like to work within…but I have since found enjoyment in adding images that hopefully enhance my words.

I stuck with blogging…this time with content on two sites…for another year or so before facing a challenge of how much time I had to devote to them. Traffic outside of writing had gotten hectic and the writing fell by the side of the road once again.

However…from that initial start/stop a few years back I did make the intelligent decision to keep both sites alive because if I came back once…

And here I am…now during a period of unemployment and self-reflection…on the road again with thoughts on all things sports…and not. The last couple of months I have returned to blogging on a fairly regular basis. I frankly didn’t know what to expect as far as blogging in 2015. It seemed like there were so many of these outlets back in the day and I wondered if people were still using this format for expressing their thoughts or if everyone had become perfectly happy with Facebook Likes and Twitter Tweets.

What I have learned in these last couple of months is some of my fellow bloggers from several years ago never left the blogging road…and a whole bunch of great new authors have come along to replace those who decided the road wasn’t worth traveling anymore.

The point of this post is to…like the folks who produce “Supernatural” do…hit the reset button.

I plan (for now) on continuing to provide content on both sites and hope everyone who has stopped by one blog will kindly take a moment to visit the other. You’ll likely see future posts here on the World Series, the upcoming College Basketball season, the Premier League (my brand new passion) and of course…all my love-able losing hometown Philadelphia sports teams…especially our fascinating, frustrating NFL Eagles.

Over at lifeattitudes you’ll surely see summaries of future humorous interactions I have with fellow human beings (including my wife), periodic TV or movie commentaries (perhaps even a favorite episode list of “Supernatural”?)…and even some prior archived posts brand new visitors hopefully will enjoy. Heck…it’s not a rerun if it’s new to you.

And that’s “The Road So Far.”


About sportsattitudes

I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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16 Responses to Sportsattitudes – The Road So Far

  1. It’s funny how easy it is to let it slip to the side for a bit, and then suddenly it’s been years since writing! I’m glad you kept writing, or uh, made a return, and I enjoy sports and all the rest, love the insights and all the anecdotes!

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    • It was such great news to hear when I got in touch with you the plans were in the works for your return as well. So cool to see you get back to your blogging at the same time. Enjoy your site and looking forward to being a frequent commenter.

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  2. That’s great that you’ve been so persistent.

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  3. I blogged over at Baseball Revival for a few years as I love sports, particularly baseball. But, there is that other side to me, just writing about…whatever. Resetting yourself, is never a bad idea. Glad you decided to have a go at it again.

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  4. Troy Sparks says:

    I think it’s awesome that you are still around, brother. I started my first blog on WordPress in 2004. WP had only been around for roughly a year at the time and it was oh so young. I just scribbled (hey, not much different from now I guess) around for about a year and a half, got tired of it, dabbled with Blogger/Blogspot and then finally created TSTOS in March 2007 before you and I met thanks to your comment on a David Beckham post I’d wrote in July 2007 (when he joined the LA Galaxy, I think).

    I remember the day you commented saying you were burned out on blogging. It was the midst of the 2008 NFL season (November 2008); I’d just finished watching the Colts complete a mini comeback on the eventual SB43 champion Steelers and the comment took me by surprise. It feels like from that time to the time you resurfaced (or, well, when I saw you were back, anyway) in May 2011 was forever in between years. It’s always been a pleasure reading your words.

    By the way, looking forward to the potential Supernatural post (about your favorite episodes). That’s my girlfriend’s all-time favorite show and has slowly but surely gotten me started into it!

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    • Troy, I can’t properly express the sincere gratitude I felt reading your comment. We do go back a few years don’t we…and when I first started peeking around the blogosphere recently contemplating a return it was so inspiring to see you still plugging away. I know I’ve asked you on more than one occasion to write more content because I love your passion and stories about who you root for..what you love and hate about all sports…and life. Great to hear you and your girlfriend are into Supernatural. Very underrated show and I am definitely going to get something up on lifeattitudes soon and I look forward to both of your feedback! Carve out some more blogging time my friend!


    • Troy, the Supernatural post just went up over on the lifeattitudes site. Let me know what you guys think.


  5. SportsChump says:

    Ya’ know what, man?

    I love my site.

    I’ve written for other publications and websites before but Chump is all mine.

    I can write what I want, when I want, curse when I want and make it as personal as I want.

    It’s me.

    It does me good to get all that crap out.

    I knew you wouldn’t be gone long and the internet is better for it.

    Cheers, brother.

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    • Ya’ know what, man? I love your site also. 🙂 I don’t know how much I get “out” because the job search thing is such a bummer. And I know I’m not alone by any means in that regard but that doesn’t make it easier. Grateful for what I do have. Perhaps this is helping chill me out. I appreciate the support you give me with your comments Chris …and I want to hang up the “internet is better for it” line on my wall. Cheers, brother.


  6. I have similar thoughts and I wonder if I should create a different blog for my personal reflections and another for my cooking.

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    • My experience is if I had to do it over again I would not have called myself sportsattitudes and then did two blogs with one of them carrying that name. People who I have followed have followed me back at the sports blog and don’t even know the “life” blog exists unless they read a post where I refer to two blogs or read my About page…or if I contact them suggesting they would really enjoy following both. I have never had a problem managing two…when I feel a post for one I head in that direction and vice versa. There has only been a couple of occasions where I have put a post on both (The Peanuts Movie review being a notable exception!). I feel there are two distinct sides to me and like having two sites. Since you already have a well-established cooking following you could use that site as a platform to jump-start the other…another mistake I made was starting two sites at the same time! Hope you don’t mind my “two cents” of advice…more like a “dime!” Go for it!

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