Sportsattitudes Thinks Friday The 13th Came One Day Earlier In NFL

Friday 13th.

Today is Friday The 13th…but maybe it was yesterday the NFL didn’t have the best public relations luck…

Major props to the NFL for once again finding a new way to alienate. When I first sought last night’s game between the Bills and Jets I thought I had mishandled the remote and stumbled upon QVC or the Home Shopping Network peddling Electric Football with the game pieces being Christmas ornaments. Between the glistening look of the faux field and one team decked in bright red with the other bright green…anyway, it was in fact Thursday Night Football. Just the NFL trying something “fashionable.” Unfortunately many with color blindness couldn’t tell which team was which. Ironically this will now help raise global awareness for the condition I now better know as color vision deficiency. The NFL will now indicate this was their true intention all along. Just do those with the affliction a favor NFL…when you rush to create your ribbon to acknowledge awareness and make more money…don’t make it red or green.

That Buffalo win also helped provide the NFL additional public relations “love” when Head Coach Rex Ryan chose to make one of his captain’s for the game IK Enemkpali…the guy who sucker-punched then-teammate QB Geno Smith in the NY training camp…was cut immediately…and immediately was picked up by Ryan…who was of course let go by the Jets a year removed. Honestly…all week long Ryan made the game more about himself than his team…starting Tuesday by wearing a Clemson helmet while conducting a press conference just because his son plays for the Tigers. I’m sure the NFL loved that image going out worldwide.

The Philadelphia Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins admitted he had a concussion midway through the second quarter of Sunday night’s game in Dallas but hid his condition. That’s not the first time a player had said as much after the fact but all it shows me is they haven’t recovered. Why would you fess up? You’re going to be under more scrutiny for the rest of your career…and what kind of message does it send to kids playing football? We already know players hide getting dinged and we also know the NFL has no taste to ban anyone from playing no matter how many concussions they have had. Did you see Wes Welker was signed by the St. Louis Rams this week? If you Google “Wes Welker concussion” you’ll be forced to reboot your device when it crashes.

Speaking of Dallas…it’s not enough there is at least a column a day calling for the Cowboys to drop domestic-violence picture boy Greg Hardy but now we have new word (at least we think new…) of Dez Bryant spewing obscenities in their locker room. Again a warning. If you Google either “Greg Hardy photos” or “Dez Bryant rant” prepare for your service to be down for a few. “America’s Team” indeed…

But there was some good news from within the NFL. Seattle Seahawks’ RB Marshawn Lynch reportedly gave $500 to a worker at a McDonald’s in Dallas after a win there at the beginning of the month. Apparently the boy liked Lynch’s shoes. They started talking and when the young man indicated he wanted to get into the fashion world and start a boutique Marshawn gave him the money and encouraged him to do just that.

Let’s choose to finish in the money with that news…and not press our luck detailing more about Thursday The 12th.


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I'm Bruce. Born, raised and still outside the City of Brotherly Love. Managed (so far) to visit a dozen of our United States and Canada (twice). Addicted from birth to Television/Movies/Sports. Took three years of French and got credit for two of 'em.
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15 Responses to Sportsattitudes Thinks Friday The 13th Came One Day Earlier In NFL

  1. Bruce, so many good points in this post. I remember the 60’s and watching the games on our black and white TV. Back then they had to make sure one team wore white jerseys. However with the holidays approaching, I confess to feeling guilty about watching last nights game in wonderful color. Very Christmas like, if not fair to the vision impaired. And on that score, I’ve never forgot the first time I saw an old AFL game “in living color” on NBC at my uncles house. Oh the peacock, how I miss it.The San Diego Chargers in those powder blue jerseys and orange pants with the yellow lightening bolts down the side of the pants. And that clean white helmets with the yellow bolts and black numerals on the side of the helmet. Simply the best! They were playing the Buffalo Bills—that’s when they the brown buffalo on the side of the helmet. So cool, all those old AFL retros. However, the old retro NFL uniforms are for the dogs… yuck.

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    • I could not agree with you more. The old AFC had some of the best uniforms, stadiums, fan bases, etc. and indeed I was watching NBC at my grandparents’ house just about every Sunday in the Fall and Winter. Thank you for initiating a leisurely stroll down memory lane on this subject. Appreciate the comment…and all the memories your comment brought back for me…and other readers I hope.

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  2. SportsChump says:

    On top of that, Burnsy, that concussion movie is coming out in December.

    This one should be a doozy too.

    See, that’s what I miss about David Stern. When the Donaghy scandal came out and Stern was asked whether he read Donaghy’s book, Stern quipped “I don’t read ficion” and that was that.

    Goodell is like deer in headlights, man.

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    • Yeah, I saw yet another trailer for “Concussion” before “Spectre” yesterday (by the way save your money on that if you still can). You can almost feel the guilt oozing out of the audience members who follow football. Almost. But nothing has changed viewership wise has it? It will be fascinating to see what comments come from New York when it hits the cinemas.


  3. Rob Kotaska says:

    Have to say that I have no issues with Rex and his choice of captains. I had more of an issue with Mulligan (another ex-Jet); he is awful, a penalty waiting to happen with little to no upside.

    My issue with Rex is not with his bluster…tuned that out Week 5, it is more about how he is not using his assets. Mario and Kyle Williams were out on Thursday, but earlier in the year he had them dropping into coverage far too often.

    I love how McCoy is playing. The trade, as of now (and those feelings will evolve) feels tilted to Buffalo. Kiko is injured (again) and there is no reason to feel like that will get better with age.

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    • Rob, I think you couldn’t be more right about the McCoy trade. He can be immature off the field but he is a great, instinctive runner on it. I miss him. Kiko arrived damaged and not much has changed. Chip Kelly the GM…may like him less than Rex’s antics. On Rex, I just think I’ve been burned one too many times cutting him slack. I think he is the perfect coach for the Bills. I just wish he’d lose this sideshow stuff and just lead. Big win for them Thursday night. Big win indeed.


  4. Troy Sparks says:

    Not a fan of the Wes Welker signing. Seems to me he’s just an older, slower, worn out Tavon Austin. What can he do that Austin can’t at this juncture? I hope I’m wrong!

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  5. garym6059 says:

    There was a Wes Welker sighting! I’m fed up with Rex’s sideshow antics! He’s a pretty decent coach but the need to constantly draw attention to himself just gets old!

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    • Rex really is the best guy Buffalo could have right now but he needs to just coach his Bills up and not continue to try to be the lead act. Wes Welker…like all of us we’re waiting for the next concussion protocol to “head” his way.

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  6. Matt says:

    Hey, sorry for not keeping up to date with your blog for the last month or so, have been busy with A Level stuff. Really liked the Premier League blog entry from not too long back. And as always pretty good writing. 🙂

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  7. Concussions are a big concern…now…like it wasn’t obvious that repeated blows to the head weren’t good? Ask boxers. Worry a bit about the kid players – pros are grown ups and should realize and have enough sense to step out ( except they have to worry about keeping their jobs)
    Jerry Jones revels in the “bad boyz” image. Thinks it draws a crowd even if they don’t play well. He is the problem. Hey maybe Johnny M. will end up quarterbacking there eventually?
    Hope you have a happy turkey day – and weekend.

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