Eagles Hire Doug Pederson – Andy Reid Wasn’t Available

Philadelphia Eagles
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When I was first asked what I thought of the Philadelphia Eagles hiring former QB and assistant Doug Pederson as Head Coach I had two immediate reactions…a) I was grateful it wasn’t Ben McAdoo, the assistant to Tom Coughlin with the New York Giants who Eli Manning got promoted to their HC job after kicking Coughlin to the curb and…b) Doug will blissfully already be totally prepared for what it is like to be booed here because he was as both a QB and an assistant. He knows the fans, he knows the media.

It’s like Andy Reid was a boxed jigsaw puzzle who Owner Jeff Lurie slowly took apart as Andy’s coaching era fell apart, eventually putting all the pieces back in the box and hiding it within his closet when Chip Kelly was hired. With Kelly now dispatched, Lurie hurriedly has taken the box from his closet, opened it up and is frantically trying to put the image of Reid back together again through the hiring of Doug Pederson.

Doug came to Philadelphia via Reid at the age of 31…after struggling mightily to stay in the NFL as an undrafted, unqualified quarterback. Even though the Eagles had drafted Donovan McNabb, Andy stubbornly declared Pederson the starter to help install the West Coast offense and mentor McNabb… and didn’t insert Donovan into the fray until the season was shot at 2-7 and Doug being unable to go out in public.

Pederson finished out his career as a journeyman QB and then spent several years as a high school HC (Calvary Baptist Academy in Shreveport) in Louisiana before Reid made him the Eagles offensive quality control coach in 2009. Two years later he became Philly’s QB coach. When Andy finally got terminated here, Doug followed him to Kansas City as an offensive coordinator.

Some of the legitimate questions Lurie will have to answer about this hire include why he hired a man no other teams seemed to be interested in interviewing, why he hired a man who has only ever worked with one HC…and why he hired a man who has never regularly called plays from the sidelines.

It has been rumored the Eagles most wanted McAdoo or Chicago Bears assistant Adam Gase, the new HC in Miami, before they settled on Pederson. A choice many fans might not make at all…now appearing as a choice being settled for…does not admittedly make for a great first impression.

Doug turns 48 on January 31st. I suspect once the Chiefs season is over and this announcement can be made formal he’s going to feel much older after his first few press conferences in Philadelphia.

But here’s the thing…if guys who have never been HC’s in the NFL like Gase, McAdoo and Pederson can motivate pro players and ensure the offensive and defensive coordinators on either side of them are solid, veteran coaches who know what the hell they’re doing anything is possible. At least Pederson has more life and football experience under his belt than those other two…guys who are much younger and have resumes barely one page long. That’s why I said what I said earlier about at least feeling better about Pederson than McAdoo (or Gase). I’m big on life experience.

The older you are the more crap you’ve seen. The older you are the more likely you have seen how many ways “employees” can “act out.” (In pro sports that’s a management skill set all its own…)

But most definitely this hire was not only made because Jeff Lurie hoped to run straight back to the warm comfort of Andy Reid’s era through Doug Pederson…it was made because of his re-promoting of best friend Howie Roseman to being in charge of personnel after Kelly decimated the roster with a series of stunningly bad decisions. It may be several prospects were turned off to interview with the Eagles because of the Lurie-Roseman personnel dynamic which will leave Pederson to coach – at least early on – more so who he’s given (and inherited, a key point here) instead of who he himself wants. Those other candidates may have wanted a significant say in personnel from the jump.

After Chip Kelly (who is headed to the Niners now), there was no way on God’s green turf that was going to happen in Philadelphia.

Oh…and by the way, players play…and coaches coach. The quality of one’s personnel tends to be in direct proportion to how “well” they coach. I see already our “Philly friends” up at ESPN have rated Pederson’s hire the worst so far. Really?

Good luck San Francisco.

Doug Pederson’s hire is absolutely, without question, the “safest” decision Lurie could have made without getting Reid back here himself.

Come on, don’t we all reach for our favorite “binky” when we’re under the weather? That familiar, fluffy blanket makes everything feel better.

So you’re reading this far in and have reached a conclusion I’m now about to put the hammer down on this hire and go nuclear?


History has shown time and again we don’t know how someone is going to perform as an NFL Head Coach until he gets his chance. Pederson’s arrival reminds me of Reid’s. That’s a good thing in that…consider some of the people in Andy Reid’s “coaching tree.” John Harbaugh won a Super Bowl, Ron Rivera lost one game while at the helm of Carolina this season…and this year Todd Bowles almost got the New York Jets into the post-season.

Reid stayed here too long…but while he was here had the Eagles in the post-season on almost a regular basis. And when he was hired…well, it sounds an awful lot like Pederson’s arrival.

After the shrill, obnoxious, Napoleon-like Chip Kelly experience this fan is going to give Doug Pederson a chance. First and foremost…Jeff, Howie and Doug need to solve the puzzle and piece together a solid roster after Kelly took a jigsaw to it.

Doug Pederson arrives very much behind the very large shadow of Andy Reid.

For the Philadelphia Eagles…what was old…is new again.


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26 Responses to Eagles Hire Doug Pederson – Andy Reid Wasn’t Available

  1. Same thing in Chicago I guess

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  2. George says:

    Yeah, hiring coordinators as head coaches is always risky and always comes with a least a one year learning process in how to manage every aspect of the team.
    As a Giants fan, I wasn’t overjoyed with McAdoo but the Giants really backed themselves into a corner. They had no choice. If they lost him to tve Eagles or some other team, Eli would have to start the process all over again and they didn’t want that.
    I don’t think Kelly is a good fit in SF but then I don’t think he’s a good fit anywhere in the pros. He just wears out his defenses with his simplified offense, which isn’t very difficult to figure out.
    I guess we’ll see what happens.

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  3. GP Cox says:

    I wish the Eagles the best of luck now that Kelly is out of the way. But let’s face it, it was time for Coughlin to go. The Giants have needed fresh blood for quite a while now. He was repeatedly way too conservative near the end of the games, so much so, that he became predictable and lost several games in the last few minutes.

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    • Thanks for the luck GP. Yes, it was time for Coughlin to go and I agree with you on your assessment of him completely…but it was also time for Jerry Reese, the GM, to take a walk. Wouldn’t you agree Coughlin didn’t get much help personnel-wise in the last couple of seasons? I think both of them should have gone. Then again when you hire Eli Manning’s hand-picked successor who is barely of drinking age maybe you can’t afford to get rid of the lousy GM…

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  4. I was waiting for this article! My first thought when I heard the news was here’s Andy Reid 2.0 but I don’t want to write him off before we see what he can do. And some successful head coaches can come out of relative obscurity: like Mike Tomlin for example. So I’m going to be cautiously optimistic!

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    • My thought exactly Meg. Tomlin certainly walked into a more stable, mature organization than the Eagles are but he also certainly could have blown it instead of making the most of it. Let’s be patient, Philly. Let’s remember Chip Kelly. This will be a breath of fresh air after Kelly..even if we want to call it Andy 2.0.

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  5. With the hiring of Chip Kelly as our 49er’s head coach it’s now official. God is not a 49er fan! 😀

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    • Paul, I swear on a stack of “Attics” when I read my phone that had the news about Kelly the FIRST person I thought of was you. My sincere condolences and if you need to know anything about what you’re in for just give me a holla. 🙂


      • Thank you, Bruce. It’s a sad time for all of us out here. We’re still in mourning. The loss of Jim Harbaugh is still fresh in our minds and now another loss in the family—the 49er brain trust! Not that there ever was any…brains that is. That was all a fabrication. Stand by for letter’s of request on creative ways in which Eagle fans did themselves in. I don’t wanna commit suicide the old fashion way. I wanna try something new. You know, doing it in a way that causes the 49er villagers to rise up with pitch forks and torches, and storm Levi Stadium yelling “Kill the monsters!” Dr. Ned Yorkinstein and his monster Trent Baalke that is. And then let the CHIP fall where he may.

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  6. May Ned (the stupid) York and Trent (the idiot) Baalke, get what they so richly deserve for ignoring and lying to, and otherwise taking advantage of …all 49er fans. A completely—and I do mean every single seat—EMPTY STADIUM! I don’t sound too angry do I? 😀

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    • You know you can come here anytime and vent Paul. Don’t even wait for a new post. Don’t even worry if it is a post about figure skating. You have Chip Kelly. You need an outlet. I’m here for you. You know…I could probably sketch out his very first press conference he’ll have there when mini-camp opens and be spot-on with all his answers.


      • It will be nice to have an outlet for my frustrations, thank you Bruce. I thought I had finally escaped the therapist when Chip Kelly left the University of Oregon for the greener pastures of Philadelphia. Every time the Cardinal lost to those damn Ducks—while under Kelly—I contemplated finding a high structure and testing my love of free fall—without the bungee cord. But now that Kelly is back—and wondering the neighborhood—no Bay Area football fan is safe. Help!

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    • It almost sounds like the sports talk radio hosts and print and TV sports reporters in the Bay Area should study up on this past year’s Philly media reporting so they have an idea what’s in store for them. If you think he was obnoxious and smarmy before just wait. Just. Wait.


  7. SportsChump says:

    Here’s the thing though, man.

    How much rope will Lurie give him?

    In this day and age, coaches aren’t getting much of a chance. If they don’t win asap, they’re as good as gone.

    Here’s what ironic about the NFC East.

    This year, the Skins were the underdogs to win that division. They won it. With all the changes made this off-season, they may actually be favorites, or at least behind the Cowboys, to finish atop the division next year.

    In the words of the late David Bowie, CH-ch-ch-changes, turn and face the strange.

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  8. garym6059 says:

    Hopefully Mr. Pederson has his own new way of clock management that he didn’t learn from Mr. Reid.

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  9. It’s musical chairs with coaches…but sometimes I think that the player aren’t the only ones suffering from concussions with NFL personnel.
    (And again they are teasing poor San Antonio with a team. Stop already)

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    • The Davis family bought a property in the San Antonio area and they are definitely going to use it as leverage against Oakland. Sorry but “Remember The Alamo” is the battle cry in Raider Nation right now. And yes, sometimes the concussions extend into the NFL front offices.

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  10. J-Dub says:

    i’m on the ABC program: Anybody But Chip

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