Premier League Power Rankings Not At The Quarter Pole

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“Nobody knows what the quarter pole is. Unless the people who are said to have reached the quarter pole are standing next to an individual who has somehow determined that he or she is exactly 25 percent Polish than I’m afraid these common quarter pole references are 100 percent inaccurate. It’s a borrowed and abused horse-racing term, the quarter pole, describing an actual, physical, vertical post sometimes painted red or purple at the top, signifying the spot on the race track at which two furlongs remain before the finish line, two furlongs being a quarter mile. If there were a figurative quarter pole to the NFL season it wouldn’t be now, it would be somewhere in December.” – Gene Collier, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

In a prior post about what Americans consider football I noted the above. We people have this fascination with calling a fourth of a season being over the “Quarter Pole.” Consider it my desire to educate one reader at a time.

The Premier League squads have each played ten matches now. And here I am…a National Football League American who has now after but two years of viewing officially reshuffled his priorities and adjusted his biorhythms to arise at dawn on weekend mornings (and occasional Monday afternoons) to watch what the rest of the world knows to be football.

(That disclaimer is offered because I’m venturing into potentially bloody new waters with these Premier League Power Rankings and have no desire to be tossed into the River Thames)

I have been advised by some it is considered very poor fandom to root for more than one Premier side. I’m already in trouble there because I tend to root for all recently promoted squads…I became a Norwich City Canaries fan initially while Bournemouth has grown on me…and also have a fondness for Crystal Palace because Rebecca Lowe does…and they have a really cool Eagle that soars across their pitch prior to kick off and being in Philadelphia I might have a fondness for Eagles.

Anyway…without further delay straight away with The Rankings:

  1. Manchester City – The scoreless Derby draw with Manchester United doesn’t take away from the fact the Citizens have taken care of business against everyone but West Ham United and Tottenham Hotspur…you’ll notice them towards the top of the Table?
  2. Arsenal – The Gunners lost their first match 2-0 to West Ham United (see above comment) and you would have thought the Black Death plague had broken out within their grounds. Wins over Bayern Munich (Champions League) and Everton this week. Call off Disease Control please. All is well.
  3. West Ham United – I am a believer in the Hammers but I’m not sure there is much to choose from between them right now (except for that opening win at Arsenal) and say…
  4. Manchester United – I believe the Red Devils missed a golden opportunity on Sunday hosting that Derby but if you think Manchester City is the top club you can’t be too cross. That draw with Newcastle United is forgiven.
  5. Tottenham Hotspur – You didn’t expect me to follow the Table completely did you? The Spurs 4-1 thrashing of Manchester City still rattles in my brain…as does their 1-1 draw at…
  6. Leicester City – The Foxes defeated West Ham United on the road. It was early in the season but it impressed nonetheless. They do need to shore up the defense.
  7. Liverpool – I am most certainly a Kloppite here but I do believe the Reds made the Manager change they had to make and will show well going forward. The only two losses so far are to West Ham United and Manchester United.
  8. Crystal Palace – These Eagles are coming off two losses to Leicester City and West Ham United but have been close against the top squads. Manchester United at home up next will tell much.
  9. Everton – Roberto Martinez and Tim Howard will both be fine eventually. The Toffees are too talented.
  10. Chelsea – This weekend Jose Mourinho was invited into the Referee’s Room…then invited to sit in the stands. His next invitation may need to be to gather his things but one way or the other the Blues will improve. They have to…don’t they?
  11. Southampton – These Saints may eventually go marching into the Top Ten. Only losses to Everton and Manchester United…but both on home soil.
  12. Watford – The surprising Hornets are probably not done stinging the competition. West Ham United is at home next and it will be interesting to see how they react after their 2-0 win at Stoke.
  13. Stoke City – I would not be shocked to see the Potters advance into the Top Ten before all is said and done. Note 2-2 draws each with Tottenham Hotspur and Leicester City.
  14. West Bromwich Albion – The defensive-minded Baggies next four are against Leicester City, Manchester United, Arsenal and West Ham United. We’ll see…
  15. Swansea City – The Swans are swimming for more consistency. Arsenal at home this weekend will require that.
  16. Newcastle United – Indeed the Magpies just lost to Sunderland but that match was chaotic at best.
  17. Norwich City – I do believe being routed at Newcastle United was a one-off. Traveling to Manchester City next will say much about the Canaries staying above the relegation line. Maybe I’m being too optimistic…?
  18. Sunderland – The loss to Norwich City early on has the Black Cats on the relegation line for now but maybe the win over Newcastle United will inspire. They did manage a draw with West Ham United.
  19. Aston Villa – If the Lions find an inspiring Manager they may save themselves from relegation but they’ll have to start roaring soon.
  20. Bournemouth – The feel-good story of the Cherries advancement to the Premier League has dissolved with each critical injury. They showed reasonably well early on but I believe too many men have fallen to avoid relegation.

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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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5 Responses to Premier League Power Rankings Not At The Quarter Pole

  1. overall, I’m in agreement with your rankings, especially with the bottom half, which i think can be harder to determine. only difference is, I’m a little higher on spurs than you, but maybe that’ll change after tomorrow.

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  2. Amy O says:

    It would be fun for West Ham to finish in the top four, but I would guess more like 6, 7. Newcastle: going down this year. Sunderland will come up with some minimal escape. How do you follow all these sports? Impressive!

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