2015 World Series – Fall Classic Should Be A Classic

Baseball on Baseball Field Illustration

The New York Mets and Kansas City Royals have only ever met nine times. Interestingly enough Major League Baseball has them scheduled to open next season against each other…April 4th, 2016.

Oh…they’re also scheduled to play against each other in the 2015 World Series starting Tuesday in Kansas City.

This is one Fall Classic that should be a classic. If they played this World Series on paper we’d already have it framed.

The pitching rotation for New York is awesome. It has been forever since we’ve seen a foursome with so much going for them. They are young and strong with fastballs at 95 mph plus and alternative pitches that leave batters just as baffled. They scrap and fight to keep anyone off the base paths. It does not matter who is taking the mound for the Mets, they throw hard and battle you with every pitch. Matt Harvey. Jacob deGrom. Noah Syndergaard. Steven Matz. Those names you’ll hear for awhile to come.

But what makes this World Series fascinating to me is Kansas City has shown a knack for reversing the trajectory of incoming fastballs. Or any pitches for that matter. According to STATS Royals batters hit a majors-leading season best .300 on pitches of 95 mph or more.

They also sported the highest contact rate. And no team struck out less in the regular season.

Defense. Speed. The NY hitters against the KC rotation…including Daniel Murphy…now the only player ever to hit a home run in six straight post-season games. We of course could go into much greater detail. But the reason I highlighted the above is that’s where I see this confrontation coming down to.

Mets pitching versus Royals hitting.

One obvious note – Kansas City was just on this stage a year ago. They lost a Game Seven at home. They are on a mission to make sure that doesn’t happen again and have had a full year to process the pain.

Which of course works both ways. Will the Royals batters seize up at the sight of each ace the Mets send to the hill fearing history is repeating itself? Or…will we find Kansas City can hit New York’s staff as well as all the others they’ve seen this season?

This is the first World Series between franchises born in the expansion era of the 1960’s. There’s history right off the bat before the first at-bat. I’m betting history will also judge the upcoming World Series as one the better ones.

Must-see TV.

Kansas City exorcises its demons of twelve months and wins a Game Seven at home this time.



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13 Responses to 2015 World Series – Fall Classic Should Be A Classic

  1. Rob Kotaska says:

    If Murphy can stay locked in, and Yost pulls a few “Yosts”, the Schmets have a chance.

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  2. garym6059 says:

    Yost scares the hell out of me to do something stupid, but KC is fun to watch. It’s great seeing them relevant again though.

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  3. Peter Kelly says:

    I thought the Blue Jays had enough momentum from the Texas series to cruise their way to a world series birth, but KC is a very tough team. As a Twins fan who had never seen a decent Royals team until last year, I am suddenly fearful of how dominating they could be in the AL Central. I haven’t seen that much of the Mets this year, but I’m hoping you’re right about this series going seven. I won’t be rooting either way in this World Series, I limit myself to one bandwagon per postseason– I hopped on Toronto’s.

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    • Pete, perhaps we can look at it this way. If the Royals win it all maybe some of their players get greedy and look to cash out elsewhere…thereby weakening their team and elevating the Twins? Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy all seven of these games and don’t hesitate to jump on KC’s bandwagon if so inclined. All will be forgiven I’m sure.


  4. Let’s see, the last time the Royals won was in 1985 and the last time the Mets won was in 1986, and both have appeared once since and losing both times. I can’t picture this being over by Halloween. I’d guarantee the Royals to win it all, but everyone has being doing that since Joe Namath, and never with any consequences for doing that sort of asinine thing.

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    • Yes, somebody is gonna be known as Mr. November because this thing isn’t going to be settled until then for sure. As I said earlier in a comment if Game Seven was scheduled for New York I might have taken the Mets. I think it is that close. I read that one bookmaker in Las Vegas opened the Series as a “pick em” and could never remember opening betting without one team being a favorite of at least some type in all his years.


  5. I think last night showed just how evenly matched they are. Though I liked how we came out against their starting pitcher. All I had been hearing was that we were in for a rude awakening. . .didn’t see that happen. I am absolutely exhausted after watching that game last night, I almost had to be peeled off the floor and rushed to the hospital! And I don’t think the next six games will be any different. Go Royals!

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    • That game last night was one of the best baseball games I’ve ever enjoyed…and for it to be a Series game makes it even more special. All the subplots and the comebacks…I see no reason why every game won’t be as intense because the Mets look to me like they have the mentality to bounce back. Happy for you but do make sure you hydrate…and breathe. Sleeping can wait a few more days!


  6. SportsChump says:

    Didn’t even take ’em Seven.

    The Royals were clearly the better team here. I had a feeling they had enough want in ’em after last year’s loss to get things done.

    And I know Kansas City is a bit different from most small market teams as it’s a baseball town but these Royals did all this with homegrown talent and a $125 million payroll.

    Gives hope to us Rays fans.

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    • They clearly were the better bats going in but after last season’s World Series we saw what great pitching can do to great hitting (theirs, even though some of the names changed in 2015) so I suspected it would be a longer series. With all the extra innings played I’m still giving myself credit for a great prediction. Hope springs eternal if KC can do this!


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